• Heyo, I wanted to let you know that I appreciate your transcriptions for arabic. I've been using them to help me study, and they've been awesome (also, I know it's such a cop-out to tell you this in English, أنا آسف)

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    • wow the arabic that i inserted really messed up the formatting. I promise it was originally a sensibly organized message. anyway, keep up the good work!

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    • Hi Thebooloff, I'm glad you find my transcriptions helpful. It looks like it's trying to format my all-English comment right-to-left here as well, at least as I type it.

      Because you're using them to study, you should be aware that I'm not a native Arabic speaker and there are some errors, though I try to be as correct and thorough as possible as part of my own language practice. For transcripts I've written in the last year, I feel confident in the accuracy of ~95% of the dialogue, uncertain for 4%, and completely lost for <1%, or between 0-3 words an episode. Certain actions that aren't part of the dialogue like "sigh" and "growl" I've had to take a guess at, since the dictionaries and translators I refer to don't offer a reliable consensus. So know that there may be some small errors now and then, but for the most part it should be correct. Also, as you may be aware, the Arabic dubs don't always follow the English script, so a 1-1 translation practice will sometimes lead you astray.

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    • Also, as you may have noticed, the dubs seem to use a sort of informal Fusha, so you may find some words and expressions to be a bit archaic and long-winded compared to Amiya.

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    • Interesting. I'll keep that in mind. My professor has given me a few odd looks now and then from things i've said xD, but that's okay.

      95-99% accuracy is damn good. I've done some transcription work too and it always really bothers me when i can't figure out a word or phrase. I typically drop 20-30 words an episode, if that gives you some reference.

      anyway, good luck with all your stuff :))))

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