Fashion Do's and Don'ts ist die erste Folge der Shortreihe Rarity's Peek Behind the Boutique.


Rarity erklärt was man tragen kann und was man besser lassen sollte.



Rarity: Welcome to Rarity's Peek Behind the Boutique, where I share the inspiration behind my creations. Today, I'll be dishing the dirt on pony fashion do's, don'ts, and "what in Equestria were you thinking, darling?!". Oh, so many accessories, so little time. Which fabric to pick? Shoes to slip on? Mane style to wear? The perfect look is personal to everypony. Fashion should reflect one's inner beauty and style. Big and bold! Do! Slightly cheesy? Do! Glittering and glamorous? Do! Spoon jewelry? Oh, darling, please don't. Not even for ice cream socials. Coordinating with friends is a fashion do. But never, ever, for all that is très chic, put a top hat on goo! Somepony call the fashion police! But the most important fashion rule of all is to wear whatever makes you feel fabulous. Ciao!


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