Equestria: Land of Harmony ist die achte Episode der Shortreihe Baby Flurry Heart's Heartfelt Scrapbook.

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Seite 8: The Land of Equestria. Pinkie Pie erzählt davon was es in Equestria alles zu sehen und erleben gibt. (Siehe: Alle Folgen, Filme, Comics und Bücher von My Little Pony - Freundschaft ist Magie)

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Pinkie Pie: "Baby Flurry Heart's Heartfelt Scrapbook". Page 8 – "The Land of Equestria".

[singing through microphone]
Equestria, the land I love
A land of harmony

Oh, Flurry Heart, I'm so excited for you. As you get older, your mom and dad are gonna take you all across Equestria. So many places with so many different kinds of ponies. It's pretty overwhelming. There's the beauty and majesty of Canterlot, of course. But there's also the simple charms of my home: Ponyville. Right next door, there's the magic and mystery of the Everfree Forest. Nopony knows all of its secrets, except maybe Zecora. If it's hustle and bustle you're looking for, you can visit Manehattan. Check out the latest fashions and catch a show on Bridleway! Or head on out to Appleloosa, where the ponies and buffalo have learned to share the land together. Or you can fly on up to Cloudsdale to see how the Pegasi make clouds, snow, and rainbows. Oh, oh! Speaking of rainbows, you can go check out the swap meet at Rainbow Falls. You can always find what you're looking for there. You may even get to go visit the griffons in their home – Griffonstone. Or go north and see the yaks in Yakyakistan! There's Las Pegasus, Baltimare, Fillydelphia, Vanhoover, Neighagra Falls, and tons of other places I can't even think of right now! There's always gonna be new lands to explore, Flurry Heart. And you know what new lands have – new friends!


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