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(Berry Punch)

Berryshine id S1E12.png

Berryshine in Call of the Cutie

Berryshine orange mane ID S2E2.png

Berryshine with brilliant orange mane in The Return of Harmony Part 2

Berryshine Crystal Pony ID S4E05.png

Berryshine as an Earth Crystal Pony in Flight to the Finish

Berryshine Pegasus Cropped S4E10.png

Berryshine as a Pegasus in Rainbow Falls


Berryshine as a unicorn in merchandise

Berryshine Costume 1 S2E4.png

Berryshine dressed as a ghost in Luna Eclipsed

Berryshine Costume 2 S2E4.png

Berryshine dressed as Daring Do in Luna Eclipsed

Kind Earth
Pegasus (Rainbow Falls)
Unicorn (some merchandise)
Sex Female
Residence Cottage (moved to as of Twilight Sparkle and the Crystal Heart Spell)
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Eyes Moderate cerise
Mane Moderate cerise
Coat Pale, light grayish mulberry
Nicknames Be (The Periodic Table of My Little Pony)
Cutie mark
A bunch of grapes and a strawberry
Voice Ashleigh Ball (English, S7E19)
Lauren Jackson (English, S9E25)

Berryshine, or Berry Punch, is a female Earth pony with a web color plum coat, raspberry pink mane and tail, fandango eyes, and a cutie mark of a bunch of grapes and a strawberry. Lauren Faust privately named the character "Pinot Noir" after her favorite wine,[1][2] but the character was later explicitly named "Berryshine" and "Berry Punch" in different merchandise and games. Berryshine shares her design with Cherry Berry. She has a speaking role in It Isn't the Mane Thing About You, the chapter book Rainbow Dash and the Daring Do Double Dare, and in the IDW comics' My Little Pony: Friends Forever Issue #23.

Depiction in the series

Season one

Berryshine witnesses the arrival of Twilight Sparkle in Ponyville.

Berryshine appears frequently in the series as a background pony. She makes her debut in Friendship is Magic, part 1 when she, along with Cherry Berry, Golden Harvest and Sweetie Drops, watches Twilight Sparkle arrive in Ponyville for the first time. She makes her first prominent appearance in Bridle Gossip when she whisks a little filly from her doorstep out of fear of Zecora.

In Winter Wrap Up, Berryshine makes appearances as both a member of the plant team and a member of the animal team, sometimes simultaneously. She also briefly appears as a Pegasus in the same episode, and a Pegasus with her color scheme and cutie mark falls exhausted after the Running of the Leaves in Fall Weather Friends, where she wears the number 6. Berryshine herself competes in the Running of the Leaves as contestant #88.

She inspects some apples in Call of the Cutie, but gets scared off when Apple Bloom tries to force her to buy them; later in the episode, she drinks directly out of a punch bowl in Diamond Tiara's cute-ceañera after checking to see if anyone is looking. Sabrina Alberghetti specifically chose Berryshine for the punch bowl scene due to her cutie mark, and had intended for her to burp after drinking out of the bowl.[3][4]

Berryshine, along with Sweetie Drops, tries to hound Fluttershy to Rarity's Carousel Boutique in Green Isn't Your Color, but both are disappointed when they find her gone. In Over a Barrel, Berryshine appears in Appleloosa wearing a straw-colored cowpony hat, although she switches to a gray top hat during all of her running sequences.

Season two

Berryshine winning the Sisterhooves Social race in Sisterhooves Social.

Berryshine appears again in The Return of Harmony Part 2 where she sneezes from a pepper shaker, one of Discord's tricks. In Luna Eclipsed, she alternates between wearing a ghost sheet[5] and a safari outfit, sometimes appearing twice in the same shot with each one of her wearing a different costume. Her safari outfit, a recolor of the one worn by Daring Do but with the pith helmet worn by Twilight Sparkle in Feeling Pinkie Keen, was added to the episode in order to fill out the crowd scenes and due to time constraints.[6]

Berryshine and "Piña Colada" take part in the Sisterhooves Social; they lose the first pie-eating contest, but win the main event. At the race, they wear matching white shirts and appear briefly in the egg-carrying challenge, dropping their eggs while Rarity and Sweetie Belle pass them by. They take the lead in the final stretch of running course and win the Sisterhooves Social. Despite taking part in the competition, Berryshine's character design and color scheme is also used for some of the spectator ponies.

In The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000, during the song, Flim closes Berryshine's dropped jaw. In Hearts and Hooves Day, a way-too-lovestruck Big McIntosh inadvertently drags her house way off her property when Apple Bloom attempts to stop him from reaching Cheerilee by hitching him to it. In A Canterlot Wedding - Part 1, she walks through Canterlot at night, and she makes multiple appearances in crowds in Part 2.

Season three

In The Crystal Empire - Part 2, she briefly appears with the Crystal Ponies in the audience of the Crystal Faire jousting match between Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy at the Crystal Empire. In Too Many Pinkie Pies she drinks juice with Cloud Kicker. In One Bad Apple during Babs Seed (song), she sits in the movie theater and eats popcorn.

Season four

Berryshine in Testing Testing 1, 2, 3.

In season four, Berryshine appears at the Summer Sun Celebration in Princess Twilight Sparkle - Part 1 and Princess Twilight Sparkle - Part 2. In Rainbow Falls, she appears as a Pegasus during the Equestria Games qualification tryouts.

She also makes several appearances in Pinkie Pride, Simple Ways, Filli Vanilli, Twilight Time, It Ain't Easy Being Breezies, Maud Pie, For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils, Leap of Faith, and Testing Testing 1, 2, 3. She appears at the Traders Exchange in Trade Ya!, the Equestria Games in the episode of the same name, and at Twilight Sparkle's castle in Twilight's Kingdom - Part 2.

Season five

Berryshine flees from a swarm of twittermites, participates in the Running of the Leaves in Tanks for the Memories, attends the Appleloosa Rodeo in Appleoosa's Most Wanted, appears at Cranky Doodle Donkey and Matilda's wedding in Slice of Life, attends the Grand Equestria Pony Summit in Princess Spike, attends the friendship party in Party Pooped, appears in Ponyville's shared dream in Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep?, and takes part in the Sisterhooves Social with "Piña Colada" in Brotherhooves Social. In The One Where Pinkie Pie Knows, Berryshine receives a delivery from Pinkie Pie. She also appears in the final group shot during Friends Are Always There For You in The Cutie Re-Mark - Part 2.

Season six

Berryshine grape-stomping with Cherry Berry along with Apple Bloom in On Your Marks.

In On Your Marks, Berryshine is seen grape-stomping with fellow berry pony Cherry Berry along with Apple Bloom. In A Hearth's Warming Tale, she helps with decorating for the Hearth's Warming and sings the final lines of Hearth's Warming Eve Is Here Once Again (Reprise). In Applejack's "Day" Off, she appears in the Ponyville Day Spa. In The Cart Before the Ponies, she participates the Applewood Derby. In The Fault in Our Cutie Marks, she attends the baseball game and Gabby's cute-ceañera.

Season seven

In Celestial Advice, Berryshine is one of the many ponies at the medal ceremony for Starlight Glimmer, Trixie, Thorax and Discord. At one point, she is seen talking with the Cutie Mark Crusaders. In A Flurry of Emotions, she attends the art show hosted by Spearhead. In Fame and Misfortune, she appears among Twilight Sparkle's fans. In It Isn't the Mane Thing About You, she appears in the crowd at Davenport's auction with a speaking role. She also appears in flashback of Rainbow Dash's birthday party in Secrets and Pies.

Season eight

Berryshine attends the comedy club in The Maud Couple, talks to Lyra Heartstrings and Shoeshine in Surf and or Turf, and watches the play in Horse Play.

Best Gift Ever

In the special My Little Pony Best Gift Ever, Berryshine appears at the Ponyville marketplace as a fruit vendor during One More Day.


Times are approximate and taken from videos available online.

Season one
1 6:47 – witnessing Twilight Sparkle's arrival in Ponyville, 16:34 – in the foreground at the start of the surprise party, 17:00 ~ 17:18 – mingling at the party, 18:40 – heading to the town hall, 19:35 – grinning in anticipation of Princess Celestia's appearance, 20:08 – staring at the growing mist, 20:14, 20:58 – gasps at the mention of Nightmare Moon's name.
2 None.
3 2:28 – in line for Applejack's stand in Applejack's fantasy, 2:34 – taking a basket of apples and paying for it, 3:47 – in the audience witnessing Rainbow Dash in Rainbow's fantasy, 4:23 – in the foreground as the Wonderbolts fly by, 8:01 – on the dance floor in Canterlot Castle in Rarity's fantasy, 8:13 – standing at the wedding, 12:48 – running from the rain in reality, 17:11 – hears "Twilight has an extra ticket to the Grand Galloping Gala", 17:36 ~ 18:01 – chasing Twilight.

Duplicates: 8:13 – one duplicate at the wedding, 17:45 ~ 18:01 – entire pony posse intermittently duplicated for effect.

4 2:11 – shuts her window in fright from the cow stampede, 2:15 – running from the stampede in panic, 2:27, 2:36 – watching the stampede nearing Ponyville, 3:57 – standing around in town, 4:04, 4:12, 4:19 – walking around during party preparations, 4:52 ~ 6:47 – in the audience at the party for Applejack, 15:08 – sick in bed from eating bad muffins, 18:11 – shuts her window from the bunny stampede, 18:13 – running around.
5 1:28 – standing in front of the town hall and in front of the joke shop with Shoeshine, 1:31 – closer view of Berryshine in front of the joke shop, 13:15 – watching Fluttershy lead the ducks, 13:39 – watching Fluttershy run from Gilda, 15:34 – at Pinkie Pie's party for Gilda, 16:04 – laughing at the pepper-in-the-vanilla-lemon-drops and dribble-glass pranks, 16:26 – laughing at the spitting snakes prank, 16:39 – standing with Minuette, 17:03 – laughing at the relighting birthday candles prank, 17:14, 17:41, 17:49 – standing near the pin-the-tail-on-the-pony game, 18:56 – watching Gilda try to leave with Rainbow Dash, 19:43.

Duplicates: 1:28 – two Berryshines in different areas of the town square.

6 9:12 – in the crowd for Trixie's show watching Rarity run away, 9:23 ~ 9:50 – near Twilight, 10:04 – walking away, 15:46 – running from the Ursa, 16:23 – gasping, 17:45 – looking at the Ursa in awe.
7 1:40 – sleeping on the grass in the park, 20:11 – walking behind Golden Harvest and Shoeshine as the pegasi clear the smoke.
8 None.
9 0:21 – pulls "Ruby Pinch" into a house, 20:04 – standing in the town square.

Duplicates: 20:04 – multiple Berryshines in different areas of the town square.

10 2:41 – hoisting the banner with Golden Harvest in the park, 2:49 – standing beside Golden Harvest and receiving Twilight's rebuttal, 13:57 – looking at the falling parasprites, 17:48 – running from the parasprites behind Shoeshine.
11 2:10 ~ 2:42 – in the crowd to hear Mayor Mare's speech (with a plant team vest), 2:30 – with an animal team vest, 2:33 – back to a plant team vest (eyes are dark blue), 2:45 – with the animal team (eyes are fuchsia, 2:48 – with the plant team, 4:11 – singing with her head touching Minuette's head, 4:56 – standing while holding a rake, 5:49 – singing with the plant team, 5:51, 6:01 – holding the last note with Twilight (as a Pegasus pony in the weather team), 17:19 – walking up with Caramel to argue (as an Earth pony in the plant team again), 17:25 – looking at the mayor, 17:53 – looking at Twilight and then Caramel, 20:12 ~ 21:00 – in the crowd facing the mayor and Twilight.

Duplicates: 2:10 – three duplicates in the crowd, 2:19 – two duplicates, 2:39, 5:51 – one Berryshine in the plant team and one in the animal team, 20:15 – three duplicates in the crowd, 20:25 – one duplicate, 20:34 – two duplicates, 20:59.

12 6:02 – examining apples and then getting surprised by Apple Bloom (with two brown satchels), 16:35 – drinks directly out of the punch bowl at Diamond Tiara's cute-ceañera, 17:07.
13 5:30 – watching Rainbow Dash's bale of hay fly in the Iron Pony competition, 5:35 – carrying Applejack in celebration, 6:03 – in the crowd, 6:09 – watching while being stood on by Lemon Hearts, 6:14, 6:25 – watching Applejack leap, 6:31 – watching Rainbow leap, 6:59 ~ 7:25 – watching the final event, 8:51 – at the Running of the Leaves, 9:11 – taking her place at the starting line (contestant #88), 9:14 – warming up, 10:39 – waiting for the race to begin, 11:01, 11:27, 11:36 – starts running (contestant #6), 11:40 – running in the Running of the Leaves, 11:54 – second place, 13:20 – passing Applejack, 14:31 – passing Rainbow Dash, 16:41, 17:15, 17:42 – passing Rainbow, 17:56 – being passed by Rainbow, 18:19, 18:51 – standing near the finish line (tags are gone), 19:30 ~ 20:04 – in the crowd watching Rainbow and Applejack fight.

Duplicates: 6:03 – two duplicates, 11:37 – entire pony posse intermittently duplicated for effect, 12:04 – two Berryshines running, 13:20, 13:45, 16:41, 18:19, 19:31 – one Berryshine in the background.

14 14:13 – in the crowd watching Rarity's fashions go onstage.

Duplicates: 14:13 – two duplicates in the crowd.

15 None.
16 None.
17 None.
18 2:06 – walking in a street, 2:07, 2:11 – looking at Scootaloo's trick, 5:36 – walking into Carousel Boutique, 16:40 – staring at the Cutie Mark Crusaders during the talent show, 18:46 – laughing, 19:14, 19:51 – awaiting the last award of the night, 20:02 – applauding.

Duplicates: 18:46 – one duplicate in the crowd, 20:02 – at least five duplicates.

19 None.
20 9:47 ~ 10:17 – in the crowd at Fluttershy's first fashion show, 10:12 – smiling, 11:15 – looking through the windows of Carousel Boutique for Fluttershy (with a camera), 11:58 – in the boutique with Sweetie Drops, 12:08 – looks at Sweetie Drops and then at Rarity, 16:43 ~ 18:39 – in the audience for Fluttershy's latest fashion show, 18:07 – looking at Lyrica Lilac as she speaks.

Duplicates: 9:47 – five duplicates in the crowd, 9:56 – two duplicates.

21 7:04 – in Appleloosa with a straw-colored cowpony hat, 7:17 – drawing horse-drawn carriages, 12:14 – standing in a yard, 15:46 – running away from the stage with the Appleloosans (with a gray top hat), 15:58 – running through town, 16:29 – on the bottom of the stack supporting Peachy Sweet and Jonagold (with her straw-colored hat back), 18:03 – staring at the looming buffaloes, 18:24 – standing ready behind a barricade, 19:04 – running from the buffaloes (with the top hat), 19:20.
22 6:41 – listening to Princess Celestia's announcement at her party, 7:08 – walking out the door, 7:16 – back inside and staring at Rarity as she leaves.
23 11:17 ~ 11:29 – standing in the audience for the performance in Rarity's flashback, 11:56 – facing Cherry Berry in Canterlot in Twilight Sparkle's flashback, 12:19 – watching the sun rise, 12:25, 15:28 – staring at Twilight in the present day, 15:36 – walking through Ponyville.

Duplicates: 11:18 – one duplicate in the audience.

24 None.
25 0:01 – walking with Daisy and taking a look at Rainbowshine as she flies by.
26 4:43 – in line for Applejack's stand in her fantasy, 5:28 – seemingly in the crowd crossing the drawbridge, 19:40 – running from the animals.

Duplicates: 5:28 – one duplicate in the crowd.

Season two
During the theme song with Sunshower Raindrops
1 02:19 – seen along with two clones
2 11:34 ~11:37 – sneezes from pepper dumped on her from a giant pepper shaker, 20:56 ~ 21:45 – at the end ceremony.
3 01:19 – walking while Twilight Sparkle is going over her list, 7:39 – walking as Twilight runs by, 16:38 ~ 18:07 – fighting over Smarty Pants.
4 2:54 – dressed as a ghost, 4:15 ~ 4:19 – standing as Mayor Mare speaks to the crowd, 6:51 ~ 7:36 – two duplicate Berryshines cowering in front of Princess Luna, one dressed as a ghost, the other as a safari pony, 8:18 – safari Berryshine quivering in front of Luna as she points her hoof at them, 11:51 – cheering for Luna (in the safari outfit) and then dancing (as a ghost), 15:01 – ghost and safari Berryshine cowering in front of Luna, 15:17 – safari Berryshine looking at Luna going up into the sky, 15:46 – looking sad, 16:01 – talking to "Candy Mane".
5 16:08 – participating in and losing the pie-eating competition, 17:00 – assembles into the crowd around Granny Smith, 17:26 ~ 17:50 – at starting line and starts race (is also in crowd at one point), 18:51 ~ 19:23 – in crowd and racing against Rarity and Sweetie Belle.
6 11:27 – looking at Apple Bloom's cutie pox, 12:21 – looking hungrily at the pie Apple Bloom diced up with her loop-de-hoop, 16:21 – watching Apple Bloom fence, 16:43 – yelling and then running inside in fear of cutie pox.
7 None.
8 2:20 – cheering for Rainbow Dash, 3:12, 3:25, 4:32 – circled around Rainbow Dash, 7:22 ~ 7:40 – standing and cheering, 16:17 – standing around and then leaving Rainbow Dash, 17:44 – in the crowd.
9 None.
10 16:28 – running away from Spike.
11 01:57 – putting a hat on in the changing room, 20:05 – cheering with a duplicate.
12 5:07 – looking at Apple Bloom and Granny Smith, 5:43 – talking to Cherry Berry.
13 None.
14 2:42 ~ 3:49 – in the crowd cheering for Applejack, 07:49 – cleaning the rodeo arena, 08:28 – getting off the train in Dodge Junction.
15 2:08 – standing in line, 2:15, 4:09 – angry that Applejack has run out of cider, 4:40 – watching Flim and Flam arrive, 4:58, 5:10 – being talked to by Flim, 5:43 ~ 8:10 – in the Flim Flam Brothers song, 10:09 – in line, 10:57 – going after cider, 11:08 – watches Rainbow Dash's cup get knocked away, 11:24 – excited about the cider, 12:06 – says "wow", 12:23 – watches Flam talk, 19:50 – watching the Apple family leave.
16 None.
17 0:02 – in Ponyville square (twice), 03:00 – walking around Ponyville, 3:09, 4:11 – in Ponyville square, 13:35 – crying out in despair in Apple Bloom's imagination, 18:05 ~ 18:09 – inside the house Apple Bloom ties to Big McIntosh.
18 5:00 ~ 6:23 – in Pinkie's song, 11:24 ~ 11:37 – watching Pinkie and then laughing at Cranky Doodle Donkey.
19 4:54 – walking in the market, 7:24 ~ 10:25 – at Iron Will's seminar, 11:57 – outside Sugarcube Corner, then in line, and moves to the back of the line when Fluttershy asserts herself.
20 3:40 – walking around Ponyville, 4:01 ~ 4:24 – listening to Twilight Sparkle, 6:21 – surprised by Cerberus, 6:30 – running away in a panic, 6:32 – shutting her window in fear.
21 None.
22 None.
23 18:31 – ignoring the Cutie Mark Crusaders.
24 0:36 – watching Big McIntosh carry the cake, 10:53 – looking adoringly at "Con Mane" in Pinkie's imagination, 11:30 – throwing herself at "Con Mane"'s feet.
25 14:04 – walking behind Rarity.
26 5:52 ~ 9:30 – in the audience of the wedding, 14:23 – running from the changelings, 21:07 – watching the carriage go by.
Season three
1 None.
2 12:03 – in the audience of the jousting match.
3 00:10 – sitting at a table, 13:23 – in the crowd, 13:36 – in front of the crowd on the left.
4 08:13 – in the movie theatre, 15:43 – playing a tuba and several other background appearances in the Summer Harvest Parade, 15:48 – in the crowd.
5 03:37 – watching Rainbow Dash, 20:16 – cheering for Pinkie Pie.
6 None.
7 None.
8 None.
9 None.
10 None.
11 18:17 – lying on the bench in the train.
12 00:39 – entering the train.
13 0:32 - at a café table with Shoeshine; 1:59 ~ 2:05 - in the crowd grumbling at Rarity; 2:59 ~ 3:11 - in the crowd at Sugarcube Corner; 10:39 - galloping through Ponyville with a raincloud over her; 12:52 - walking through Ponyville, looking mad; 13:00 ~ 13:16 - in the crowd during A True, True Friend; 18:24 ~ 19:35 - at Twilight's princess coronation; 20:53 ~ 21:17 - in the crowd during Life in Equestria

Duplicates: 20:53 - one in the crowd

Season four
1 0:47 – walking through Canterlot, 13:26 – running through Ponyville
2 20:30 – in the crowd at the Summer Sun Celebration
3 None
4 None
5 19:51 - watching the Cutie Mark Crusaders speed by; 20:27 - in the sweeping crowd shot

Duplicates: 20:27 ~ 20:31 - two in the crowd

6 None
7 None
8 None
9 None
10 4:13 - chatting with Sunshower Raindrops and Sassaflash; 20:26 - applauding

Duplicates: one at 20:26, several at 20:39

11 None
12 0:01 - dancing in Appleloosa; 1:20 - standing next to "Tornado Bolt"; 1:24 - watching Pinkie Pie enter Ponyville; 2:06 - passing by Mr. and Mrs. Cake; 2:43, 3:03 - with other ponies during Pinkie the Party Planner; 5:52 ~ 6:40 - seen during The Super Duper Party Pony; 7:09, 7:11, 7:19 - in the crowd admiring Cheese Sandwich; 13:02 ~ 16:32 - watching Pinkie Pie and Cheese Sandwich's goof off; 18:21, 18:24 - in Cheese Sandwich's flashback during Cheese Confesses; 19:51 - watching Cheese Sandwich's party cannon fire

Duplicates: one at 6:09, one at 14:01

13 0:08, 0:10 - at the Ponyville Days Festival announcement; 4:49, 4:51 - getting off the train; 5:05 - looking at Rarity

Duplicates: several at 0:10

14 10:20 - watching the Pony Tones perform; 12:24 - galloping past a pen of animals
15 10:21 ~ 11:40 - sitting with Minuette at the Hay Burger
16 6:17 - cheering for Fluttershy
17 None
18 18:53 - riding the train next to Pinkie Pie and Maud Pie
19 3:42 - applauding the Cutie Mark Crusaders
20 5:26, 6:36 - seen during Flim Flam Miracle Curative Tonic; 14:38 ~ 16:32 - in a Ponyville Swim Meet crowd; 15:22, 16:04 - near Flim and Flam's tonic stand; 16:42 - trotting up to Apple Bloom and Granny Smith; 19:09, 19:18 - in the crowd of ponies
21 20:02 - helping Rainbow Dash prepare for her test
22 1:40, 1:43, 12:20 - at the Rainbow Falls Traders Exchange; 5:48 - talking with Wensley; 15:10, 15:13 - in an ever-condensing crowd of ponies; 17:20 - trading items with Lyra Heartstrings; 19:34 - at the Traders Exchange trial; 20:10 - leaving the Traders Exchange
23 16:11 - trapped in the crystallized Town Hall with Royal Riff
24 7:02 - in the Equestria Games crowd; 8:32 - walking away from the stadium; 14:36 - listening to Spike sing; 16:33, 16:39, 16:58 - watching the ice archery event
25 16:28 - in a Leap of Faith flashback
26 20:19 - walking up to Twilight's castle; 20:30, 21:14 - seen during Let the Rainbow Remind You
Season five
1 None
2 None
3 None
4 8:17, 8:18 - fleeing from the twittermite swarm
5 0:03 - walking through Ponyville; 0:19, 0:22 - participating in the Running of the Leaves; 8:10 - raking leaves (different cutie mark)
6 19:05 - laughing at Trouble Shoes; 20:27 - listening to Trouble Shoes
7 None
8 None
9 3:46 - talking with Shoeshine; 5:59, 6:01, 6:20 - observing the Mane Six; 15:28 ~ 15:51 - picked up by DJ Pon-3's mobile DJ station; 16:22 - flying into town hall
10 0:06 - at the Grand Equestria Pony Summit; 3:34 - watching a mime perform; 10:25 - in a line of summit delegates
11 8:19 - walking through Ponyville with Caramel; 17:47 - on a Ponyville bridge; 19:59, 20:36 - at the friendship party in Ponyville
12 None
13 13:29 ~ 15:15, 16:40, 17:05, 17:14, 19:49 - in Ponyville's shared dream; 14:03 - as a Pegasus
14 None
15 7:43, 8:13 - sitting next to Minuette in the upper tier of the stadium
16 18:28 - watching Coco Pommel get carried onto the stage
17 6:33 - paired with "Piña Colada" for the Sisterhooves Social; 7:39 - talking to Cherry Fizzy; 10:01 - standing next to Caramel; 13:20, 13:28 - watching Apple Bloom and "Orchard Blossom" juggling bowling pins; 14:26, 14:29, 14:46, 14:56 - at the start line for the obstacle course with "Piña Colada"; 15:03, 15:46, 16:25 - participating in the Sisterhooves Social race
18 13:38 - standing next to Daisy; 20:25 - standing next to Cotton Cloudy
19 7:10 - standing next to Noteworthy at a carrot stand; 8:42 - receiving a delivery from Pinkie Pie
20 None
21 1:43 - decorating Ponyville for Nightmare Night; 14:59 - dressed as a ghost
22 3:28 - tending to her windowsill plants
23 None
24 None
25 3:42 - talking to Golden Harvest; 21:11 - member of the changeling resistance
26 1:15 ~ 5:04 - member of the changeling resistance; 21:06 - joining Starlight Glimmer and the Mane Six for the finale; 21:11 - as part of "Group B" for the finale; 21:31 - appears in final group shot
Season six
1 1:52 - talking to Golden Harvest outside the Castle of Friendship
2 None
3 17:26 - in the park talking to Shoeshine
4 11:39 - grape stomping with Apple Bloom and Cherry Berry; 18:30 ~ 20:25 - watching the dance recital
5 None
6 2:13 - talking with Sassaflash and Rainbowshine out of a window; 16:16 - in the crowd for Trixie's show
7 14:07 ~ 18:41 - in the crowd for the Wonderbolts' performance
8 0:59 - drinking a mug of hot cider; 13:31 - helping ponies string up some bells and a wreath; 21:02 - taking part in the finale; 21:26 - singing the final lines
9 None
10 7:24, 7:41, 8:21 - waiting in line for the steam room; 11:34 - getting a warm towel
11 None
12 None
13 None
14 14:33 - at the start line for the Derby with Goldengrape and Sweetie Drops
15 7:24, 7:49, 8:02 - in the crowd of angry ponies; 9:51 - talking to Daisy outside Sugarcube Corner
16 None
17 None
18 12:56 - part of the crowd of fanponies at the train station; 19:40 - in the stands for the buckball game
19 12:46 - in the stands of the baseball game; 13:33 - cheering on Gabby; 20:52 - attending Gabby's cute-ceañera; 21:07 - dancing at Gabby's cute-ceañera
20 None
21 None
22 None
23 None
24 None
25 9:18 - walking and talking with Golden Harvest
26 None
Season seven
1 2:40 - watching the medal ceremony; 3:59 - talking to Meadow Song (behind Trixie); 4:10 - standing behind Sunburst; 4:15 - standing with Amethyst Star; 5:39 - talking to Amethyst Star; 6:05 - talking to the Cutie Mark Crusaders; 6:22 - talking to Lucky Clover and Cherry Berry; 6:30 - talking to the Crusaders; 16:44 - talking to Sweetie Drops; 18:46 - standing in the crowd
2 None
3 6:32 - looking at a painting with Shoeshine; 7:17 - looking at a painting with Caramel; 8:18 - picking out a toy and giving it to the foal next to her; 9:16 - looking at the mess of dolls
4 16:15 - looking at the carrot stand outside Sugarcube Corner
5 None
6 None
7 10:50 - in the stands of Wonderbolts' arena
8 None
9 None
10 None
11 None
12 None
13 0:06 - running past Apple Bloom; 0:08 - at Grand Pear's stand; 8:05 - walking behind Applejack
14 0:51 - walking with "Earnest Schoolpony" outside Twilight's castle; 6:22 - walking past the Fillydelphia fanponies; 8:21 - standing next to Sassaflash; 14:25 - holding an "I Heart Twilight Sparkle" sign
15 0:11 - carrying a wagon of flowers; 8:57 - talking to Lucky Clover; 10:57 - talking to Golden Harvest; 21:16 - walking up to the stage
16 None
17 None
18 None
19 0:01 - looking at flowers; 11:31 - in the crowd outside the Quill and Sofa store (speaking role); 19:20 - looking at the pony wearing Mr. Breezy's outfit
20 None
21 None
22 None
23 0:01 - walking outside Sugarcube Corner; 5:12, 20:06 - talking to Shoeshine in flashback of Rainbow Dash's birthday party
24 None
25 None
26 None
Season eight
1 None
2 None
3 0:08 ~ 1:22 - at the comedy club
4 16:19 - in the audience for the fashion show (shot reused from Green Isn't Your Color)
5 None
6 1:22 - talking to Lyra Heartstrings and Shoeshine
7 13:28; 15:56, 17:39 - in the audience for the play
8 2:07 - sleeping outside the Castle of Friendship
9 0:05 - walking in the School of Friendship foyer
10 6:00 - walking with Sunshower Raindrops and Cloud Kicker
11 None
12 None
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17 None
18 Yes
19 Yes
20 Yes
21 Yes
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26 None
Season nine
1 None
2 Yes
3 None
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6 Yes
7 Yes
8 None
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12 Yes
13 None
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15 Yes
16 Yes
17 Yes
18 None
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20 Yes
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25 Yes
26 Yes

Depiction in Equestria Girls

My Little Pony Equestria Girls

In Equestria Girls, Berryshine or a similar looking pony appears in the aerial view of the Crystal Empire train station.

Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks

In Rainbow Rocks, Berryshine is one of many ponies seen in the establishing shot of Ponyville.

Equestria Girls: Friendship Games

In Friendship Games, she is seen running around in the Ponyville Day Spa when Midnight Sparkle opens one of the dimensional rifts to Equestria.

Equestria Girls Forgotten Friendship

Berryshine appears walking past the Canterlot library in its second establishing shot.

Depiction in My Little Pony The Movie

Berryshine appears in My Little Pony The Movie during We Got the Beat, We Got This Together, and Tempest Shadow's attack on Canterlot.

Other depictions

Friendship is Magic shorts

In Triple Pony Dare Ya, Berryshine appears waiting in line for Granny Smith's Hearth's Warming fruitcake at the Ponyville marketplace. In Sundae, Sundae, Sundae, she attends the unveiling of the ice cream museum at Sugarcube Corner.

IDW comics

In My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Berryshine appears on Issue #4's Hot Topic cover and T-shirt, on Issue #43 page 7, on Issue #44 page 8, on Issue #46 pages 1, 3, 5, and 14, and on Issue #47 pages 2, 14-16, and 20. In My Little Pony Micro-Series, she appears on Issue #2 page 19. In My Little Pony: Friends Forever, she appears on two Issue #7 Jetpack Comics covers RE, in Issue #9, on Issue #37 page 20. In My Little Pony: Ponyville Mysteries, she appears on Issue #4 pages 11-12.

A pony with Berryshine's color scheme and mane style appears inside a stand at the Ponyville marketplace on Micro-Series Issue #5 page 13, on Friendship is Magic Issue #23 page 16, on Friends Forever Issue #10 page 1, on Issue #15's SUB cover, and on Friendship is Magic Issue #30 pages 2-3.

Chapter books

Chapter 8 of the chapter book Twilight Sparkle and the Crystal Heart Spell, "Gilda's Got Game", mentions a character by the name of Berry Punch. Pinkie Pie leaves Twilight's cottage for "the housewarming party at Berry Punch's new place," singing "Oh, the bestest cottage is a warm one! A cottage that is filled with frieeends! So let's warm this house and fill it up with a party that never eeeends!"

Chapter 3 of Rainbow Dash and the Daring Do Double Dare, "The Golden Oak Library Society", also mentions a Berry Punch: "Plot Twist and Berry Punch walked in together, followed by their friends Lyra Heartstrings, [Sweetie Drops/Bon Bon], and Wild Fire."

Berry Punch also appears in Discord and the Ponyville Players Dramarama.


The Hub Network's online game Equestrivia Challenge refers to Berryshine as Berry Punch.[7][8]

My Little Pony (mobile game)

Berryshine, under the name Berry Punch, is a playable character in Gameloft's mobile game. Her in-game description states, "A lover of all delicious drinks that feature a berry twist, Berry Punch is an earth pony who's earned her name!"

Fundamentals of Magic

Berryshine appears in episode 5 of Fundamentals of Magic, "When Magic Goes Wrong".


Berryshine, from the January 2012 mystery packs

In the third wave of mystery pack mini-figure toys and collector cards, a pony named Berryshine shares the show character's coat and mane colors and cutie mark, but is a green-eyed unicorn, using the Rarity design, instead of the cerise-eyed Earth pony as depicted in the show. According to the European version of the card, Berryshine "loves berries". The U.S. version of the card lists Berryshine's name with a trademark symbol and has a longer description reading, "BERRYSHINE loves berries more than any pony!"[9]

A second Berryshine mini-figure toy[10][11][12] and collector card pair was leaked in September 2013 and released in November 2013 as part of the ninth wave of mystery packs, which also list Berryshine's name with a trademark symbol.[13][14] This pony is an Earth pony, using the Pinkie Pie design, with a cerise eye color, matching the attributes of the show character. The U.S. version of this card uses the same description as the previous U.S. collector card. A November 6, 2013 "vorläufige Abbildung" image for mystery packs depicts the show character.

Berryshine, along with hosts of characters from the show, appears on the Comic Con 2011 and Season 2 posters. On the Comic Con 2011 poster, she is behind Mayor Mare, smiling beside Minuette. On the season two poster, she is between Minuette and Golden Harvest, smiling with her legs around them.

Series 2 of Enterplay's trading cards includes a card featuring Berryshine that refers to her by the name Berry Punch[15] and lists this name with a trademark symbol. Her card is #37 and has a description that reads "Some ponies say she's a little overprotective of her loved ones, but hanging out with Berry Punch is always a good time! She sells a wide variety of drinks made from berries and other fruit, and thanks to her love for her own recipes, Berry frequently slurps down all the profits. She's very close to Minuette and likes to engage in a little friendly competition, like helping with the Running of the Leaves and winning the Sisterhooves Social!" The card lists her likes as "Cider! Cider! Cider! Cider!" and groups her with DJ Pon-3, "Piña Colada" and Minuette.

In Enterplay's collectible card game, α #20 C, a card of Sweetie Sunrise, attributes to Berry Punch the quote "I don't know about you, but it takes more than a cup of orange juice to get ME going in the morning."[16] In the game's expansion set Canterlot Nights, #130 U, Apple Cider, attributes to Berry Punch the quote "And that's why they call this stuff 'Liquid Courage.'" In the game's set Rock N Rave, #2 F a card of Berry Punch, lists the quote "And one more for the road!" In the game's expansion set The Crystal Games, #33 F, another card of Berry Punch, lists the quote "Whoever said, 'You can lead a pony to water but you can't make them drink,' had NO idea what they're talking about." In the game's expansion set Absolute Discord, #128 U, Cider Stand, attributes to Berry Punch the quote "Whoa, is tomorrow cider season already?! Good times, good times."

Berryshine appears on multiple merchandise designs, always along with other characters from the show.

An Enterplay dog tag checklist has listed Berryshine's name as Berry Punch with a trademark symbol.[17]


"Cider, cider, cider, cider, cider, cider!"
The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000 and Enterplay collectible card game Defenders of Equestria #26 C card of Berry Punch & Orange Swirl
"I'll give you twice whatever the pony who wants to buy the yellow one is paying!"
It Isn't the Mane Thing About You
"You really think if we all sing a couple songs, everything will be fine?"
The Ending of the End - Part 2
"Where is it?"
Friends Forever Issue #23 page 2
"Daring Do is such an exciting hero! I just love her!"
Rainbow Dash and the Daring Do Double Dare
"I don't know about you, but it takes more than a cup of orange juice to get ME going in the morning."
— Enterplay collectible card game α #20 C card of Sweetie Sunrise
"And that's why they call this stuff 'Liquid Courage.'"
— Enterplay collectible card game Canterlot Nights #130 U card Apple Cider
"And one more for the road!"
— Enterplay collectible card game Rock N Rave #2 F card of Berry Punch
"Whoever said, 'You can lead a pony to water but you can't make them drink,' had NO idea what they're talking about."
— Enterplay collectible card game The Crystal Games #33 F card of Berry Punch
"Whoa, is tomorrow cider season already?! Good times, good times."
— Enterplay collectible card game Absolute Discord #128 U card Cider Stand
"Wow, what did I drink last night? Because I'm definitely gonna need more of that."
— Enterplay collectible card game High Magic #24 C card of Berry Punch
"Zap apple jam is good and all, but zap apple cider is my JAM."
— Enterplay collectible card game High Magic #116 R and #Pƒ7 cards Zap Apples
"This is the poking end this time, right? Okay, good."
— Enterplay collectible card game Marks in Time #80 C card Ever Vigilant
"The sooner we get this done the sooner we can start the party!"
— Enterplay collectible card game Friends Forever #68 R card of Berry Punch


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