Customer Critiques ist die dritte Folge der Shortreihe Rarity's Peek Behind the Boutique.


Rarity erzählt ein Wenig vom Canterlot Karussell und gibt ein paar Tipps wie man mit harter Kunden Kritik umgeht.



Rarity: Welcome to Rarity's Peek Behind the Boutique, where I share the inspiration behind my creations. One of the biggest challenges a fashionista faces is harsh words from her critics. How do I handle it? [sobbing] Ice cream! And... a good cry. Oh, darling, if at first you don't succeed, perhaps add some glitter. Perfect. Ooh! I think I feel inspiration coming on! [sighs] It's one thing if a pony doesn't like their new look. Or if they have different taste. Oh, dear. But some critics simply like to be disagreeable. So I'll let you in on my little secret: as long as I feel I'm doing my best, most fabulous, most stunning work, it doesn't matter what any other pony thinks! Ha! Just keep creating!


My Little Pony – Freundschaft ist Magie Episoden
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