aka <33

  • I live in Canterlot
  • I was born on กรกฎาคม 7
  • My occupation is Work in Canterlot's unicorn school
  • I am Mare

About MeEdit


Thanks for visiting my Profile!!. <3

nice to meet you!!

My Series FavoritesEdit

Favorite mane 6 : Princess Twilight Sparkle , Rainbow dash and Applejack

Favorite background pony : Dr. Whooves , Lyra Heartstrings , Snowflake Favorite Cutie Mark Crusader: Scootaloo

Favorite Villain: Nightmare Moon

Favorite Princess: CELESTIA, OF COURSE!

Favorite Voice Actor/Actress: Tabitha St. Germain (Rarity, Luna, Derpy, etc.)

Favorite Singer: Kazumi Evans (Rarity)



  • Twilight Sparkle!!
  • Applejack!!
  • Rainbow dash!!
  • My fav mane 6 together!!
  • Best Princess!!
  • Dr.Hooves!!
  • YAEH!!!
  • Lyra!!
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