All About Alicorns ist die dritte Episode der Shortreihe Baby Flurry Heart's Heartfelt Scrapbook.


Seite 3: All About Alicorns oder Hörner plus Flügel gleich Magie. Pinkie Pie erklärt die Besonderheiten der einzelnen Ponystämme mit besonderen Augenmerk auf die Alihörner.



Pinkie Pie: "Baby Flurry Heart's Heartfelt Scrapbook". Page 3 - "All About Alicorns", a.k.a. Horns Plus Wings Equals Magic! Ooh! You are gonna meet so many ponies in your life, Flurry Heart. And you're gonna see that we come in all shapes, colors, and sizes. There are Earth ponies, who get their strength from the land; there are the winged Pegasi, who soar through the skies and control the weather; and there are unicorns, who can use their horns to do great magic. But you might notice that you're a little bit different from the rest of us. That's because you are a very special kind of pony: you are an Alicorn! You've got a cute horn and adorable wings! Very few ponies have both. There's your mother Cadance, your aunt Twilight, and then there's Princess Celestia and Princess Luna. Alicorns have elements of all different kinds of ponies. You use magic, you fly through the skies, and you're tied to the land. That makes you super special, but it also means that you have a huge responsibility! You are destined for big things. I mean, Celestia and Luna raise the sun and the moon every single day! Your mom rules the Crystal Empire and uses her magic to spread love across the land. And your aunt Twilight uses the Elements of Harmony and the magic of friendship to protect all of Equestria... with a little help from her awesome, amazing friends! That means that you are gonna do something pretty amazing, too. Ooh, what is it gonna be?! We have no idea! You are gonna change the world, Flurry Heart, and we can't wait to see how!


My Little Pony – Freundschaft ist Magie Episoden
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