The Royal Wedding ist die erste Episode der Shortreihe Baby Flurry Heart's Heartfelt Scrapbook.


Pinkie Pie kommt Flurry Heart besuchen und erzählt wir aufgeregt sie war als sie daran dacht wie Flurry zum ersten mall Equestria erleben wird. Dann vielen ihr all die Sachen ein die Flurry verpasst hat weil sie noch gar nicht da war. Also will Pinki Flurry ein Buch basteln, das da heißen soll Baby Flurry Heart's Heartfelt Scrapbook.

Seite 1: Die königliche Hochzeit auch bekannt als die Verrücktest Hochzeit aller Zeiten. Der Tag an dem Prinzessin Cadance und Shining Armor heiraten wollten und ihnen dann Chrysalis in die Quere kam. (Siehe: Hochzeit in Canterlot Teil 1 & Teil 2)



Pinkie Pie: Baby Flurry Heart! I realized the other day that you get to experience everything in Equestria for the first time ever! That made me super happy! Then I realized that there were so many things that happened before you got here that you'll never be able to experience, and that make me super sad. But then I had the best idea ever! I'm gonna make you a book. I'll call it "Baby Flurry Heart's Heartfelt Scrapbook". Page 1 - "The Royal Wedding", a.k.a Craziest Wedding Ever! When Princess Cadance and Shining Armor—your mom and dad—got married, it was one of the biggest weddings Canterlot had ever seen. We were all super excited! Well, except for your aunt Twilight. She was upset because she didn't even know her brother was gonna get married. Then, when she realized that it was your mom he's gonna marry, ah, she totally flipped! Because your mom used to foal-sit for Twilight when she was only a little bit older than you. So we took the Friendship Express to Canterlot, and we all helped to make it the best wedding ever! You see, when two ponies fall in love, they get married and have a wedding. It's a ginormous party with dancing and rings. Oh, and a great big cake with two ponies on top! I mean, not real ponies, fake ponies. But then again, your mom wasn't your real mom. She was Chrysalis, queen of the changelings! Chrysalis had put a spell on Shining Armor and was gonna suck up all his love and use it to rule Equestria with all of her scary changelings. We tried to stop her, but the changelings were just too strong! But you know what was stronger than all of them? Your mom and dad's love for each other. Ooh, it was so powerful and knocked them all the way back to the Changeling Kingdom! Kapow! And then, your real mom and dad got married. It was perfect, just like this scrapbook I'm making for you. Ooh, I have so much to share, Baby Flurry Heart. But first, I'm gonna need a lot more felt. [giggles]

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