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  • Nací el 18 de noviembre
  • Mi ocupación es Editor Experience Specialist at Fandom
  • Soy male
  • Biogr I don't always help Fandom users; but when I do, it's as an anthropomorphic fish in an armored military vehicle.
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  • I want to say Thanks, for the help you and your friend Noreplyz give us to revert all the vandalism given by Ratta I'm talking by all our community from es.mlp when I say Thanks by all my heart, because you and every staff and VTSF help us to revert this kind of problems... maybe, its to early to me to say "this will never happen again", because I still need to learn how to use bots to correct things, but I will start playing with them, to make one that can help us with this kind of cases. again, thank you to you and your friend, see you next time atte: White Wolf 678

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