Saving the Crystal Empire ist die fünfte Episode der Shortreihe Baby Flurry Heart's Heartfelt Scrapbook.


Seite 5: Saving the Crystal Empire. Pinkie Pie erzählt ein wenig über die Vergangenheit des Kristall-Königreiches Speziell wie der böse König Sombra einst von Celestia und Luna und dann von Cadance, Shining Armor, Spike und den Mane 6 besiegt wurde. (Siehe: Das Kristall-Königreich Teil 1 & Teil 2)



Pinkie Pie: "Baby Flurry Heart's Heartfelt Scrapbook". Page 5 - "Saving the Crystal Empire", Your Parents are Awesome! Flurry Heart, you are so lucky to live in the Crystal Empire. But did you know? Before you came along, your home had an evil enchantment put on it by a super-duper bad pony named King Sombra. He cursed the Crystal Empire and made it disappear for one thousand years! When it finally came back, so did King Sombra. Princess Celestia and Princess Luna knew they needed somepony special to protect your home. Guess who they sent? Can ya guess, can ya guess? Yup! They sent your mom and dad! When your Aunt Twilight and the rest of us showed up, your mom was pretty exhausted. Together, we all figured out we needed to find the Crystal Heart and use its magic to focus all of the love and light that the Crystal Ponies had inside of them. While your mom and dad kept protecting everypony, Twilight searched for the Crystal Heart. And the rest of us threw an awesome Crystal Faire! Whoop-whoop! We had a flugelhorn and tiny ewes and crystal games! Oh, and it was so much fun and everyone was loving it and—oh, well, um, anyways... [clears throat] Twilight found the Heart, but she got stuck. So she tossed it to Spike. But then he fell and the Heart was flying through the air! And Sombra was totally about to get it! And all hope was lost! But not for your mom and dad! Nope! Your dad picked your mom up, aimed her, and threw her into the air! She spread her wings and caught Spike and the Heart at the last second! Sombra didn't know who he was messin' with! Whew! And that is how they ended up ruling the Empire. And that is why you get to live here. Oh, and that is the story of why you have the best and most amazing parents ever!


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