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Banana Fluff
Banana Fluff ID S5E14.png

Banana Fluff in Canterlot Boutique
Kind Unicorn
Sex Female
More info
Eyes Moderate cerise (S2E5 and S5E17)
Brilliant arctic blue (S5E14)
Mane ¤ Moderate violet and light purple
Coat Very light yellow
Cutie mark
One green heart and two blue hearts
Three gemstones
(S5E14 and merchandise)

Banana Fluff is a female unicorn pony with a light yellow coat, two-tone purple mane and tail, cerise or blue eyes, and a cutie mark of three brilliant-cut diamonds. Outside of Canterlot Boutique and merchandise, her cutie mark is of three hearts—two blue and one green. She is unnamed in the show, but she is named in merchandise.


Banana Fluff shares her design and mane color with Amethyst Star and "Cold Front", her design with Lyra Heartstrings, Diamond Mint, Lemony Gem, "Sugarberry", "Orchid Dew", "Spring Fresh", "Blue Belle", "Fly Wishes", S02E26 Unnamed Unicorn Mare #9, S02E26 Unnamed Unicorn Mare #12, "Sea Spray", "Monochrome Sunset", "Lilac Notes", S04E22 Unnamed Unicorn Mare #3, "Nachtmusik, S05E24 Unnamed Unicorn Mare #1, and Electric Sky, her mane and tail style and colors with S04E24 Unnamed Earth Mare #6, and mane and tail style with Rose, "Sunset Bliss", and Silverspeed.

Depiction in the series

Banana Fluff first appears in the season two episode Sisterhooves Social watching the titular race from the spectator seats.

In season five, Banana Fluff briefly appears walking outside Canterlot Carousel in Canterlot Boutique. Here, her eyes are blue instead of cerise. In Brotherhooves Social, Banana Fluff once again watches the Sisterhooves Social race from the stands as the racers turn around the bend.


A translucent-bodied mini-figure toy and a collector card of Banana Fluff were released together as part of the seventh wave of mystery packs in January 2013. This version of her has three gemstones for a cutie mark, and her identity is confirmed in a mystery pack wave 7 image formerly displayed by a mystery pack listing on the website of the Greek company KAPSIS. According to her collector card, Banana Fluff "collects pretty gems to make jewelry!"


Season two

Sisterhooves Social

Season five

Canterlot Boutique

Brotherhooves Social