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Dies sind die Angaben, welche am Ende jeder Episode erscheinen. Es sind die gleichen Angaben wie in der englischen Originalfassung.

Executive Producer Lauren Faust
Executive Producers Chris Bartleman
Blair Peters
Kirsten Newlands
Beth Stevenson
Music by William Anderson
Main Title Theme by Daniel Ingram
Songs by Daniel Ingram
Voice Director Terry Klassen
Voice Casting & Production Voicebox Productions Inc.
Featured Voice Performers
Tara Strong as Twilight Sparkle
Ashleigh Ball as Applejack and Rainbow Dash
Andrea Libman as Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy
Tabitha St. Germain as Rarity
Featured Voice Performers
Cathy Weseluck as Spike
Nicole Oliver as Princess Celestia
Michelle Creber as Apple Bloom
Madeleine Peters as Scootaloo
Claire Corlett as Sweetie Belle
Featured Singers
Shannon Chan-Kent as Pinkie Pie
Rebecca Shoichet as Twilight Sparkle
Kazumi Evans as Rarity
Storyboard Artists
Sabrina Alberghetti Jim Miller
Francisco Avalos Kenny Park
Andy Bartlett Tom Sales
Alex Basio Sam To
Sherann Johnson Scott Underwood
Lih Liau Nicole Wang
Mike West
Storyboard Revisionists
Marshall Fels Elliott Jim Miller
Lih Liau
David Wiehe
Nabie-Ah Yousuf
Art Director Ridd Sorensen
Character Designers Robin Mitchell
Mike Gilbert
Nicole Gauss
Prop Designer Ted Wilson
Location Designers Phil Caesar
Dave Dunnet
Development Artists Martin Ansolabehere
Dave Dunnet
Paul Rudish
Color Artists Kellie deVries
Alexandra Jones
Cleanup Artists Jared Bennett
John Beveridge
Mike Gilbert
Chris Mizzoni
Kent Reimer
Jacqueline Robinson
Garnet Syberg-Olsen
VFX Designer Gregory Roth
BG Builds Supervisor Chris Mizzoni
Character Builders Jared Bennett
Jacqueline Robinson
Gregory Roth
Offline Editors Aaron Saunders
Ryan Vaugh
Online Editor Tom Harris
Educational Consultant Jordan Brown
Layout Supervisors Brad Gibson
Joel Dickie
Michael Vatcher
Key Layout Artists
Brent Bouchard Christopher Leinonen
Jason Campbell Dana Smith
Sean Covernton Mike Tisserand
Matthew Herring Andy Tougas
Jason Horychun Carlyle Wilson
Layout Artists
Tim Bennett Chad Jones
Lee Beer Norm Kritsch
William Bradford Dennis Levesque
Johnny Custuciano Karen Poon
Kuan-Fu Chen Jen Regan
Daniel Dinnendahl James Richards
Andrew Hogan Wataro Uno
Allen Wu
Animation Directors Denny Lu
Ishi Rudell
Animation Revisionists Paul Johnson
Sebastian Lee
Aidan McAteer
Edwin Poon
AFX Artists Ben Galewitz
Jason Ross Belyea
Studio B Animators
Sarah Jargstorf Erica Pitt
Marco Li Richard Rose
Sebastian Lee Holly Suarez
Graeme MacDonald Steve Wedel
Stephanie Mahoney Jayron Zolfaghari
Production Manager Angela Belyea
Design Coordinator Kimberly Small
Storyboard Coordinator Lesley Crawford
Char & BG Builds Coordinator Jason Ross Belyea
Layout Coordinator Alicia Camarta
Animation Coordinator Chris Bevacqua
Post Production Coordinator Kimberly Small
Production Accountant Marjorie Artamia
Dialogue Recording
Dick & Roger's Sound Studio
Audio Post Production & Mix
Dick & Roger's Sound Studio
Recording Engineer Jason Fredrickson
Sound Editors
Todd Araki Jason Fredrickson
Marcel Duperreault Adam McGhie
Roger Monk, CAS
Re-Recording Mixers Todd Araki
Marcel Duperreault
Foley Artists Ian Mackie
Don Harrison
Foley Recordist Rick Senechal
Layout/BG & Animation Services
Top Draw Animation Inc.
Animation Director Lean Lagonera
Layout Supervisor Chito Bernardo
Background Supervisor Hubert Vitug
Production Management Gemma Santos
Irene Breis
Issabelita Itum
Technical Staff Alvin Sunga
Top Draw Animators
Patrick Aguelles Zarah Fransisco
Jeffrey Bolalin Arnel Nollora
Arnel Padios Marko Alauig
Ed Rosario Jeannie Abille
Wesley Go Noriel Castillo
Clenth Sanchez Eric Buyser
John Irving Prudenciano Jann Elmer Tinio
Veronica Dela Cruz Crispin Castro
Top Draw Animators
Jenny Sy John Martin Wong
Jeff Tenfilo Stanley Sison
Romeo Timbang Gerry Guinto
Orville Vencer Bryan Pabuhat
John Breneis Ong Rey Firmalo
Ryann Sy Larry Lopez
Peter Sison Karen Dacallo
Christian Albino Siegfred Liongson
Aries Anonical
Studio B Productions
Production Legal Sarah Tarry
Production Finance John Pyper
Digital Production Management Mark Rocchio
Technical Support Danyul Carmichael
Mark Lin
Zorion Terrell
Hasbro Studios
Production Management Mary Beth Bambridge
Kathryn Page
Production Legal Kevin Healy
Michael Jaffa
Deborah Uluer
Brenda Cullen
Technical Operations Bradford Keatts
Production Accounting Shalonda Ware
Jason Zhang
Development & Creative Supervision
Linda M. Steiner
Brian Lenard
Production Executives
Robert Fewkes
Sophia Hussain
Executive Producer Stephen Davis
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(*) Die Jahreszahl ändert sich in späteren Episoden zu "2011" entsprechend den original USA-Erstveröffentlichungen.

Pre-airing "one sheet" creditsBearbeiten

Production Credits:
Developed for Television By Lauren Faust
Executive Producer Lauren Faust
Producer Sarah Wall
Story Editor Rob Renzetti
Supervising Director Jayson Thiessen
Co-Directors James Wooton Ridd Sorenson
Music By William Anderson
Main Title Theme By Daniel Ingram
Main Characters:
Twilight Sparkle (voice: Tara Strong)
Applejack (voice: Ashleigh Ball)
Rarity (voice: Tabitha St. Germain)
Fluttershy (voice: Andrea Libman)
Rainbow Dash (voice: Ashleigh Ball)
Pinkie Pie (voice: Andrea Libman)
Spike (voice: Cathy Weseluck)


  • Schauspieler wie Andrea Libman und Cathy Weseluck haben auch schon in früheren Staffeln ihre Stimmen geliehen. Jedoch wurde keine ihrer alten Rolle wieder zugeteilt.
  • Andrea Libman sprach ursprünglich die Figur namens Zipzee, während die G3-Pinkie-Pie ursprünglich von Janyse Jaud gesprochen wurde.
  • Cathy Weseluck, welche momentan die englische Stimme von Spike dem Drachen in Friendship is Magic spricht, gab in G3 Rarity ihre Stimme.
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