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Season four

Twilight's Kingdom - Part 2

My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks

Season five

The Cutie Map - Part 1

Castle Sweet Castle

Tanks for the Memories

Make New Friends but Keep Discord

The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone

Party Pooped

Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep?

Made in Manehattan


Scare Master

The Cutie Re-Mark - Part 1

The Cutie Re-Mark - Part 2

Season six

The Crystalling - Part 1

Gauntlet of Fire

No Second Prances

A Hearth's Warming Tail

Flutter Brutter

Spice Up Your Life

28 Pranks Later

Dungeons & Discords

The Fault in Our Cutie Marks

Viva Las Pegasus

Every Little Thing She Does

P.P.O.V. (Pony Point of View)

Top Bolt

To Where and Back Again - Part 1

My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Mirror Magic

Season seven

Celestial Advice

All Bottled Up

A Flurry of Emotions

Rock Solid Friendship

A Royal Problem

Not Asking for Trouble

Fame and Misfortune

Triple Threat

It Isn't the Mane Thing About You

A Health of Information

Once Upon a Zeppelin

Secrets and Pies

Uncommon Bond

Shadow Play - Part 1

Shadow Play - Part 2

My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Forgotten Friendship

Season eight

School Daze - Part 1

School Daze - Part 2

The Maud Couple

Surf and/or Turf

The Parent Map

Non-Compete Clause

Molt Down

The Mean 6

A Matter of Principals

Road to Friendship

A Rockhoof and a Hard Place

What Lies Beneath

Sounds of Silence

Father Knows Beast

School Raze - Part 2