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Equestriafantasy Equestriafantasy 2 days ago

Generations of Harmony S3 Ep7

Episode Seven: The Burst Part Two

Twilight and Twivine Sparkle were going to meet with Blizzard Moon for progress on the potion

“hey Blizzard how is it going” Twilight asked

“it’s almost done it may of taken me years to create the potion but that’s because I didn’t know the ingredients it just needs to simmer aaaaaaaaaand... done!”

“Yes!” Twivine shouted “let’s take it to the girls!”

Later each of the clone six had gathered to erase their marks

“ok remember to only drip a little on your mark you never no if we need more” Blizzard explained

“ok I’ll go first” Twivine said she levitated the bottle and dripped a little on her mark but it didn’t disappear but the energy emanating from it seemed to disappear

“ok I thought that might happen” Blizzard de…

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Icyforever Icyforever 3 days ago

My 10 favorite mlp characters (dis just personal opinion, sorry if you think differently)

10. Pinkie Pie

9. Princess Luna

8. Rarity

7. Twilight sparkle

6. Scootaloo

5. Princess Celestia

4. Fluttershy


2.Sunset Shimmer

1.Rainbow Dash

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Equestriafantasy Equestriafantasy 3 days ago

Generations of Harmony S3 Ep6

Episode Six: The Burst Part One

Twilight Sparkle was sitting in the throne room of Canterlot Castle when Tempest Shadow Captain of the Royal Guard came in

“there’s a visitor here to see you she says it’s important” Tempest said to her

Twilight smiled “let her in please”

A pale blue unicorn came rushing in at full speed “P-Princess Twilight!” She huffed “I- I have important information for you!”

“you do?” Twilight asked concerned “on what?”



The Mane Six along with their clones had gathered in Canterlot to discuss the issue

“ok thank for coming everypony” Twilight greeted

“of course Twilight” Fluttershy said sweetly “but what did you find out?”

“well...” Twilight motioned with her hoof and the pale blue unicorn came out “this is B…

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Equestriafantasy Equestriafantasy 5 days ago

Generations of Harmony S3 Ep5

Episode Five: Doubt

Twivine Sparkle made her way to the throne room of Canterlot Castle she and the rest of the clone six now lived in Equestria after all Bengilum had surely alerted Daybreaker and had her tell everypony in Undestria to be on the lookout for them but Equestria was a much better place to live they even had their own living quarters in the castle. Crystal Dawn’s betrayal had shook up Twilight Sparkle pretty hard but Twivine had a plan

“Twilight?” Twivine called “are you here”

“oh hey Twivine what did you want to talk about?” Twilight said solemnly

“well I have an idea that might be able to....get Crystal Dawn back on are side”

Twilight perked up “really?”

“Yeah I mean if camps here are like the ones in Undestria I might be able to…

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Kilmarnock228 Kilmarnock228 7 days ago

Why can't we have nice kings?

So with the release of , I've noticed a somewhat annoying trend in the Friendship is Magic franchise. It seems as though the vast majority of kings in the series fall into one of two categories: either outright evil or at least generally unpleasant, or a historical figure that we know virtually nothing about. Only a bare handful actually come across as being kindly or benevolent. To break it down, here's the listings (only includes characters who are specifically given the title of king; no offense Thorax):


  • King Anubis
  • King Aspen-I know this guy is good, but he does have a tendency to appear with a scowl on his face. Twilight forgave Tempest after she turned her fellow princesses to stone and threw her in a cage-what's your excu…
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Equestriafantasy Equestriafantasy 18 days ago

Generations of Harmony S3 Ep4

Episode Four: Influence

Crystal Dawn glared down at Canterlot her mark burned slightly she had to release Bengilum again but then she heard a voice behind her

”what are you doing here?” A unicorn walked up to her from behind the cave her pale blue coat and dark pink mane seemed to move she wore a long sleeved black cloak her teal eyes glowed with hatred “I’m waiting if you do not have it I’ll have to destroy you on his behalf!”

“what are you talking about?” Crystal replied keeping her hoof over her mark she didn’t want this pony to discover it

“i mean this” the unicorn pulled up her sleeve and reavealed the mark of Bengilum!

“oh that?” Crystal scoffed she removed her hoof from her mark and revealed it to the unicorn “I’m the one who released hi…

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Dry63 Dry63 21 days ago

Thoughts on New Generation Voice Cast

Well, I saw the teaser with the main five voice of the new movie and i got to say OMG!!! I was not expecting these people to voice the ponies.

  • 1 Cast
    • 1.1 Vanessa Hudgens
    • 1.2 Kimiko Glenn
    • 1.3 James Marsden
    • 1.4 Sofia Carson
    • 1.5 Liza Koshy
    • 1.6 Other Voices
  • 2 What comes Next?

Sunny - I know her from her work in musical theatre and film. I didn't see any High School Musical films but I have seen her in other things. I never expected she be Sunny's voice as I would think Hudgens couldn't pull off an optimistic activist, but Hudgens has powerful singing chops and there's no question of her acting abilities. I think she'll pull it off, especially for the dramatic scenes the film is bound to have.

Izzy - I should've known. The personalities match and Glenn is definitel…

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Equestriafantasy Equestriafantasy 22 days ago


Oh my freaking Celestia YES! I’m literally shaking as I write this why? The MLP G5 voice cast has been revealed!!!!!!!!! Don’t believe me? LINK

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Equestriafantasy Equestriafantasy 22 days ago

Generations of Harmony S3 Ep3

Episode Three: Darkness Part Three

Crystal Dawn thought Bengilum’s plan was working perfectly

“shouldn’t I be guarding the friendship heart wish the clone six” She asked Bengilum

“no once I am at full power and your mother is at the verge of defeat you will reveal you were the one who freed me and she will then die” Bengilum responded

“that would be better wouldn’t” Crystal sneered

Crystal stayed in her room but when the time came she was eager to serve Bengilum


Twilight woke up on the shore of a beach she didn’t know where in Equestria she was

“We need to rescue Twivine and the others” she declared “and that follower who released Bengilum is still out there somewhere”

Fluttershy looked nervous “it’s all so t-t-terrifying!”

Twilight looked…

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Equestriafantasy Equestriafantasy 22 days ago

Generations of Harmony S3 Ep2

Episode Two: Darkness Part Two

Twilight Sparkle woke up she felt like today was going to be a good day she put on her crown and began to meet Spike for the agenda for today

“alright Spike hit me with the list!” Twilight declared

“well first you have a meeting with some Saddle Arabian delegates at 11:00 and then...” he was cut off and a scroll popped out “it’s from Celestia she hasn’t sent anything since she and Luna retired”

Twilight took the scroll

My Dearest Twilight

I have sensed that a dark presence has Returned you and your friends must come to our cottage in Silver Soals and get what you’ll need to help defeat it

Yours Truly



The mane six had arrived at Celestia and Luna’s new home since retirement

“Celestia?” Twili…

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Equestriafantasy Equestriafantasy 23 days ago

Generations of Harmony S3 Ep1

Episode One: Darkness Part One

Crystal Dawn was a normal earth pony yeah she was a princess daughter Twilight Sparkle yada yada yada all that the point is you may think you know Crystal’s story but let me tell you... You DON’T you may think she had to fight a great evil and use her courage to do it but her story is a lot different from others...


Crystal Dawn used to be a sunny earth pony hanging out with her 2 best friends Dixie Cup and Feather Boa. Dixie loved to make music Feather loved fashion and Crystal? Well she liked both

“Dixie” Feather laughed “I swear your family has some of the funniest stories ever”

“what’s so funny about it the fact that someone how one chicken found it’s way into our house and caused my dad to freak lik…

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Equestriafantasy Equestriafantasy 23 days ago

Generations of Harmony S2 Ep13

Episode Thirteen: The Final Fight Part Three

Sprinkle Sparkle needed to defeat Astrid but she had a powerful necklace a cold streak and well that was it actually it

Astrid lifted them into the air “Sprinkle Sparkle haven’t you learned anything about me no matter how formidable an obstacle everything has it’s weakness”

“That may be so but l am tough to take down”

“oh really now you certainly think highly of yourself” Astrid shot crystals at the girls trapping them


The Humane 7 and Sprinkle were frozen in place again now they stood no chance

“hahahahaha” Astrid laughed “You have been defeated Sprinkle Sparkle Equestria is next then the rest of the worlds

Sprinkle noticed the symbol on Astrid’s necklace it looked pretty similar to the Human…

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Godzillafan1978 Godzillafan1978 23 days ago

MLP Gen 4 Ending Predictions

Before the Finale of Friendship is Magic aired, what were some predictions you had for the ending?

For me I was hoping for an epic battle against Grogar, but ever since Frenemies aired I had a gut feeling that we weren’t going to get that. There was always something in the back of my mind telling me that Grogar was going to be taken out at the beginning, and Chrysalis, Tirek, and Cozy Glow were going to be the final villains, I just didn’t expect Grogar to be Discord in disguise, I just thought he was going to be taken out by the other three.

Another prediction I had was Cozy Glow getting reformed, and maybe Tirek Getting reformed. I always felt like Chrysalis would never have been reformed and probably was going to be turned to stone like s…

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Equestriafantasy Equestriafantasy 23 days ago

Generations of Harmony S2 Ep12

Episode Twelve: The Final Fight Part Two

Sunset Shimmer looked worriedly into the distance waiting for Sprinkle

“ugh I knew she would get subdued” Sunset exclaimed “we have to go after her Astrid’s no match for the magic of Friendship and you can’t use it if you’re alone”

“we may not have our magic or geodes but we have each other and we can do anything” Sci-Twi responded “now let’s save the world”


Sprinkle Sparkle was completely petrified she couldn’t move she couldn’t even talk she wasn’t even able to move her eyes Astrid was so much more powerful than ever before she should have listened to Sunset about Astrid when she called out to Sprinkle she didn’t stop and now she was stuck here


Sunset and the others started through …

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Equestriafantasy Equestriafantasy 23 days ago

Generations of Harmony S2 Ep11

Episode Eleven: The Final Fight Part One

Astrid Meteor was stuck in the cocoon once again this time she would need a lot of power to break it this time she focused on her power and then obliterated the cocoon and Rarity’s Diamond dome she saw the Humane 7 by that blasted window something was emerging from it Astrid dashed towards them and seized it it took the form of a black necklace she changed into her demon form

”Astrid?!” Sunset cried

“yes” Astrid shouted “and now I will rule every world ever created oh I’ll be taking this” she ripped the dome of the school and the Humane 7’s powers vanished “and those” she stole the geodes from the girls necks “and this” she extracted Sunset’s journal from the school which now looked like an evil castle…

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Equestriafantasy Equestriafantasy 24 days ago

Generations of Harmony S2 Ep10

Episode Ten: Her Beginning

Astrid was getting restless she needed power and her craving only grew Twilight Sparkle was visiting today to check her progress and everypony was desperately trying to warm up to her

“what’s the point of friendship if it’s not going to do you any good” Astrid scoffed “all in all you will still die with or without friends and at the end of the day you’re still alone and...”

“ASTRID!” Starlight yelled “friendship changed my life if it hadn’t been for Twilight I would still be a dictator and my village would be miserable please just give it a chance... For Twilight?”

“Fine but it still doesn’t do anything good”


Twilight sat next to Astrid and wanted to learn from her why did she have to but in her life

“so Astri…

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Equestriafantasy Equestriafantasy 24 days ago

Generations of Harmony S2 Ep9

Episode Nine: Evolving

Astrid Meteor had several attempts to try to enter that part of the library only to fail her anger only grew for being treated that way Starlight Glimmer began to worry for her so she decided to have Astrid hang out with the other members of the mane six

First Astrid was going to Fluttershy’s cottage to help with the animals she already hated it

“Hello Astrid!”! Fluttershy greeted “are you ready to help me out?”

“Oh am I required to help isn’t that pretty rude to force someone to help you with your dumb stupid animals” Astrid shot

Fluttershy looked hurt and her pet Angel Bunny looked like he was ready to smack Astrid in the face

Starlight cut in “okay maybe we can do this another time” She nervously laughed


Astrid k…

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Equestriafantasy Equestriafantasy 24 days ago

Generations of Harmony S2 Ep8

Episode Eight: Astrid’s Return Part Three

Sprinkle Sparkle didn’t know what Astrid’s plan was but she knew it wouldn’t be good if she already had control over the crystal prep girls she might have already have control over others and they needed to figure out a plan

“Astrid may not be an all powerful goddess of disharmony like my sister faced but she is a huge threat especially with mind controlling braclets” Sprinkle commented “I’ll need to observe the Crystal Prep girls behavior and the only way to do that is to complete in the games”

”yeah but you’re ten not even old enough to be in middle school” Sci-Twi remarked adjusting her glasses “there’s no way Principal Celestia is going to let you complete”

”ahem” Sprinkle focused hard and then mor…

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Kilmarnock228 Kilmarnock228 24 days ago

G4 Characters in G5

With Generation 5 being revealed as a distant sequel to Generation 4, rather than a complete reboot of the franchise, I think there's a natural expectation that there will be some references and nods to Friendship is Magic in the new series. We already know that the Mane Six will be historical figures thanks to promotional material regarding the upcoming film, but the timetable and state of Equestria indicated by the film's synopsis makes it seem evident that they will be long gone by the time our new group of protagonists trots onto the scene. However, it seems probable that some G4 characters will actually appear in G5, both to attract interest from G4 fans and for the simple fact that it's the same world, so why not? As such, I think it'…

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Equestriafantasy Equestriafantasy 25 days ago

Generations of Harmony S2 Ep7

now that I’m on summer break I can start posting more frequently in fact as soon as season two is over I’ll be releasing season three very soon so let’s dive right in

Episode Seven: Astrid’s Return Part Two

Sprinkle Sparkle woke up to loud hoofsteps her twin Nightshade Bloom just pouted

“ugh I’m trying to sleep those guards should be respecting a Princess’s wishes”

Sprinkle thought there was more at play here

“you can sleep I need to talk to mom” Sprinkle remarked heading for the throne room


Twilight Sparkle was hurriedly walking towards the hall of artifacts Sprinkle was concerned

“m-mom what’s going on...?” Sprinkle asked

“Sprinkle I don’t have time right now ugh only 15 years until this happens Celestia’s kept those artifacts safe unti…

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Godzillafan1978 Godzillafan1978 23 June

Episode Changes.

I want you to pick one episode of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic that if you could you would change.

Tell me What about the episode you would Change

Why you would Change It


What would you keep the same.

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Equestriafantasy Equestriafantasy 22 June

Generations of Harmony S2 Ep6

Episode Six: Astrid’s Return Part One

Astrid Meteor was still stuck in the cocoon Sprinkle Sparkle had imprisoned her in she kept punching on it But all of the sudden a crack formed in the cocoon and finally she broke out. Astrid needed an artifact to gain power she thought back to one of the books she read and thought about the mind loops with she would be able to gather an army Astrid went through the portal she knew that the loops were in Canterlot finally she found them in the place Twilight kept the artifacts Celestia had given her to watch over when she became the ruler of Equestria she seized it and engraved her cutie mark of a heart of ice she wanted Twilight and Sprinkle to know who had brought her downfall she smirked and headed t…

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Godzillafan1978 Godzillafan1978 21 June

Best Episode and Favorite Episode

I want you to tell me what you think the best episode of My Little Pony is, and What your favorite episode is. The best episode does not have to be your favorite. I give an example of what I mean.

I think the best episode is Twilight's Kingdom, but my favorite episode is Filli Vanilli.


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Equestriafantasy Equestriafantasy 18 June

Generations of Harmony S2 Ep5

If you missed the editing of my last post the episodes in between arcs will be set in the past and from Astrid point of view

Episode Five: Ponyville

Astrid Meteor trotted towards the Castle of Friendship and knocked on the door and a purple unicorn with a purple and turquoise mane came out

“oh! You must be Astrid Meteor Twilight’s student?” the unicorn greeted

“the one and only” Astrid replied

“well I’m Starlight Glimmer I thought we could start with a tour of Ponyville?”

“fine it’s not like there’s a future kingdom for me to rule or anything”


Astrid and Starlight were at a restaurant for lunch after their tour then five ponies came towards them Astrid recognized them from her studies at the school of magic they were the best friends of T…

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Godzillafan1978 Godzillafan1978 13 June

A question for Fellow Bronies

My fellow bronies I have a question for you all.

Which Premire and Finale was the best, and which Premire and Finale was the worst?

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Equestriafantasy Equestriafantasy 10 June

Generations of Harmony S2 Ep4

I’ve edited this because I’ve scrapped the Clone Six storyline as what they go through is more important for my season 3 storyline (which I’m very proud of by the way can’t wait to release it) anyways I’m creating episodes that are set in the past delving into Astrid and how she ended up the way she did in between arcs

Episode Four: A Mission

Astrid Meteor walked through the halls of The School of Magic and then walked outside heading to Canterlot her purple and blue mane sparkling in the sun her grey coat shimmered as as she approached the castle the guards she fluttered her eyes one an entrancing blue the other a hypnotic red

“I’m here to speak with the princess” Astrid said to them

“do you have a appointment” the guard asked

“It’s ok everpon…

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Otherside86 Otherside86 10 June

Hero Battle Royale

Humane Seven

Sunset Shimmer, Twilight Sparkle (Sci-Twi), Applejack, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, and Pinkie Pie


'New' Shadowbolts

Starlight Glimmer, Tempest Shadow, Sour Sweet, Sugarcoat, Sunny Flare, Indigo Zap, and Lemon Zest


Pillars of Equestria

Stygian, Star Swirl the Bearded, Rockhoof, Mistmane, Flash Magnus, Mage Meadowbrook, and Somnambula



Luster Dawn (time traveling), Sandbar, Yona, Gallus, Silverstream, Smolder, and Ocellus


EQG Villainesses

The Dazzlings (Adagio Dazzle, Aria Blaze, & Sonata Dusk), Gloriosa Daisy, Juniper Montage, Wallflower Blush, Vignette Valencia, Kiwi Lollipop and Supernova Zap (K-Lo & Su-z)

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Godzillafan1978 Godzillafan1978 4 June

Reforming Chrysalis, Tirek, and Cozy Glow

People have talked about the possiblity of reforming these 3 for a while. There have been a lot of ways people have come up with to do so, but I think I may have come up with the best way to reform them.

Now I want to point out that simply talking to them would not work. They have shown that they are unwilling to listen to reason from anyone, but what if they were put in a situation where they were forced to team up with Twilight, and the rest of the Mane Six in order to stop a much bigger threat. Of course this threat would also have to threaten Tirek, Chrysalis, and Cozy Glow to the point where they would realize that they would have no other choice but to form a truce with Twilight.

Now here's the thing when they do form this truce, there…

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Otherside86 Otherside86 4 June

If Equestria Girls Return...

It's a shame that Equestria Girls have ended. But if it does come back, then what might happen?

↑ There's suppose to a poll here.

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KylaraE KylaraE 2 June

FandomDesktop opt-in is LIVE

Check it out, and let me know your thoughts! Report bugs and feedback to me here.

To access the new FandomDesktop skin:

  • Go to Special:Preferences
  • In the top menu, select "Appearance"
  • Under "Skin" select "FandomDesktop"
  • Select any FandomDesktop preferences you want such as default light/dark mode, content width, and right rail collapse. (Personally I am all about that WIDE WIDTH experience.)
  • Click "Save" at the bottom

You can also opt-out the same way, just go to Special:Preferences and switch the Skin from FandomDeskop back to Oasis.

Helpful links!

  • New blog post about opt-in
  • FandomDesktop preparation guide
  • FandomDesktop highlights with links to staff blog posts
  • For admin: Blog about the customization policy

If you find a bug, please let me know about i…

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IsmaelandLuigi21 IsmaelandLuigi21 29 May

Crowe1978's Episode Grade

Here are the grades for all the episodes including Equestria Girls movies and specials from Crowe1978. He can only watch it whenever he has time.

  • 1 Season 1
  • 2 Season 2
  • 3 Season 3
  • 4 Equestria Girls
  • 5 Season 4
  • 6 Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks
  • 7 Season 5
  • 8 Equestria Girls: Friendship Games
  • 9 Season 6
  • 10 Equestria Girls: Legend of Everfree
  • 11 Season 7
  • 12 Equestria Girls Specials
  • 13 Movie
  • 14 Equestria Girls: Forgotten Friendship
  • 15 Season 8
  • 16 Equestria Girls: Rollercoaster of Friendship
  • 17 Best Gift Ever
  • 18 Equestria Girls: Spring Breakdown
  • 19 Season 9
  • 20 Rainbow Roadtrip
  • 21 Equestria Girls: Sunset's Backstage Pass
  • 22 Equestria Girls: Holidays Unwrapped

  1. Friendship is Magic, part 1: TBA
  2. Friendship is Magic, Part 2: TBA
  3. The Ticket Master: TBA
  4. Applebuck Season: TBA
  5. Griffon the Brush Off: TBA
  6. Boa…

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Godzillafan1978 Godzillafan1978 18 May

Which Villian or Villians Was/Were the most Near Successful

So I have a question about the major villians. Even the reformed ones. Between

Nightmare Moon


Queen Chrysalis

King Sombra

Sunset Shimmer


The Dazzlings

Starlight Glimmer

The Pony of Shadows

Cozy Glow.


The Mean 3

Out of all these villians. Who was the most near successful? Like they defenitly would have won if certain events didn't happen.

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MonkoCart MonkoCart 18 May


HEYO i dont think anybody is coming here but hi!

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Mialivialf Mialivialf 17 May

Pinkie Pie

I love Pinkie Pie in this series, both in pony and human.

My dresses have pinkie on it. Many dolls also have Pinkie design, pls buy it.

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Godzillafan1978 Godzillafan1978 10 May

CMC Stuffed Animals

I need your help.

In the fanfiction I'm writing I plan to give Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo their own stuffed animals.

A Wolf

A Dolphin


A Penguin.

Who do you think would own which stuffed animal?

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Kilmarnock228 Kilmarnock228 10 May

Possible G1 References in Season 10

So while Friendship is Magic is vastly superior to the original My Little Pony animated series, I for one definitely enjoy it whenever the former references the latter. Tirek, Grogar, and similar legacy characters are nice additions to the mythos, and it seems like there are opportunities for further such references in the season ten comics. Some opportunities may already be past, as seems to be the case with the Diamond Dogs kingdom in My Little Pony Annual 2021. I figure if we were ever going to get versions of Crunch or Dinah, for example, it would have been there. Still, there are still other places where we might see some G1 characters reimagined for G4.

The ongoing Abyssinia arc, the second part of which comes out later this month, se…

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Derp y actually meets Starlight Glimmer

Derpy/Muffins, acting in her capacity as a mail carrier, once during the Friendship is Magic TV actually meets with Starlight Glimmer. It was during th Season 6 "To Where and Back Again" two-part season finale. Derpy flew into the Castle of Friendship and crashes into a pile of boxes in the presenc3 of Starlight, Twilight Sparkle, and Spike.

twilight unsuccessfully prys the letter away from Derpy's mouth, who then delivers the letter to Starlight Derpy was carrying a letter from the ponies in Our Town inviting Starlight to a festival.

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Godzillafan1978 Godzillafan1978 3 May

Yes. Another one

  • 1 Overview
  • 2 Twilight should have Said she was Sorry to the CMCs in Marks for Efforts
  • 3 Ahuizolti, and Dr. Cabaleron should not have been reformed
  • 4 Discord should have seen the Betrayal coming.
  • 5 Scorpan should have appeared in some capasasty in Season 9
  • 6 Tirek, and Starswirl should have had a one on one conversation
  • 7 Gusty the Great should have also appeared in some capasasty in Season 9

Look. I know I said the last Agree or Disagree was going to be the Last one. But I just can't help myself. These scenerios just pop into my head, and I gotta know other people's opinons on them.

So here is another Agree or Disagree. This time one with detail on the scenerios.

I know the writers were going for a scenerio in which Twilight was showing that she was Sorry…

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Friendship is Magic and Pony Life must represent parallel My Little Pony Worlds

First of all, the Friendship is Magic Pinkie Pie does NOT have a brother named Octavio Pie. Pony Life Pinkie Pie DOES.

the Pony Life world has a talking dolphin named Finn Tastic. The Friendship is Magic world's dolphins cannot speak.

the Pony Life world has a unicorn mare named Potion Nova. The Friendship is Magic world.lacks a version of Potion Nova.

the Pony Life world has a talking cat named Bubbles who is the size of an ordinary house cat. Talking cats in the Friendship is Magic world (Abyssinians) are the size of lions and tigers.

The Pony Life world is visited by a bat, cat, and peacock who have unicorn horns and can talk (Wild Siders). In the Friendship is Magic world, only unicorns have unicorn horns, and bats and peacocks canno…

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Equestriafantasy Equestriafantasy 28 April

Generations of Harmony S2 Ep3

Episode Three: Return to Canterlot High part three

”alright finding that crown is our top priority” Sunset Shinmer instructed the group “we’ll deal with Astrid later”

Sprinkle Sparkle felt better now she had some pretty great friends with her right now and she was at least somewhat familiar with them still though Astrid terrified her she was so much older and stronger than Sprinkle

“wait!” Said Sci-Twi “if we can find Astrid and you use your geode Sunset we might be able to get a lead on the crown”

“Great idea Twilight “ Sunset complimented “Rainbow use your wings to get a good lookout on where Astrid is if you can’t see her she’s probably inside”

Rainbow Dash flew up to get a look. It was then when Sprinkle asked “what do you mean by geodes?”


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Kilmarnock228 Kilmarnock228 28 April

World Tour Team Omissions

So the Season 10 comics have developed into a plotline in which several teams led by members of the Council of Friendship have traveled to various locations around the world of Equestria that have either never been visited or have only been touched on briefly in previous media. These teams have included an interesting mix of characters, including reformed villains Discord, Trixie, and Tempest Shadow; Rockhoof and Mage Meadowbrook of the Pillars of Old Equestria; Big McIntosh, Maud Pie, and Zecora; and Capper, Captain Celaeno, and her crew from My Little Pony The Movie. However, there are a number of characters who weren't included in this whole setup, presumably because it would have required more and/or larger teams of characters, which co…

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JVJ JVJ 26 April

The Apple cousins (Babs Seed and Braeburn)

There are two cousins of the Pionyville Apple Siblings (Applejack, Big Mac, and Apple Bloom) that were featured in the MLP TV series (Braeburn and Ban Seeds). What is their relationship to Applejack and her siblings? They are described as cousins of Applejack, but who were the parents of Braeburn and Band Seed?

I rule out Braeburn and Bab Seed 's having parents who were brothers or sisters of Applejack's mother Buttercup/Pear Butter, since she was born into the Pear family and the Apple and Pear families were traditionally bitter rivals.

Obviously, Babs Seed and Braeburn had mothers or fathers who were siblings of Applejack's father Bright Mac. Since Babe Seed lives in Manehattan and Applejack's Aunt and Uncle Orange live in the same cit…

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JVJ JVJ 24 April

YouTube channels that should cover My Little Pony and Equestria

There are two channels on YouTube that I would like to see do videos on the MLP world as covered by Friendship is Magic and Generation 5.

one of the channela, hosted by a man named Cody, is named Alternate History Hub. He normally covers alternate timelines regarding the real/human world, but he sometimes covers purely fictional universes like Fallout and a world with an evil Superman.

the other YouTube channel, hosted by Davin, is titled Kings and Generals , and normally it's videos cover actual human history, especially military conflicts. However, Kings and Generals has one video covering the Star Wars galaxy and several videos covering the Game of Thrones book series and Tv show.

I would prefer an Alternate History Hub or Kings and Gen…

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Godzillafan1978 Godzillafan1978 24 April

MLP's Ending

So I’d like to discuss MLP’s ending again. No this isn’t another Grogar should have been real, post, but a simple difference.

You see, TV Shows, Books, Video Games, and Movies tend to have three main types

There’s the Happy Ending where the heroes all win, and the villain is defeated, and everyone lives happily ever after. That’s the ending MLP got.

There’s the Tragic ending which either sees the Villain Winning or the world being destroyed or just something bad happening. Romeo and Juilet is a great example of this with the deaths of the two title characters.

And finally there’s my personal favorite type of ending The Bittersweet ending which is a mixture of both happy and tragic. It’s happy because the heroes still win, but tragic because th…

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JVJ JVJ 23 April

What if Equestrian ponies encounter fire horse Pokemon?

What if fire horse Pokémon (Ponytas and Rapidashes) were magically or scientifically teleported from the Pokémon world to Equestria (particularly the Evergreen Forest)? A Ponyta is an unevolved fire horse Pokémon, and a Rapidash is what a Ponyta evolves into. Both types of fire horse Pokémon are constantly on fire. An Equestrian Earth pony, Pegasus, or unicorn has human-level intelligence, but a Pokémon usually has only animal-level intelligence.

Now, of course, is whether Pokémon and Equestrian equines can get along. They are both horses of a sort. They might have an affinity for each other since they are both horses. But the diffence in intelligence levels and the language barrier (Pokémon do not speak Ponish) could create difficul…

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Godzillafan1978 Godzillafan1978 23 April

Agree or Disagree (CMC Addtion)

  • 1 Overview
  • 2 The CMCs should get their own one or two season Spin Off Series
  • 3 The CMCs should have helped out with Starlight in Season 5 do to her hatred of Cutie Marks. Techninlaly Starlight's Situation was kind of a Cutie Mark Problem
  • 4 Growning up is Hard to Do should have either been a Season Six or Seven Episode or It Should have Aired Before The Last Crusade

Once Again another agree or disagree post. This time all the questions however relate to the Cutie Mark Crusaders. Same drill as the others say wheather you agree or disagree and give your reasons why. Also this may be my last Agreee or Disagree post as I'm considering moving all Agree or Disagree Post, as well as all Would You Rather, All Who's More Likey Too, and All Attack on Titan p…

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Steven Bomb 17 Steven Bomb 17 22 April

Gen 5 Hopes

Ok, so this next Generation will be connected to G4, it feels both good and bad in my eyes but the real judgement will come when the show comes out. Here's my hopes for G5:

  1. I don't want the royal guard to be bad at their job. Due to the paranoia in the ponies, maybe this'll be a good time for them to get good.
  2. I want to see the old towns and cities. I hope the writers can capture the feelings of joy at seeing an old place again and maybe a little sadness depending on the state of things.
  3. Alicorn lore please, let's settle it once and for all.
  4. I'd like to see some old faces, even if just in a flashback or a photo.
  5. I hope the reasoning behind the pony tribes splitting is explained as well as why we're not dealing with a frozen wasteland. Something…
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Poggleface Poggleface 21 April

My favorite characters from each group

Favorite Mane 6 Character ranking:

  1. Rarity
  2. Twilight
  3. Fluttershy
  4. Applejack
  5. Pinkie Pie
  6. Rainbow Dash

Favorite CMC ranking:

  1. Applebloom
  2. Scootaloo
  3. Gabby
  4. Sweetie Belle
  5. Babs

Favorite Pillar Of Equestria:

  1. Mistmane
  2. Mage Meadowbrook
  3. Starswirl
  4. Rockhoof
  5. Flash Magnus
  6. Somnambula
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JVJ JVJ 19 April

Ever notice the similarity between human and Equestrian/pony holidays?

Summer Sun Celebration=Fourth of July

Nightmare Night=Halloween

Heart's Warming Eve=Christmas (with a bit of Thanksgiving mixed in)

Heart's and Hooves Day=St. Valentine's Day

Winter Wrap Up=Easter

The Equestrian and human parallels are the best I can conceive of.

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TwilightSeleneMisty TwilightSeleneMisty 17 April



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