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Merci d'ajouter les paramètres suivants aux fiches personnage, qui remplaceront peu après les paramètres accentués et espacés.

paramètre actuelnouveau paramètrenotes
couleur-fond-entetela couleur doit maintenant comprendre le # initial



Documentation de modèle (pour le modèle ci-dessus, parfois caché ou invisible)

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template:Infobox Personnage/docModifier

This template is used to create a character infobox. All parameters are optional.
Please note that this is a two-tiered template; checks have been put in place so that the width of images does not break the formatting (instead of breaking the formatting now, if the maximum image width is exceeded, portions of both sides of the image will be hidden).

For characters with multiple species: primary species name first, then secondary, separated by " & ". If second is just "human", will auto-display EG link. Otherwise, will show content of second part.

See {{colorsquare}} and {{perbang}} for documentation on advanced usage of the color fields.

There are lots of default values and other trickery used by the template. See existing usage for examples (assuming they're using the most efficient version). Contact User:Bobogoobo for any modifications.
Type {{infobox character|<...>}} somewhere, with parameters as shown below.
Sample input, all parameters used
{{infobox character
| name            = Applejack [defaults to page name]
| tabclass        = [fill it in with "smalltabs", without the quotation marks, if the text in the tabs needs to be made smaller; for even smaller, "smallertabs"]
| tab1title       = [defaults to Pony, or whatever is filled in in the "kind" field before the ampersand]
| image           = Applejack "But the real award is" S1E04.png
| imagewidth      = [defaults to 250px, its max width, 240px if the option for other images is used, its max width then]
| caption         = Applejack
| tab2title       = [defaults to Other]
| image2          = Applejack panic S3E2.png
| image2width     = [defaults to 240px, its max width]
| caption2        = Applejack in a panic
| tab3title       = [defaults to Other 2]
| image3          = Applejack S01E13 cropped.png
| image3width     = [defaults to 240px, its max width]
| caption3        = Applejack – [[Elements of Harmony#Applejack|element of honesty]]
| tab4title       = [defaults to Other 3]
| image4          = Applejack sees Element of Harmony S1E02.png
| image4width     = [defaults to 240px, its max width]
| caption 4       = Applejack looking at her Element of Harmony necklace
| humantabtitle   = [defaults to Human]
| humanimage      = Applejack wiping away sweat EG.png
| humanimagewidth = [defaults to 240px, its max width]
| humancaption    = Applejack's human counterpart, as she appears in ''[[My Little Pony Equestria Girls]]'
| kind            = Earth & Human
| sex             = Female
| residence       = Sweet Apple Acres
| occupation      = Farmer
| eyes            = Green
| mane            = Blonde
| coat            = Orange
| nicknames       = AJ
| relatives       = Apple Bloom, Big McIntosh, Granny Smith
| misc1           = Freckles
| misc1text       = Very light orange
| misc2           = Accent
| misc2text       = Southern
| cutie mark      = Three red apples
| voice           = Voice actor or actress
| singing voice   = Singing voice actor or actress
| headercolor     = #FFC36B
| headerfontcolor = #FBF9AF
| headerfontsize  = 140%

Results in...

Modèle:Infobox character


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