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Please, in English only

Hi, Freundschaft ist Magie Wiki freut sich, dass du zu uns gestoßen bist! Danke für deine Bearbeitung auf der Seite Ein Auftrag von Prinzessin Celestia, Teil 1.

Falls du irgendwelche Hilfe brauchen solltest, kannst du mir gerne eine Nachricht auf meiner Diskussionsseite hinterlassen! -- Bahnpirat (Diskussion) 19:10, 4. Okt. 2011

Transcripts/Subtitles for "Green Isn't Your Color"Bearbeiten

Hi! Do you know where I can get the transcripts or subtitles for German dub of "Green Isn't Your Color"? I want to know what Photo Finish is saying the the episode. Teyandee 14:47, November 15, 2011 (UTC)

Doesn't seem like anyone has uploaded that episode... It has aired, right? Doesn't really say that on the Episoden-article. I can't see the German dub on my TV... so no help that way... and I can't understand German anyway... See if someone else can help you with that instead.
I noticed My Little Pony FiM - Episode 1.20 (Deutsch) - with the description "The recording is of 15 November 2011". I suppose it means that the episode aired. I hope someone will make the transcripts. Teyandee 16:38, November 15, 2011 (UTC)


Hello, may I ask you to make a logo for the japan MLP-wiki. I ask them to provide a link to a japan logo, so you have a template. Please. --Bahnpirat (Diskussion) 17:28, 13. Sep. 2012 (UTC)

Logo-maker at your service. I've re-created all logos from each local and official My Little Pony site, to make sure each translation is correct. The text is made so it should match the original logo as much as possible. The original logos was made for each language are so poorly done; wrong font and more...
Here's a list of all logos I've made:
Language Country
AAAOriginal AAAOriginal
Arabic Arabia
Chinese ChinaP.R. China
Czech Czech Republic
Finnish Finland
French France
German Germany
Hungarian Hungary
Polish Poland
Portugese Portugal
Portugese Brazil
Romanian Romania
Spanish Spain (and Hispano.)
Swedish Sweden
Turkish Turkey
ZZZEstonian ZZZEstonia
ZZZFrench ZZZCanada
ZZZGreek ZZZGreece
ZZZSlovak ZZZSlovakia
Japanese isn't available at all, no dub nor website where I could get an original translation. I did actually miss 4 translations, but I didn't focus on that because of the lack of dubbing for these languages.
I would gladly make a Japanese-translated-logo, but then I would need a translation first.
——— Liggliluff Liggliluff_Avatar.png (talk, contr.) 17:50, 14. Sep. 2012 (UTC)
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