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Bumblesweet ID.png

Bumblesweet in a grassy field, from a collector card

Comic issue 11 Teen Bumblesweet.png

Bumblesweet in a yearbook picture on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Issue #11 cover A

Honeybuzz ID.png

Honeybuzz in Playful Ponies merchandise

Kind Earth
Sex Female
More info
Eyes Moderate phthalo blue
Mane Vivid tangelo and brilliant yellow (some merchandise)
Brilliant yellow, orange, and magenta (other merchandise)
Coat Brilliant gamboge
Cutie mark

Bumblesweet, or Honeybuzz, is a female Earth pony who appears in the IDW comics. She has an orange coat, yellow and orange (and sometimes pink) mane and tail, blue eyes, and a cutie mark of a bumblebee. She first appeared in merchandise.


Bumblesweet is based on the G3 Earth pony of the same name. In some merchandise, she shares her design with Pinkie Pie, Peachy Pie, Fizzypop, Tealove, Ribbonheart, WCE Unnamed Mare - Jester, and Magazine Unnamed Mare - Swirl. In other merchandise, she shares her design with Cheerilee and S05E12 Unnamed Earth Mare #1.

Depiction in the comics

Friends Forever issue 8 Bumblesweet.png

Bumblesweet appears in a yearbook picture on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Issue #11 cover A. She also appears on My Little Pony: Friends Forever Issue #8 page 12 watching Applejack and Rarity crash into Mount Monument.


A mini-figure toy and collector card of Bumblesweet are included in the first and twelfth waves of mystery pack toys. According to her wave 1 collector card, Bumblesweet "is very polite! She loves to talk to everypony and always has something nice to say." The mini-figure is also included in Toys "R" Us exclusive Friendship Celebration Collection. Bumblesweet's description on the Friendship Celebration Collection toy package reads, "LILY BLOSSOM and BUMBLESWEET go on a picnic outside!"

A Pony Friends figure of Bumblesweet was also released in Hasbro's Playskool Friends toyline.

A Playful Ponies brushable figure of Bumblesweet was released under the trademarked name "Honeybuzz" in 2011. She is packaged with a comb, attachable saddle, and bee friend. Some versions are also packaged with a DVD of the episode The Ticket Master. The back of the packaging reads, "HONEYBUZZ is often so busy that she forgets to take a break, but she always stops to smell the flowers!"