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Meeedli Meeedli 5 days ago


Just a pony lover.

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Kilmarnock228 Kilmarnock228 19 days ago

Generation 4 Genealogy Headcanons

A few ideas I’ve had kicking around for a while that I thought I would share.

  • Applejack and the rest of the Apple family are descended from some of the ponies of Rockhoof’s former village. This serves to explain both the uncanny strength of ponies like Applejack and Big McIntosh, as well as why the legend of Rockhoof was still known among them despite being forgotten/mistaken for mere myth by other ponies. Could also be they’re related to Smart Cookie.
  • An idea I’ve proposed previously involves Princess Cadance and, by extension, Princess Amore and Flurry Heart. In my scenario, Gusty the Great led a number of her pony allies north to Mount Everhoof when she took Grogar’s Bewitching Bell there. On the way back south, they ran across the Crysta…
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Lack of toys

Hi everyone! A few days ago, I went to Meijer and Target. I decided to look at their toy sections in hopes of seeing toys from Littlest Pet Shop 2012 and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (mainly the former). However, I did not see any toys based on those series being sold. I know that each of those shows are the most popular cartoon incarnations of the franchises, but they were phased out and new versions are Hasbro's focus now. What are your thoughts on this? It would be sad to never see LPS 2012 and MLP:FiM toys being sold again.

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FirePuppy FirePuppy 30 May

G4 and EG are not airing at all for the first time in many years on June 16, 2024

I am shocked. For the first time in many years, no episodes of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic or anything from the Equestria Girls franchise are broadcasting at all on Discovery Family on June 16, 2024. The schedule for that day comprises of the following:

  • 6:00 AM - The Adventures of Chuck and Friends
  • 7:00 AM - Hanni and the Wild Woods
  • 8:00 AM - Pound Puppies
  • 8:30 AM - Petronix Defenders
  • 9:00 AM - S.M.A.S.H!
  • 9:30 AM - Paddington Bear
  • 10:30 AM - The Smurfs
  • 11:30 AM - The Sylvester and Tweety Mysteries
  • 12:30 PM - Looney Tunes
  • 1:00 PM - My Little Pony: The Princess Promenade (G3)

And yet, Discovery Family is still 40% owned by Hasbro because their contract was renewed to 2025 over a year ago, but despite that, less than 30% of all shows that once aired on th…

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Bluethunder25 Bluethunder25 27 April

"How I Became A Brony' Stories

I've heard a couple of Brony stories on here, but I wanna hear more! So if you have any interesting stories as to how you became a brony, tell me.

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A Spy in Concealment A Spy in Concealment 12 April

Question Regarding G5

Is it true that there’s supposed to be a new computer-animated series that acts as a successor to “My Little Pony: Make Your Mark”? If so, then when is it expected to come?

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HistoryIsPog HistoryIsPog 4 April

The Magic of Friendship Grows & Embrace the Magic

I've noticed that "The Magic of Friendship Grows" from "The Last Problem" sounds very, very similar to "Embrace the Magic" from My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Legend of Everfree. The delivery of the first line in each especially sound identitical ("When I started out, I was unsure" and "So you have magic, and it's not that great"). Did anyone else notice this & and does anyone know if these are the same tune?

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Honda-Man6312 Honda-Man6312 1 April


What episode is this scene from?

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Tips for watching more MLP

Hey everyone! It's been years since I have edited. I've been doing more reading than writing.

As part of a routine, I decided to go re-watch all the episodes in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic in chronological order (before, I just chose to watch whatever episodes I felt like watching). I do so on Netflix. However, only seasons 1-4 are available there. Can anyone tell me how you watch seasons 5+ of MLP:FiM?

Additionally, I've been craving some Equestria Girls, specifically Rainbow Rocks. Does anyone know how I can watch that?


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FirePuppy FirePuppy 22 March

All the current "No Export for You" languages

So far, here's where the remaining unproduced and/or unreleased dubs for Generation 4 content stand now.

For the main series:

  • Čeština/Magyar/Română - Minimax publically stated they would not be airing Season 9, after finishing Season 8 in late 2019. Nothing was ever announced afterwards; thus, Season 9 is only subtitled in these languages.
  • Español (España) - There was a 5½-year hiatus after Season 6, in which all of Season 8 was released in April 2022 and Season 7 was skipped. Thus, Spanish viewers currently have to rely on the Latin American dub of Seasons 7 and 9.
  • Português (Portugal) - There was a 5-year hiatus after Season 6, in which Season 7 was released in April and May 2023, and nothing else was announced after that.
  • Japanese - Season 6 fi…
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ILoveMikewheeler131 ILoveMikewheeler131 17 February

Guys we need to bring back g4 ponies!!!

Is it just me or does anyone else just really hate g5 mlps. I mean first off all, The whole thing was that each pony was supposed to have vastly different personalities and in g5 like they are literally all the same. Also plus like mlp g4 was so good that like even 40 year old men liked it I mean come on. Plus like no toddler even watches mlp anymore. they are all brainwashed by watching Skibidi Toilet and weird crap like that, so honestly they are not mlps audience anymore and Hasbro should at least bring g4 back for fans.

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FirePuppy FirePuppy 13 February

All YouTube streaming links for G4 and EG

A list of all streaming links for everything uploaded by the international My Little Pony YouTube channels. I will add more links every once in a while, so be patient.

  • 1 Season 1
  • 2 Season 2
  • 3 Season 3
  • 4 Season 4
  • 5 My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks
  • 6 Season 5
  • 7 Season 7
  • 8 My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Spring Breakdown
  • 9 My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Sunset's Backstage Pass
  • 10 My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Holidays Unwrapped
  • 11 My Little Pony: Pony Life
  • 12 Channels without G4
  • 13 Notes

NOTE: As of February 2024, these channels currently have no G4 content whatsoever.

Additionally, all channels except the Greek channel have been completely inactive for 3 months or longer.

In the meantime, here are some unofficial channels for the show in these languages: …

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A. J. Adamson A. J. Adamson 12 February

After the Post Credits: Jake and the Never Land Pirates Meets Nahwan Nadhirah

After the post credits taking back to Izzy's house in Burlington, Vermont...

Nahwan Nafisah: So there we was, Jake, Nevada and Utah engaging a dance fight against Elliot, Amy and Kurt until Utah steals all 3 wands, shrink them down to the size of a rat, trap the trio in a jar and throw them down to the bottom of the ocean. We was goners.

Princess Sofia: So, no wonder why those Hexley Hall pranksters broke your right arm!

Nahwan Nafisah: And heck, Nevada has to drive my Escalade V for me.

Jake Edwards: Our only concern is, Nahwan: who is that kiddo with black wavy hair and wearing a yellow T-shirt with black sleeves next to you?

Nahwan Nafisah: You mean this one, Jake? Scallywags, meet my little sister, Nahwan Nadhirah.

Izzy Edwards: Shiver me tim…

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SoupSpaŕrow SoupSpaŕrow 9 February

Genuine Question to anyone who dealt with fake friends IRL

Was there any instance where MLP as a general franchise actually took on the topic of fake friends?

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Um.... this is a surprise. Let me introduce myself. I'm Administrator Admin. I'm a MLP fan. I am a brony. I kinda work on Into the Ponyverse Projects. Writing and Drawing MLP is the best thing I ever did. I also did scripts. I'm not a part of MLP: Tell your tale or anything but I will probably be working on ITV series. Into the Ponyverse is about a kid has his normal life until ponies come to the earth. I was looking foward for it to become a OFFICAL project so I thought I would leak it at this website. This will have a lot of MLP lore because each episode is connected. So I will be looking forward for Voice actors for the series. I would recommend putting your voices of random voices (it has to be MLP) in comments. I would be welcome to …

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FirePuppy FirePuppy 23 December 2023

Hasbro's final year on Discovery Family

As we enter 2024, that means Hasbro is down to its final year on Discovery Family Channel. After then, the show should be back on streaming worldwide.

In the meantime, here's what I think is going to air on reruns throughout 2024:

Hasbro's lowest annual revenue since 2016 is currently $4,565,000,000.

Unfortunately, Hasbro only earned between $738 and $985 million within all second quarters of each year.

As a result, Hasbro's revenue is expected to drop even further to $4.53 billion or under this summer, which will result in a new record low since 2016.

And worse yet, this revenue is not expected to increase much from there this year, if it ever does. |}

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Weatherlaky Weatherlaky 19 November 2023

Solving Pinkie Pie

You all know Pinkie Pie, right? That silly girl who’s the comic relief character of the show. Have you ever wondered why she acts so happy, no matter what? Well, lucky for you, I think I figured it out. I think Pinkie Pie was created to be the embodiment of happiness and laughter. Here’s why I say that. In Magical Mystery Cure, we can see that without Pinkie Pie, after a while, the townsfolk get angry, and start turning cranky. Once Pinkie Pie returns to her normal self, the townsfolk all become happy again. This proves why Pinkie Pie was created, to be the embodiment of Equestria’s happiness and laughter. So, what do you think of my theory? Was I right or wrong? What are your theories on solving Pinkie Pie? Let me know what you think in t…

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Ishaan.t Ishaan.t 19 November 2023

Who is the Main antagonist of the entire series of friendship is magic?

It can only be your opinion

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Fluffbrain Fluffbrain 15 November 2023

Thoughts on Later Seasons - List o' Good Things

Since the "List o' Good Things" section from my original Thoughts on Later Seasons blog was becoming too large, I decided to move it to a separate blog along with the list of bizarre "twenty percent cooler" inserts in the Spanish dubs.

Part 1 is a running tab of things that I enjoyed in each episode of the later seasons. On a related note, unless otherwise indicated, all episodes receive a 0 in the 0-5 rating scale I outline in my incredible episode ratings blog.

Part 2 documents how some madman on the Spanish translation team determined it would be a good idea to insert the phrase for "twenty percent cooler" ("veinte por ciento más genial") into various points in Rainbow Dash's dialogue where it doesn't exist in the original English script.…

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A Spy in Concealment A Spy in Concealment 9 November 2023

Is there Any Way We Can Add this Fact Regarding MLP (G5)?

The second issue of the MLP (G5) comic series notably depicted an aged Discord revealing the backstory behind the conflict between the tribes, the Unity Crystals, and the disappearance of magic. But, this was retconned by Make Your Mark’s “The Traditional Unicorn Sleepover”, which portrayed Sunny telling a completely different backstory as to what caused those things, along with the tribes splitting up.

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Meester Tweester Meester Tweester 31 October 2023

MT’s Eleventh Annual Halloween Story Special - The Cryptkeeper

I've been writing stories here every year for since 2013 now, 10 years ago! That's a monumental achievement, and I've felt like I've grown as a writer so much since then.

Every Halloween when the clock strikes 13 o'clock, the Cryptkeeper appears in front of the graveyard. But pay him no heed and walk right by, don't give him any attention. "It's a hell of a time! It's a skeleton party! Monsters from every scroll! Ghosts and ghouls of every kind, and it only costs one soul!"

The children walk by every year, with their costumes and baskets in hand. But they know better, taught by all the parents to ignore the Cryptkeeper. "It's a hell of a time! It's a skeleton party! It's a very affordable toll! Ghosts and ghouls of every kind, and it only co…

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FirePuppy FirePuppy 30 October 2023

Probabilites of G4, Equestria Girls and Pony Life's fate

After being told so many times that there is no "censorship" going on all because Hasbro isn't taking their release schedule seriously, I decided to do one last set of probabilities on this blog that will determine what's going to happen to Friendship is Magic, Pony Life and Equestria Girls in the future.

The chances of the "Friendship is Forever" miniseries airing on Discovery Family are the following:

Sometime within February and March 2025, a put-call election between Warner Bros. Discovery and Hasbro is scheduled to occur, where something will have to happen to the latter's 40% ownership interest in Discovery Family.

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LRLB05061996 LRLB05061996 22 October 2023

(Headcanon question + first post) Since Princess Twilight is scared of ladybugs in Friendship is magic, is it possible Sci-twi is scared of ladybugs too?

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Curious Catfish Curious Catfish 17 October 2023

Should we get a midquel series to Gen 5 and Gen 4

Any reasons why? How would It go?

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Tom Ribbon Tom Ribbon 8 October 2023

why is g5 too

this is a g4 wiki not g5 wiki so why put g5 too

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BlueyFan99 BlueyFan99 6 October 2023

Happy anniversary to the 2017 my little pony movie!

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Kilmarnock228 Kilmarnock228 25 September 2023

Three frustrations I have in fan work

I don’t know if there are any dedicated fan sites where these aren’t a problem. But based on my experiences with sites like YouTube and Pinterest, I can report the following annoyances:

  • Thanks to Bats!, any attempt to search for things about bat ponies-like the ones that serve Princess Luna/Nightmare Moon as guards-brings up vampire bat ponies, like Flutterbat, instead.
  • Because Tempest Shadow has Shadow in her full name, despite never using it in My Little Pony The Movie, I can never find anything for cat Shadow. Admittedly, in that case I don’t know how much, if anything, exists featuring her.
  • Last, but not least, is what happens when I search for Ember. This is actually one that’s not the fault of anyone involved in My Little Pony, so far as I…
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Mayodayo7 Mayodayo7 9 September 2023

Why is Big Mac red and Applejack orange

Pear Butter got some splaining to do

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Darth Caspian Darth Caspian 1 September 2023

Equestria at War

First of all, hello everyone. I would like to know what you think about the Equestria at War mod of Hearts of Iron 4. I think a lot of things from Equestria at War should be on this page, like Batponies for example.

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Darth Caspian Darth Caspian 31 August 2023

Rosa Maledicta

Rosa Maledicta is one of many necromancers who are struggling for control over the fractured nation which is the Dread League. Rosa has recently risen as the de-facto leader of the necromancer council, but in the fickle lands of darkness that may well quickly change. Rosa rules with an iron fist, crushing all opposition with ruthless aggression and tyranny. Once a Unicorn living in the peaceful lands of Equestria, she has been called to the land of the dead by promises of power and justice. She was never happy in Equestria. Ponies rejected her dark talents and she has been betrayed by her old pony friends more times than she can count. Never again. If the world will not love her, the world will learn to fear the name of Rosa Maledicta.

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Fluffbrain Fluffbrain 10 August 2023

Running Episode Summary Doctrine

This is a running tab of the elements of grammar and style that I apply as I try to contribute improvements to the episode summaries for the first two seasons. I am currently translating these summaries for the Arabic wiki and have found certain patterns of inconsistencies and less-than-ideal writing in the English versions, and I think it will be helpful to enumerate these both to help maintain consistency and to solicit feedback from the rest of the community. I don’t mean to put these forth as a set of rules as I don’t have that authority, but I would argue the validity of these points as one who has both submitted and graded many college-level papers.

Many of the current summaries appear to be trimmed versions of longer, more exhaustive…

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Spyro1996 Spyro1996 2 August 2023

My Season Opinions (via Shrek)

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Lunar Flare 6234 Lunar Flare 6234 1 August 2023

Time Travel - Depictions in the series

Couldn't find the talk page or the new comment button on the main article "Time Travel", so I'm posting this here. I would argue that reliving the past, as shown in Princess Twilight Sparkle, Return of Harmony, and For Whom the Sweetie Belle Tolls, isn't time travel, but rather a specialized form of scrying in the case of Zecora's potion, and Discord and Luna used different forms of telepathy to share or draw out memories. - Soft Paw

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Butwhat Butwhat 26 July 2023

I'm a little confused about Applejack's parents

So, I rewatched The Perfect Pear last week, and it is a pretty good episode. Very emotional and everything. But the one thing that I didn't understand was why the apple siblings were acting like they didn't know their parents? Big Mac, Applejack and Apple Bloom are all different ages, so there's no way they didn't know anything about their parents. Unless they died right after Apple Bloom was born, which still wouldn't really make sense. I know I'm looking too much into this, but it just doesn't make sense to me.

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BronyPossibleMeID BronyPossibleMeID 25 July 2023

The Powerful Hurricane in East Coast of the USA

After of Category 5: 157 - 179 mph

Extended rating power of Hurricane Categories (is Extended in 2020 or 2025 or for Mlp and Eqg franchise and series) and Exclusive for science and fictional animated and comic

A. Mega Hurricane

Category 6: 180 - 212 mph

Category 7: 213 - 228 mph

Category 8: 229 - 248 mph

B. Mega-Super Hurricane

Category 9: 249 - 275 mph

Category 10: 276 - 300 mph

Hurricane will more records (in 2025 - the next) is:

- If a hurricane large with 2760 miles wide

- If a hurricane with highest sustained wind speeds of range 230 - 300 mph (for in 2025).

- If a hurricane smallest and weaker, but also most stronger

- If a hurricane most deadly in the country(ies)

- If a hurricane most product the storm surges with water height of over 50 feet.

- …

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BronyPossibleMeID BronyPossibleMeID 20 July 2023

Hurricane Nightmarez (a hypothetical episode)

Hurricane Nightmarez episode

The Episode title is "The Great Disaster of Storm", which is the 27th Episode in season 9.

This is a sequel episode of "The Last Problem".

It tells the story of Princess Luna who is experiencing a mysterious illness that requires sufficient healing, but because of the illness and the effects it has on Princess Luna, she finally transforms herself into an alter-ego, namely turning back into Nightmare Moon again. She is perfectly capable of conjuring up the Hurricane Nightmarez. Then Hurricane Nightmarez landfall and hit Equestria. So the pony resident of Equestria became very chaotic and very precarious. Mane 6, Starlight Glimmer, Princess Celestia and Cadance must try and fight their way to overcome the most po…

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763492 is back 763492 is back 15 July 2023

MLP generation list

  • Generation 1 (1983-1992) = The beginning of the magic
  • Generation 2 (1997-2003) = Lacking any TV shows or film during that period (and My Little Pony Tales isn’t really the gen2 show mind you)
  • Generation 3 (2003-2010) = The DARKEST period of MLP franchise, especially with those worst and cheap direct-to-video animated series and a live stage show with those horrifying pony costumes
  • Generation 4 (2010-2019) = Friendship is Magic is the new golden magical age of the franchise, especially that welcomes the Bronies to the fandom culture and the MLP internet memes galore
  • Generation 5 (2021-present) = The friendship and legacy continues

So what did you think of the list of My Little Pony generation timeline and my thoughts of these? And what’re your own t…

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Sisyphvs Sisyphvs 11 July 2023

Sweetcream Scoops colored

so i was rlly bored in a discord vc and was checking out mlp background/merchandise characters and came across this sweetcream scoops image, and decided to give it color.

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D3ATH2738 D3ATH2738 8 June 2023


Hey bronies and pegasisters! Today I'll be talking about the top 10 best My Little Pony episodes, let's get right into it!

THIS EPISODE IS JUST EPIC!!! THE BEST EPISODE SO FAR! It's so creative and also has tons of character development for discord and Tirek. Tirek on the other hand is an OUTSTANDING villain. The songs are very catchy and memorable such as You'll Play Your Part and Let the Rainbow Remind You. The epic fight scene between Twilight and Tirek is AWESOME, probably the BEST part of the episode. This episode is just so high-spirited and top-notch and you can NEVER get bored of watching this episode, and I HIGHLY recommend watching it, even if it's your first time watching My Little Pony or not. Thanks so much Meghan McCarthy for …

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SharLegoFan1 SharLegoFan1 7 June 2023

Hi I am new can anyone please talk to me.

I am Writting my 1st messages on the mlp fandom I am active on.

Ninjago Fandom

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Daysiscool Daysiscool 30 May 2023

I'm new!

why is there no Discuss page

i read some fanfics

made my own\


thats it

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BronyPossibleMeID BronyPossibleMeID 30 May 2023

The Great Floods in Equestria (beta-1)

The flood story in Equestria (Headcanon/fanon-wise)

It was a normal sunny days in Canterlot. Twilight Sparkle and her friends (or Mane 6) and another ponies were enjoying their usual activities in Canterlot, areas region of Equestria. Little did they know that their peaceful lives were about to change.

Three mysterious cloaked ponies approached Princess Celestia, Luna and Cadance with a gloom prophecy - in 10 years or 10 less year, a great flood would engulf all of Canterlot. At first, Celestia, Luna, and Cadance were skeptical, but the ponies showed them convincing magical proof by proving the signs ahead of the great flood in Equestria. They realized started with horror that the prophecy come real.

Celestia, Luna and Cadance knew they had …

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Kilmarnock228 Kilmarnock228 29 May 2023

Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

May is celebrated in the United States as Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month. At the prompting of Fandom staff, we thought we'd round out the month by looking at some stories and elements from the My Little Pony Generation 4-Generation 5 continuity that were inspired by the cultures of Asia and the Pacific Islands. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but instead highlights a few notable examples within the franchise.

  • 1 Saddle Arabia
  • 2 Coriander Cumin and Saffron Masala
  • 3 Mistmane
    • 3.1 Campfire Tales
    • 3.2 A Mistmane New Year
  • 4 Kirin
  • 5 Princess Eris
  • 6 Manga
  • 7 Stage productions
  • 8 In conclusion

Way back in season three of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic, we were introduced to the concept of Saddle Arabia, a region within the world-if not the cou…

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Meester Tweester Meester Tweester 29 April 2023

Happy 10th anniversary to Pony Voting blogs!

Heeeyyyy, everypony! It's Meester Tweester! Can you guess what today is? On April 29th, 2013, 10 years ago today, I made my first blog post here. I asked people to vote on ponies in a comment section before, and to my surprise I got a lot of votes! What started after that was a series of blogs where people would vote on different topics of MLP. In retrospect I think it was something special to me, as it was the first sort of series I put out online, and was one of the first times I regularly talked with an online community! So I have that to say thanks for everyone who participated, if you're still out there, thank you! I'm sure my young self 10 years ago would've never imagined where I would be 10 years later.

I didn't have time to make a …

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Kilmarnock228 Kilmarnock228 24 April 2023

Why Luna's bat pony guards didn't show up more.

The bat ponies are my favorite tribe/race/subspecies of pony, so I'm rather passionate-if you haven't noticed yet-about this topic. A lot of people tend to dismiss them as just being transformed/dressed up Pegasi, thanks to Bats! and Rainbow Dash appearing as one of the Cutie Re-Mark guards. It's annoying.

in Luna Eclipsed.]]

Apparently Slice of Life was at one point going to feature the bat pony guards in a short scene with some of Celestia's royal guards, but this was one of several ideas that ended up being cut from the final episode. One would hope that Michael Vogel's proposed royal guard episode would also have included them. I brought the subject up with various members of the cast and crew a while back. The general sense I got was th…

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Mayodayo7 Mayodayo7 21 April 2023

How did Pear Butter and Bright Mac Die




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Tajohnson6 Tajohnson6 18 April 2023

Mane 6 (G4) and Mane 5 (G5)

If you look at the characters from Friendship is Magic and Tell Your Tale, you might notice that some of their personalities are similar. Of course, we already know there are 5.

Twilight Sparkle and Sunny Starscout, Applejack and Hitch Trailblazer, Rainbow Dash and Zipp Storm, Rarity and Pipp Petals, and Pinkie Pie and Izzy Moonbow.

Although, I don't really know who the counterparts of Fluttershy, Sunset Shimmer, Starlight Glimmer, and Trixie Lulamoon are. Anyone got any ideas? Just let me know soon.

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Tiamanu0912 Tiamanu0912 1 April 2023

Stressed Out Edit

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Wiliam Belton Wiliam Belton 25 March 2023

Queston. What episode is this Image from?

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Dry63 Dry63 18 March 2023

Thoughts on Make Your Mark (G5)

After watching portion of G5 Make Your Mark, I have to say it shows off just what demographic they intend it for.

Now, I saw New Generation when it came out, and I believed the lore was going somewhere when it incorporated G4 portions into it and bringing old fans along for the ride. However, even then, it was clear to me that the new executives and writers wanted to reach its traditional young girl (age 7-14) audience while keeping an open mind that boys could be watching as well. Including Hitch Trailblazer as a main cast member, allows the ever growing male fans to feel like they are seen and heard when watching shows like this or my own nephew liking Miraculous Ladybug. This can't change the fact, however, that the fandom that brought the s…

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