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My Little Pony Friendship is Magic: Castle Creator is an online promotional Flash game where the player can select and position a variety of characters, backgrounds, and set pieces to create an image. There are several different versions of the game, some of which have different titles.



Gameplay consists of selecting a number of different images from the show and manipulating their size and location to the player's liking. This includes characters, food, props, common objects and locations. You can use every main character and princesses Celestia and Luna in a few variations of their costumes and gestures.

Available pieces

Canterlot Castle game includes the following characters, backgrounds, and objects:

  • Backgrounds: Grand Galloping Gala stage, castle hall with stained glass windows, castle garden with dessert tables, golden spires of Canterlot, Twilight's Canterlot library, and another castle hall with stained glass windows.
  • Characters:
  • Set pieces: there are forty-one set pieces.

Castle Creator includes all of the above backgrounds and characters, with the addition of:

  • Backgrounds: Nightmare Night stage, Nightmare night booths, the entrance to the Everfree Forest, and the area next to Zecora's house.
  • Characters:
    • Derpy Hooves wearing her paper-bag costume from Luna Eclipsed
    • Twilight Sparkle wearing her Star Swirl the Bearded costume
    • Applejack wearing her scarecrow costume
    • Pinkie Pie wearing her chicken costume
    • Rainbow Dash wearing her Shadowbolt costume
    • Spike the dragon wearing his dragon costume
    • Sweetie Belle wearing her vampire costume
    • Apple Bloom wearing her Bride of FrankenSteed costume (only added in Hasbro version)
    • Scootaloo wearing her werewolf costume (only added in Hasbro version)
    • Princess Luna wearing her cloak from Luna Eclipsed
    • One of Princess Luna's Pegasus guards from Luna Eclipsed

Castle Creator is missing one object, a purple frying pan with two eggs, but it has twenty-two additional Nightmare Night objects, for a total of sixty-two.



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