The Crystalling ist die neunte Episode der Shortreihe Baby Flurry Heart's Heartfelt Scrapbook.


Seite 9: "The Crystalling". Pinkie Pie erzählt von den Ereignissen der Kristalltaufe für Flurry Heart und wie die kleine dabei fast das Königreich komplett verwüstet hätte. (Siehe: Freundschaftslektion Nr.1 Teil 1 & Teil 2 )



Pinkie Pie: "Baby Flurry Heart's Heartfelt Scrapbook". Page 9 - "The Crystalling" – that time you almost destroyed the Crystal Empire! So here is something that might sort of maybe remember, Flurry Heart – your Crystalling! When you were born, the Crystal Empire had the biggest Crystalling ever! That's when all the ponies of the Crystal Empire gather around the Crystal Heart and see the new baby for the first time. The love from all the ponies flows into the Heart, making it even stronger so it can protect the whole Empire. Buuuuut... that's not quite the way it happened with you. See, when we all showed up, your dad Shining Armor was totally tired, and your mom wasn't sure what to do. Let me tell you something, Flurry Heart. You flew like a Wonderbolt and used magic like... Well... let's just say it was no joke! Flurry Heart: [sneezes] [off-screen coughing] Pinkie Pie: Keeping you under control was tough enough. But when you blasted the Crystal Heart into a bajillion and one tiny pieces, things got really bad! Ponies: [gasps] Pinkie Pie: Oopsie. Uh, technical difficulties. [laughing nervously] Without the Heart, the cold, windy, dangerous – did I mention cold? – weather of the North threatened everypony! But all the Crystal Ponies were so excited to meet you, they wouldn't leave. Your aunt Twilight found a spell she thought would fix everything, but you, uh, well... If it weren't for a unicorn named Sunburst, we would've never figured out what to do! Thanks to him, we restored the Heart, calmed your magic down, and saved the Crystal Empire. Talk about a day to remember! Voila!


My Little Pony – Freundschaft ist Magie Episoden
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