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Mi Poni

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FANMADE Rose Heart OC Rose Heart is a unicornia. Pink coat and purple mane. She's very shy and not interested in talking. Crowded places, such as parties, is not something Rose Heart would find comfortable. So Pinkie, don't throw a welcome party...

Favorito Ponis

# # Poni Galería
1 Fluttershy galería
2 Sweetie Belle galería
3 Pinkie Pie galería
4 Scootaloo galería
5 +2 Diamond Tiara galería
6 -1 Twilight Sparkle galería
7 -1 Rarity galería
8 +2 Berry Punch galería
9 Apple Bloom galería
10 -2 Derpy galería
11 +1 Cheerilee galería
12 -1 Rainbow Dash galería
13 +1 Sweetie Drops galería
14 +2 Golden Harvest galería
15 Diamond Mint galería
16 -3 Minuette galería
17 DJ Pon-3 galería
18 Lyra Heartstrings galería
19 Daisy Dreams
20 Octavia galería
21 Princesa Celestia galería
22 +1 Rainbow Flash
23 +1 Zecora galería
24 -2 Applejack galería
25 Trixie galería
26 +2 Silver Spoon galería
27 Princesa Luna galería
28 -2 Pipsqueak galería
29 Twist galería
30 Snails galería
31 Alcaldesa galería
32 Hayseed galería
33 Snips galería

Comillas (en Inglés)

  • "...there are wonderful things in this world you just can't explain, but that doesn't necessarily make them any less true. It just means you have to choose to believe in them." — Twilight Sparkle (Feeling Pinkie Keen)
  • "...the best reason to lend a hand is because you wish to be helpful, not because there's a reward. Being there for eachother is the most important thing." — Rainbow Dash (Calgary Stampede)

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