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Dupontsimon Dupontsimon 17 days ago

My Little Pony Equestria Girls: MSOF Choose Your Own Ending

My Little Pony Equestria Girls: MSOF Choose Your Own Ending is a blog series of Equestria Girls "choose your own adventure"-style episodes of the blog special, Magic Show of Friendship.

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Meester Tweester Meester Tweester 31 October

MT’s Ninth Annual Halloween Story Special - Minnie the Witch

Wow, one more year until the 10th Halloween Story Special!

Minnie was an odd girl that no one wanted to play with. She was the shortest kid in Mrs. Crane's class, and they called her "Minnie the Witch."

Minnie had two long, red braids hanging down the back of her chair. Ronald sat behind her in class, and couldn't resist touching them. He leaned further and further until he took a big handful and pulled on it. Annoyed, Minnie turned around and gave him a dirty look.

Ronald waited a bit until it was time to strike again. He leaned forward, took both big braids into his hands, and gave them a strong yank. Minnie squealed out to the classroom and turned around again with an evil grin. "I'm going to get you for that, Ronald!"

The next morning, Min…

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Add one letter to the title of a MLP episode to completely change its meaning

The sequel to this

  • Party of Cone - Pinkie Pie hosts a cone-themed party.
  • May the Best Pete Win! - 100 ponies named "Pete" come to Equestria, but only 1 can stay, so Rainbow Dash hosts a tournament to decide which Pete should stay.
  • One Brad Apple - A member of the Apple Family, Brad, joins the Cutie Mark Crusaders.
  • Brats! - Applejack and Fluttershy have to deal with some bratty foals.
  • Scared Master - The ponies go to a town, whose master is scared of everything.
  • Where the Apple Flies - Applejack tells Apple Bloom about the time she tried to fly.
  • Secrets and Piers - Pinkie Pie thinks that Rainbow Dash secretly loves piers.
  • Hoarse Play - Twilight Sparkle casts Princess Celestia in her stage play, but on the day of the play, Princess Celestia is feeling a…

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Anita2021 Anita2021 29 October

How many screams are there in the Castle-Mania episode?

When I saw the third episode of the fourth season, I saw that there were too many screams like the other episodes, also I should consider that this episode is the one that has the most screams, so analyzing well, I'm going to do something kind of math how many times the ponies screamed in the third episode

  • The first scream occurs when Twilight is desperate looking for where the mysterious chest of the tree of harmony came from.
  • The second occurs when Spike is startled over the castle of the two sisters.
  • The third occurs when Fluttershy accidentally sets off a trap that knocks Rarity down.
  • The fourth and fifth occur when Applejack and Rainbow Dash hear the hit of the lever and Fluttershy's scream and run away
  • The next one occurs when Rarity and …

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Godzillafan1978 Godzillafan1978 29 October

How would MLP Characters treat you if you told them you were had a bad day?

This character immediately pulls you into a hug and says if you need to cry I'm here.

This character doesn't really know how to handle emotions well so they just pat you on the back.

This character tries to fight your sadness.

This character tries every trick in the book to make you laugh.

This character has zero words of encourgement they don't even hug you. All they do is quote Zuko from Avatar the Last Airbender and say "That's rough buddy".

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Godzillafan1978 Godzillafan1978 28 October

MLP Characters During Thanksgiving

  • 1 Overview
    • 1.1 Who's the pony that no matter how old they are they are still stuck at the kids table?
    • 1.2 Oh come on everypony who burnt the Thanksgiving Turkey?
    • 1.3 Who's like the really chill and cool Aunt or Uncle that everyone loves when they come to Thanksgiving?
    • 1.4 Just because every family has one who's the realtive everyone hates when they come to Thanksgiving?
    • 1.5 Who's the character that's coming to Thanksgivng who just wants to have a good time?
    • 1.6 Who was pony that was suppose to bake the Pie, and did not bake the Pie?
    • 1.7 Who is the pony that misunderstood the meaning of Thanksgiving and tried to bring everypony gifts. Now they're crying in the corner?
    • 1.8 Who is the pony is here for the dirt, and gossip they don't even care about the food?
    • 1…
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Fluffbrain Fluffbrain 27 October

G5 Running Opinion

This is a running tab on my opinion of any G5 material I end up watching.

It’s just simply not as adorable as the initial G4 style, which I would describe as “aggressively adorable”. I like the way the cheeks puff around the corners of the mouths when they’re closed (which makes them look like muppets), and some other minor features are pretty good, but the smaller eyes and sharper detail push them far from the height that was the previous generation’s initial design.

Aside from the opening imaginary sequence, the audience focus is noticeably more coherent—and broader, ironically—than the last half of G4, which is refreshing. I knew as I was watching that this is a show designed for young girls who may or may not already be fans of the franc…

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Equestriafantasy Equestriafantasy 24 October


Hey everypony so I just wanted to fill you in on GOH’s status so Generations of Harmony is TECHNICALLY complete if you want to see a summary of the newest chapters they’ll be on the g5 fanon wiki soon if you want to see the full extent of them however you’ll have to wait a bit longer so I appreciate your patience see ya soon!

Hopefuly -w-

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Equestriafantasy Equestriafantasy 17 October


This isn’t what I normally do but there is have someone that’s created a mlp g5 fanon wiki and we need help to make it grow you can contribute however you wish here’s a link if you want to check it out

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Godzillafan1978 Godzillafan1978 14 October

Ponies at a drive thru

  • 1 Overview
  • 2 Here's the thing
    • 2.1 So a group of ponies deciede to go to McDonalds but this pony really wanted Taco Bell.
    • 2.2 This pony ask for a hole bunch of pacts of ketchup.
    • 2.3 This pony is really angry that there are pickles on their burger when the speciflcly asked for no pickles.
    • 2.4 This pony tries to order everything on the menu.
    • 2.5 And this is the poor soul who ened up having to pay for everything.

I'm back with another game thing. This is kind of like the Who's more likely too thing I did. But what's different is that this time you can pick any character you want It doesn't spefficlay have to be the mane six or cutie mark crusaders it can be anyponies you want.

I want you to tell me what mlp characters would do at a drive thru.

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Godzillafan1978 Godzillafan1978 11 October

Theory about the Mane Six in G5. They are Not Truly Gone

I have a theory that the Mane Six are Not Truly Gone. In the sense most of us would think they are gone, but instead something else happened. I theorize that either Tirek, Chrysalis, and Cozy Glow either returned, or another villian came along. Either way the Mane Six ended up doing what Starswirl and the Pillars did with the Pony of Shadows, and they trapped themselves either in Limbo or some other place with the villian, and at somepoint in the G5 series Sunny, and her friends are going to find a way to bring them back. Just like how Twilight and her friends brought back the pillars.

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Godzillafan1978 Godzillafan1978 4 October

I have a game to play

  • 1 Overview
    • 1.1 This character was completly underrated and Deserved more screentime.
    • 1.2 Everyone would have been honestly more happy if this character had less screentime.
    • 1.3 The show has been on for nine seasons you've had no character devolpment, get out!
    • 1.4 This characters still in the show, Really.
    • 1.5 This was the character who had good devlopment and was completly underappricated.
    • 1.6 This character was never going to get a moment in the spotlight, they were just a supporting character.
    • 1.7 This character had devlopment that they didn't deserve.
    • 1.8 Who are you?
    • 1.9 Why are you even here? No one wants you.

So in this game what I'm going to be doing is I'm going to say Nine differnt statments and I want you to pick which character best fits these stat…

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Equestriafantasy Equestriafantasy 2 October

My OC Backstory

First I want to say thanks for being patient with the next few GOH episodes however I wanted to share my OC backstory as I’m very happy with it(this outside the universe of GOH btw)

Crystal Lotus stepped of the train she looked around the station a simple sign that said “Welcome to Ponyville!” Displayed proudly Among posters of other attractions around the little village Crystal took a deep breath moving to the tiny village of Ponyville from the big city of Manehatten was a quite the change of pace especially when she lived there her whole life. Crystal made sure her blue cloak was safely over her flank she didn’t want anypony to know she hadn’t gotten her cutie mark yet she was already a full grown mare she should have had it all figured o…

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Otherside86 Otherside86 1 October

MsMojo: MLP The Movie vs. A New Generation

I came up with a WatchMojo Versus scenario:

  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Round 1: Lead Characters
  • 3 Round 2: Story
  • 4 Round 3: Supporting Characters
  • 5 Round 4: Songs
  • 6 Round 5: Designs & Animation
  • 7 Results

"Friendship is Magic" or "Hoof to Heart"? Welcome to MsMojo, and in this installment of Versus, we're pitting 2017's My Little Pony: The Movie against the 2021 Netflix film My Little Pony: A New Generation.

For this match-up, we'll be looking a the various elements of both recent My Little Pony movies, and determine which MLP generation gave us the better film. So a "Spoiler Alert" is in effect.







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JJAM1025 JJAM1025 28 September


My name is JJAM1025 and I am a huge fan of mlp fim! :D I guess writing blog post is better than writing a post in the discussion page.

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PonyGirlLovesPonys PonyGirlLovesPonys 25 September

G5 IS HERE!!!!


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Equestriafantasy Equestriafantasy 25 September

Friendship On The Horizon

More GOH soon...


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SolarisLightz SolarisLightz 7 September

Somewhat a G5 headcanon

Haha, yes. This is too early for the canon one but nvm.

Sometime when the magic came back to Equestria, pink-coated young Unicorn mare trot somewhere outside Equestria, researching if all other creatures is still out there. Later, she found out there's a few griffons with one being happy to welcome her (but doesn't seems to be happy). She asks the griffon if any other creatures are still friends to all ponykinds. However, the griffon says no because when the magic disappeared, all the creatures ran away. The yaks being on north while the rest of creatures came south. When the griffon tells the unicorn about there's a non-pony friends in the Changeling Town, he show the way, which in the east. In there, some sort of Changeling-Hippogriff kid…

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Deerlily Deerlily 26 August


Hi! I’m Deerlily! I’m pretty new to this wiki, but I was wondering if anyone knows how to find reliable outfit reference pictures? I look it up, but it’s hard to tell fanmade ones from real ones sometimes.

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Cbbazinga12 Cbbazinga12 23 August

My Little Pony: The Magic of Friendship Continues

My Little Pony: The Magic of Friendship Continues is a 2022 computer-animated musical fantasy film based on the animated television series My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. It is a stand-alone sequel to 2017's My Little Pony: The Movie. It takes place after The Last Problem. The series takes place many years after Twilight Sparkle has ascended the throne of Equestria, when the Canterlot of the future is inhabited not only by ponies but also dragons, changelings, griffons, yaks, Hippogriffs, and various other creatures living together in harmony. It premiered on November 4, 2022 on Netflix.

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Kilmarnock228 Kilmarnock228 21 August

Why must so many villains have horns?

So upon seeing three of the new antagonists for My Little Pony: Generations, I was a little underwhelmed to see that all three of them are-or appear to be-unicorns. I get that unicorns have built-in magic that makes them easy to work in as a threat, but at this point it's honestly rather boring. I haven't done the math, but it feels like a good nine out of ten times there's a pony villain in the Friendship is Magic franchise, they're a unicorn:

  • Trixie-minor nuisance in initial appearance, full on villain in second.
  • King Sombra-recurring antagonist.
  • Starlight Glimmer-major villain in the season five premiere and finale.
  • Stygian-antagonist of the season seven finale.
  • Tempest Shadow-one the antagonists of My Little Pony The Movie.
  • Chancellor Neighsay-a…
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Remove one letter in the title of a MLP episode to completely change its meaning

  • Loo Before You Sleep - Twilight, Applejack, and Rarity decide that they won't sleep until they've used the bathroom.
  • The Cutie Ox - An ox comes to Ponyville and everypony thinks it's cute.
  • On Bad Apple - The Cutie Mark Crusaders stand on top of a bad apple.
  • Three's a Crow - A new pony named "Three" gets turned into a crow.
  • Mending Fences - Twilight and Moon Dancer mend all the fences in Canterlot.
  • OP Bolt - Vapor Trail becomes overpowered after an accident during Wonderbolts training.
  • Triple Treat - Spike, Thorax, and Ember buy 3 treats each, but have a hard time deciding which one they should eat first.
  • The Man 6 - Queen Chrysalis makes her own copies of the Mane 6, but they end up being male instead!
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Kilmarnock228 Kilmarnock228 17 August

Bring back Bat Ponies, Crystal Ponies, and Kirin for G5

I started a little petition over on, and figured a blog post would be the best way of inviting people to sign it, as opposed to hitting up comments sections.

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Fluffbrain Fluffbrain 13 August

Thoughts on Later Seasons

This is a collection of my thoughts on the Spanish-dubbed episodes from seasons 7-9. I had initially intended never to watch them in any language but am deciding to now because 1. I want to help the Spanish wiki, which doesn’t have transcripts for these episodes, and 2. I’m using it for daily exercise.

Watching episodes in the later style has once again stoked within me the fires of disappointment, which I have used to sauté the vegetables of criticism in the olive oil of too much free time. As such, part one of this blog will be an updated critique of the newer style, organized by specific differences from earlier seasons (the more objective part), my guess as to why these changes were made, and my issues with them (the more subjective pa…

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Kilmarnock228 Kilmarnock228 10 August

Rough draft of a petition

I have an idea for a petition I'm considering sending to the creators of the new Generation 5 series, and thought I'd post it here so I could sound it off against some fellow fans/writers and get some feedback. An appeal in advance: I know from previous experience that there are those who don't believe that the Bat Ponies are a separate tribe of pony. I understand that opinion, but this proposed petition will be treating them as one, so kindly refrain from making comments to that effect if you'd be so kind.

Bring back the Bat Ponies, Crystal Ponies, and Kirin in G5

My Little Pony has been a franchise for nearly four decades. In that time, most of the action has centered around Earth Ponies, who are basically standard ponies that can talk, and…

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Godzillafan1978 Godzillafan1978 9 August

Another What if Scenerio (Crusader Feud)

  • 1 Overview
  • 2 Sweetie Belle's POV
  • 3 Scootaloo's POV
  • 4 Apple Bloom's POV
  • 5 Verdict

Here's a what if Scenerio. What if the CMCs had a feud. Who's side would you be on? First you'd probably want to know why their upset with each other before you pick a side though so here we go

Sweetie Belle decieded to plan a very special girls day out with Apple Bloom, and Scootaloo to celebrate the day they formed the Cutie Mark Crusaders. They were going to go to the spa, then out to eat, go swimming, and alot of other fun stuff, before spending the night in the clubhouse. Sweetie Belle was planning this for months, and was really looking forward to it. However only Apple Bloom shows up, but not Scootaloo. This causes Sweetie Belle to get angry at Scootaloo and acuss…

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WatashinoKuywawa WatashinoKuywawa 8 August

MLP Voice Acting Tips


♢Twilight紫悅星星Put at the back of your voice, and tighten. Pronounce much more than you have too.

♢Rainbowz云宝Throw it all the way to the top of your voice so that it is cracking and sctatching

♡Pinkie碧琪Throw it to the front and top of your face, sqint and almost laugh it out and smile.

♡Fluttershy柔柔Do the steps for pinkie pie, but smoother, softer and with more air.

♤Rare珍奇Throw it from the direct back of your throat then for it forward and add the accent on the way out. For happy or annoyed, do it from your nose.

♤AppleJackie蘋果嘉兒Lower, at the back of your throat, then add the acent

♧Starlight星光晖映Normal voice, but sharper and with a slight teen scratch to it.

♧Spikeye斯派克龙Do the steps for apple jack, but make it smoother and your pronunciat…

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WatashinoKuywawa WatashinoKuywawa 8 August

A Very Long My Little Pony Quizz


1. Where does Rainbow Dash go almost every week?

(The Pink PonyVille Day Spa*)

2. What the heck is the point of spike?

(He is Twilight’s assistant, royal advisor, and a messenger for important crises*)

3. Who will Pinkie Pie marry in 20 years time? (Cheese Sandwich*)

4. This is a bit of a “too see what happens” question, but what do you think were at least 3 deleted ideas from the My Little Pony Movie?

(The main six transforming into their Rainbow Friendship Power Forms,

Landing in the creek of the MudTrolls after falling out of the pirate’s ship,

The sea ponies taking the ponies to a prison*)

5. Who is the town drunk of Ponyville?

(Berry Punch*)

6. Who used to be the most organized pony in Ponyville before Twilight moved there?


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Loudtivity Loudtivity 6 August


So I’m a new user on this wiki. I’m also a user on The Loud House Encyclopedia and SpongeBob SquarePants Encyclopedia.

Feel free to welcome me!

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Equestriafantasy Equestriafantasy 3 August

GOH Updates

Hey everypony so I know I just released the first episode of season four of GOH but I’m starting to feel a little fatigued from the internet and i need a break after doing two seasons in a row I have the storyline ready to go but I still need to write them out so thank you for understanding

but now some good news so after GOH concludes I still have tons of content coming in the form of two mini-series the first will be an overarching story that will have a conclusion the second will just be the characters having fun with different categories for stories (you’ll understand when it comes out) with some overarching stories and will probably end but will likely get a new episode whenever I get a new idea for it

so yeah GOH is on hiatus until furth…

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JVJ JVJ 2 August

Paddington Bear and the Brown family are swept in Equestria

for more on Paddington Bear and his adoptive family, see

Paddington Bear, an intelligent, talking, anthropomorphic bear from "Darkest Peru", lives with the Brown family in London. England. The Brown family consists of Henry Brown, his wife Mary, and their children Judy and Jonathan. The Browns' housekeeper is Miss Bird.

One day, Paddington is walking the streets of London near Piccadilly Circus when he meets the draconequus Discord. The two walk to Paddington's home (the Brown family house) where Paddington's human adoptive family is shocked at the sight of Discord. Discord then uses his magic to transport Paddington Bear, the entire Brown family, and Miss Bird thru a pandimensional warp to Equestria…

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Equestriafantasy Equestriafantasy 29 July

Generations of Harmony S4 Ep1

I wanted to wait to release this next season but I can’t help myself so now please enjoy the 4th and final Season of Generations of Harmony

Episode One: Shadow Rising Part One

Nightshade Bloom was different from was different from her sisters yeah she was good at brewing potions she had her cutie mark in it after all and she desperately wanted to be an alicorn but she was a special case and you’ll soon see why

Nightshade walked through the halls of Canterlot Castle her mother Twilight Sparkle had summoned her to her room to talk about something soon enough she knocked on the door.

“mom are you here” Nightshade called

“yes you can come in” Twilight answered

“why did you want to see me?”

“Well Cheerilee wanted a younger princess to come to the Pony…

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Just got my 4th badge

Hey dudes, it's me, Joe Jay., on my first blog post. I joined this fandom a while ago, and I got my 4th badge, and I'm getting my 5th as this is my first blog post. Ya'll are epic. Rock on, men!

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Equestriafantasy Equestriafantasy 28 July

GOH Profiles

These are little facts about GOH characters just for fun

🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸Season One🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸

Twilight Twinkle

(Current) Age: 15

Coat: Purple

Mane: Purple with blue and pink streaks

Eyes: fuchsia

Tribe: Alicorn

Cutie Mark: none

Home: Canterlot

Family: Twilight Sparkle (mother) Flash Sentry (father) Primrose Protections (younger sister) Crystal Dawn (younger sister) Sprinkle Sparkle (younger sister) Nightshade Bloom (younger sister) Caliana Caves (baby sister)

Friends: Applebeams Bubbles Maud Pie ll Gemstone Golden Fire Countess Auorra Countess Azora

Enemies: Disharmonia Astrid Meteor Bengilum

Bio: Brave and Kind a great leader


(Current) Age: 15

Coat: Yellow

Mane: Blonde with pink and navy streaks

Eyes: Blue

Tribe: Earth

Cutie Mark: Red green and yellow apples

Home: Sweet Apple A…

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Equestriafantasy Equestriafantasy 28 July

Generations of Harmony S3 Ep11

Episode Eleven: Out of The Dark Part Three

“I don’t need any servants” Bengilum boomed “I have enough power” His magic swept through the castle and consumed every follower Twilight Sparkle just hoped Crystal was not among them

Twilight was ready to fight but Crystal was still in danger she whispered to Twivine

“go and find Crystal and try to free her”

Twivine nodded and went behind the castle thankfully Bengilum didn’t notice and Twivine went through a secret entrance to the dungeon Twilight had shown her she just hoped Crystal was okay.


Crystal Dawn lay on the cold dungeon floor she had thrown Equestria into treason and now everypony was doomed

“Well there you are” Crystal lifted her head to see Twivine Sparkle standing outside her ce…

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Equestriafantasy Equestriafantasy 27 July

Generations of Harmony S3 Ep10

Episode Ten: Out of The Dark Part Two

Twilight Sparkle woke up to Darkness surrounding the castle she couldn’t believe what was happening

“no no no no no this is bad this is all my fault” Twilight panicked.

”Twilight” Fluttershy comforted her “none of this is your fault”

“Yes it is. Bengilum is pure evil but he is right about one thing it’s my fault that Crystal went this far if I had tried to comfort her when her friends left I could have helped her find some new friends I failed my duty as The Princess of Friendship”

Rarity walked up to Twilight “well you may be right about that but you haven’t failed”

”yeah” Applejack said “ya have worked tirelessly to help everypony in Equestria”

“You’re right everypony I can’t fail now” Twilight stood up “an…

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Kilmarnock228 Kilmarnock228 27 July

G1 Characters in G5?

So it occurs to me that G5 could well introduce new versions of characters who were originally introduced in G1 that G4 didn't get around to. After all, in addition to various ponies who resembled the G1 cast to varying degrees, G4 saw the introduction of new versions of Tirek and the Smooze, not to mention lore surrounding G4 Grogar. While I'm sure I'm not the only fan who'd like to see Equestria's version of the big blue ram in all his glory in G5, there are certainly other characters who would make interesting additions to the roster. Notably, with the majority of G4's villains reformed and/or presumably dead by the time of G5, the series will definitely need some "new" antagonists, if it's to keep up the same fantasy adventure, friends…

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Godzillafan1978 Godzillafan1978 27 July

The MLP Timeline

Okay so this has been bugging me for qutie sometime, and that is exactaly how many years have actually gone by in the show? From Friendship is Magic Part 1 all the way to The Ending of The End Part 2. Did 10 years really go by in Equestria like it did in our world, or has it more likely been around 2 to 5 years from Episode 1 to Episode 221?

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Equestriafantasy Equestriafantasy 26 July

Generations of Harmony S3 Ep9

Episode Nine: Out of the Dark Part One

Crystal Dawn sneered she had freed Bengilum she would serve him and make sure nopony would oppose him

Mal Ice strutted towards Bengilum clearly reveling in “her” triumph “oh Bengilum I have freed you I am forever at your service”

“well if it isn’t Sunshine Blast that new name isn’t working for you”

Crystal was confused Mal Ice’s real name was Sunshine Blast?

“And you should have gotta more creative than that just splitting up the word Malice into that and furthermore you weren’t even the one who freed or even attempted to that goes to Crystal Dawn my new best servant you have lived your use” Bengilum closed in on Mal Ice or rather Sunshine Blast and consumed her entire body once the smoke receded She was g…

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Equestriafantasy Equestriafantasy 26 July

Generations of Harmony S3 Ep8

Episode Eight: The Burst Part Three

Mal Ice stood in her quarters she felt her mark prickle she smiled Smugly she thought she was key to Bengilum’s success so it was important for her army to remain on her side Mal was ready to fight now! She began to rally everypony it was time


Crystal Dawn was ready for battle their attack on the castle would be at exactly midnight Crystal creeped around the outskirts of the castle Tempest Shadow was standing guard over the entrance to the Castle along with...Blizzard Moon? Well she really was a traitor now Crystal thought back to the potion in her bag she could think that was doing so would be the ultimate betrayal

Suddenly Mal Ice communicated with her via special stones they were give…

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Equestriafantasy Equestriafantasy 22 July

Generations of Harmony S3 Ep7

Episode Seven: The Burst Part Two

Twilight and Twivine Sparkle were going to meet with Blizzard Moon for progress on the potion

“hey Blizzard how is it going” Twilight asked

“it’s almost done it may of taken me years to create the potion but that’s because I didn’t know the ingredients it just needs to simmer aaaaaaaaaand... done!”

“Yes!” Twivine shouted “let’s take it to the girls!”

Later each of the clone six had gathered to erase their marks

“ok remember to only drip a little on your mark you never no if we need more” Blizzard explained

“ok I’ll go first” Twivine said she levitated the bottle and dripped a little on her mark but it didn’t disappear but the energy emanating from it seemed to disappear

“ok I thought that might happen” Blizzard de…

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Icyforever Icyforever 21 July

My 10 favorite mlp characters (dis just personal opinion, sorry if you think differently)

10. Pinkie Pie

9. Princess Luna

8. Rarity

7. Twilight sparkle

6. Scootaloo

5. Princess Celestia

4. Fluttershy


2.Sunset Shimmer

1.Rainbow Dash

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Equestriafantasy Equestriafantasy 21 July

Generations of Harmony S3 Ep6

Episode Six: The Burst Part One

Twilight Sparkle was sitting in the throne room of Canterlot Castle when Tempest Shadow Captain of the Royal Guard came in

“there’s a visitor here to see you she says it’s important” Tempest said to her

Twilight smiled “let her in please”

A pale blue unicorn came rushing in at full speed “P-Princess Twilight!” She huffed “I- I have important information for you!”

“you do?” Twilight asked concerned “on what?”



The Mane Six along with their clones had gathered in Canterlot to discuss the issue

“ok thank for coming everypony” Twilight greeted

“of course Twilight” Fluttershy said sweetly “but what did you find out?”

“well...” Twilight motioned with her hoof and the pale blue unicorn came out “this is B…

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Equestriafantasy Equestriafantasy 19 July

Generations of Harmony S3 Ep5

Episode Five: Doubt

Twivine Sparkle made her way to the throne room of Canterlot Castle she and the rest of the clone six now lived in Equestria after all Bengilum had surely alerted Daybreaker and had her tell everypony in Undestria to be on the lookout for them but Equestria was a much better place to live they even had their own living quarters in the castle. Crystal Dawn’s betrayal had shook up Twilight Sparkle pretty hard but Twivine had a plan

“Twilight?” Twivine called “are you here”

“oh hey Twivine what did you want to talk about?” Twilight said solemnly

“well I have an idea that might be able to....get Crystal Dawn back on are side”

Twilight perked up “really?”

“Yeah I mean if camps here are like the ones in Undestria I might be able to…

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Kilmarnock228 Kilmarnock228 16 July

Why can't we have nice kings?

So with the release of , I've noticed a somewhat annoying trend in the Friendship is Magic franchise. It seems as though the vast majority of kings in the series fall into one of two categories: either outright evil or at least generally unpleasant, or a historical figure that we know virtually nothing about. Only a bare handful actually come across as being kindly or benevolent. To break it down, here's the listings (only includes characters who are specifically given the title of king; no offense Thorax):


  • King Anubis
  • King Aspen-I know this guy is good, but he does have a tendency to appear with a scowl on his face. Twilight forgave Tempest after she turned her fellow princesses to stone and threw her in a cage-what's your excu…
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Equestriafantasy Equestriafantasy 6 July

Generations of Harmony S3 Ep4

Episode Four: Influence

Crystal Dawn glared down at Canterlot her mark burned slightly she had to release Bengilum again but then she heard a voice behind her

”what are you doing here?” A unicorn walked up to her from behind the cave her pale blue coat and dark pink mane seemed to move she wore a long sleeved black cloak her teal eyes glowed with hatred “I’m waiting if you do not have it I’ll have to destroy you on his behalf!”

“what are you talking about?” Crystal replied keeping her hoof over her mark she didn’t want this pony to discover it

“i mean this” the unicorn pulled up her sleeve and reavealed the mark of Bengilum!

“oh that?” Crystal scoffed she removed her hoof from her mark and revealed it to the unicorn “I’m the one who released hi…

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Dry63 Dry63 2 July

Thoughts on New Generation Voice Cast

Well, I saw the teaser with the main five voice of the new movie and i got to say OMG!!! I was not expecting these people to voice the ponies.

  • 1 Cast
    • 1.1 Vanessa Hudgens
    • 1.2 Kimiko Glenn
    • 1.3 James Marsden
    • 1.4 Sofia Carson
    • 1.5 Liza Koshy
    • 1.6 Other Voices
  • 2 What comes Next?

Sunny - I know her from her work in musical theatre and film. I didn't see any High School Musical films but I have seen her in other things. I never expected she be Sunny's voice as I would think Hudgens couldn't pull off an optimistic activist, but Hudgens has powerful singing chops and there's no question of her acting abilities. I think she'll pull it off, especially for the dramatic scenes the film is bound to have.

Izzy - I should've known. The personalities match and Glenn is definitel…

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Equestriafantasy Equestriafantasy 2 July


Oh my freaking Celestia YES! I’m literally shaking as I write this why? The MLP G5 voice cast has been revealed!!!!!!!!! Don’t believe me? LINK

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Equestriafantasy Equestriafantasy 1 July

Generations of Harmony S3 Ep3

Episode Three: Darkness Part Three

Crystal Dawn thought Bengilum’s plan was working perfectly

“shouldn’t I be guarding the friendship heart wish the clone six” She asked Bengilum

“no once I am at full power and your mother is at the verge of defeat you will reveal you were the one who freed me and she will then die” Bengilum responded

“that would be better wouldn’t” Crystal sneered

Crystal stayed in her room but when the time came she was eager to serve Bengilum


Twilight woke up on the shore of a beach she didn’t know where in Equestria she was

“We need to rescue Twivine and the others” she declared “and that follower who released Bengilum is still out there somewhere”

Fluttershy looked nervous “it’s all so t-t-terrifying!”

Twilight looked…

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Equestriafantasy Equestriafantasy 1 July

Generations of Harmony S3 Ep2

Episode Two: Darkness Part Two

Twilight Sparkle woke up she felt like today was going to be a good day she put on her crown and began to meet Spike for the agenda for today

“alright Spike hit me with the list!” Twilight declared

“well first you have a meeting with some Saddle Arabian delegates at 11:00 and then...” he was cut off and a scroll popped out “it’s from Celestia she hasn’t sent anything since she and Luna retired”

Twilight took the scroll

My Dearest Twilight

I have sensed that a dark presence has Returned you and your friends must come to our cottage in Silver Soals and get what you’ll need to help defeat it

Yours Truly



The mane six had arrived at Celestia and Luna’s new home since retirement

“Celestia?” Twili…

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