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Apple Rose

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Apple Rose in Apple Family Reunion

Young Apple Rose ID S3E8.png

Young Apple Rose in Apple Family Reunion

Kind Earth
Sex Female
Residence Silver Stable Retirement Community
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Eyes Moderate fuchsia
Mane Light orchidish gray
Light cerise when younger
Coat Pale, light grayish brown
Relatives Granny Smith (cousin)
Apple family
Cutie mark
Apple and two pink roses
Voice Ashleigh Ball (English, S3E8)
Shirley Millner (English, S8E5 and S9E5)
Anna Sztejner (Polish)
Carina Chereji (Romanian)
Olga Shorokhova (Russian)
When young:
Anca Sigmirean (Romanian)
Cynthia Chong (Latin American Spanish)
Valentyna Sova (Ukrainian)

Apple Rose is an elderly Earth pony and a member of the Apple family who first appears in the season three episode Apple Family Reunion. She is Granny Smith's favorite cousin.


During Raise This Barn in Apple Family Reunion, Apple Rose was to have incidentally appeared young; this was caught by Tim Stuby.[1]

Depiction in the series

Season three

Apple Rose debuts in Apple Family Reunion. Granny Smith first mentions her at the beginning of the episode when she shows Applejack and Apple Bloom a photo album of past reunions. In one flashback, she laughs at a young Granny when she tries to take up quilting. In another, she and Granny compete together in a seven-legged race. Though they trip over their own hooves and lose, they happily laugh it off.

Granny Smith and Apple Rose hugging S3E08.png

At the present day reunion, Apple Rose steps off a carriage after Candy Caramel Tooth, "Apple Squash" and "Red June", and she greets Granny Smith with a hug. During the reunion, she quilts—for a lengthy period of time—with Granny and Auntie Applesauce using sewing machines provided by Applejack.

When Applejack's overeager reunion plans result in the destruction of Sweet Apple Acres' barn, Apple Rose takes part in the barn's reconstruction during the song Raise This Barn. She then appears in the family group photo in front of the finished barn, and she is last seen laughing with Granny Smith and Auntie Applesauce.

Season seven

The younger Apple Rose appears bucking apples at Sweet Apple Acres in a flashback in The Perfect Pear.

Season eight

In Grannies Gone Wild, Apple Rose joins Granny Smith, Auntie Applesauce, and Goldie Delicious on their annual trip to Las Pegasus, during which she is revealed to be hard of hearing.

Season nine

In The Point of No Return, Apple Rose appears painting on a dock at the Silver Stable Retirement Community when Twilight Sparkle and Spike ask her if she has seen Dusty Pages. She later appears playing paintball. She also appears in attendance of Big McIntosh and Sugar Belle's wedding in The Big Mac Question. In The Last Problem, Apple Rose briefly appears in Applejack's group shot during The Magic of Friendship Grows.

Clip shows

Apple Rose appears during a flashback of Raise this Barn in Harvesting Memories.

Other depictions

IDW comics

In My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Issue #70, Apple Rose and the Golden Horseshoe Gals play Rainbow Dash's organized game of "extreme bingo".

My Little Pony (mobile game)

Apple Rose is a playable character in Gameloft's mobile game, added in the version 2.1 update. Her in-game description states, "Apple Rose is a pony whose nose knows where to go for the best apples in Equestria -- Sweet Apple Acres, of course!" Young Apple Rose was added in version 7.5. Her description states, "Just because she never won a seven-legged race back in those days, it doesn't mean she wasn't Granny Smith's favorite cousin!"


Enterplay trading card series 2 #18, a card of Auntie Applesauce & Apple Rose, lists her name with a trademark symbol and gives her the part of the description, "When it comes to her cousins, Granny's favorite is definitely Apple Rose. Would they still be competing in the seven-legged race every reunion if they weren't over the age limit? You bet your hot diggity derriere!"

Apple Rose appears on WeLoveFine's fan-designed "Apple Family Portrait" art print.


"We're gonna win this one, cousin!"
Apple Family Reunion
"Finish it?"
— Apple Family Reunion
"Golden Delicious? I think he's racing with his cousin!"
— Apple Family Reunion


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