My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Wiki
Battle for Sugar Belle
Episode Hard to Say Anything
Character(s) Big McIntosh
Feather Bangs
Sung by Peter New
Vincent Tong
Music by Daniel Ingram
Lyrics by Daniel Ingram
Length 3:13
Season Season 7
Transcript Hard to Say Anything
Key signature A major, B♭ major, B major
International versions

Battle for Sugar Belle is the second song of season seven of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic, featured in the eighth episode Hard to Say Anything.

In this song, Big McIntosh and Feather Bangs attempt to woo Sugar Belle with a musical battle.


"Sugar Belle! Sugar Belle! Sugar Belle! Sugar Belle!"

[Big McIntosh]
We'll take a walk down by the river
Watch the sunset from the field
We'll plant the seeds of love together
And water 'em right for a really good yield
Sugar Belle, sweet as pie
You're the apple of my eye
A cherry blossom in a field of rye
And when the heifer's milked and fed
And the pigs are in the sty
Won't you be there by my side?
[Feather Bangs]
Oh, oh
Oh, ah-oh
When you appeared before me
My heart stopped beating
Stars crossed the sky
To come see what I was seeing
You were the one
That made me believe I could fly
Whoa, whoa, whoa
Birds could not sing
A song that's as beautiful
I'd do anything
That's irrefutable
'Cause you are the sun
Painting my heart in the sky (whoa-oh, oh)
Sugar, Sugar Belle, whoa-oh
When will you tell me that you feel the same?
Like an angel on a candy cane
Or the sunlight shining through a drain
[Big McIntosh]
Sugar Belle, when I look in your eyes
[clears throat]
I see the color blue
And it reminds me of the sky above
Uh, which is also... blue
[Feather Bangs]
Hey, hey, hey, yeah
Be my sugarplum
I will be your watermelon
Every time you smile
I can feel my heart a-swellin'
Blood is rushing from my head to my hooves, yeah
I start movin' when I'm feeling that groove, yeah
[Big McIntosh]
I've been writin' this song for you
Searchin' for the perfect rhyme
For the words I wanna say
Somethin', somethin', somethin', somethin'... Be mine
[Feather Bangs]
[Michael Jackson sounds]
[autotuned] Every day I see you
I know you could be the one for me
Feel my heart a-beating like
The rain upon a bumblebee
Don't you see that I could, ah oh, ah oh
Whenever you are near me, I'm so... ah-oh
[Big McIntosh]
Sugar Belle!
Roses are red and violets are blue!
[Feather Bangs]
Sugar, Sugar!
My love is burning hot like a cheese fondue!
[Big McIntosh]
Sugar Belle!
[Feather Bangs]
Sugar Belle!
[Big McIntosh]
Sugar Belle!
[Feather Bangs]
Sugar Belle!
[Big McIntosh]
Sugar Belle!
[Feather Bangs]
Sugar Belle!
[Big McIntosh and Feather Bangs]
Sugar Belle!