Crafty Crate
(Ship Shape)

Crafty Crate ID S1E15

Crafty Crate in Feeling Pinkie Keen

Crafty Crate 2 S2E08

Crafty Crate as an Earth pony in The Mysterious Mare Do Well

Kind Pegasus
Sex Male
Occupation Mover (S1E15 and S5E9)
Construction worker (S2E8)
Salespony (S2E19 and S4E22)
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Eyes Moderate cobalt blue
Mane Light goldish gray
Coat Grayish gamboge
Cutie mark
Crafty Crate cutie mark crop S2E8
Voice Hiroshi Shirokuma (Japanese, S2E19)
Grzegorz Kwiecień (Polish, S2E19)
Evgeniy Waltz (Russian, S2E19)
Salvador Reyes (Latin American Spanish, S2E19)

Crafty Crate, or Ship Shape, is a male Pegasus pony with a brown coat, pale gold mane, blue eyes, and a cutie mark of a crate. He is unnamed in the show, but he is named in merchandise. He has a speaking role in Putting Your Hoof Down.


Crafty Crate bears a resemblance to S05E19 Unnamed Pegasus Stallion #1 and the same cutie mark as S06E23 Unnamed Earth Stallion #1.

Depiction in the series

For Shame Derpy S1E15

Crafty Crate in Feeling Pinkie Keen.

Crafty Crate first appears in Feeling Pinkie Keen as a moving company foreman. After Derpy and Sunshower Raindrops accidentally drop several heavy objects onto Twilight Sparkle from the sky, Crafty Crate glares at them disapprovingly.

Crafty Crate later appears, as an Earth pony construction worker, in The Mysterious Mare Do Well. He cheers for Mare Do Well as she rescues the rest of the endangered construction crew. In Putting Your Hoof Down, Crafty Crate operates a cherry stand in the Ponyville marketplace and has his first lines of dialogue when he attempts to extort a lot of bits from Fluttershy for a single cherry.

In season four, Crafty Crate operates another stand at the Rainbow Falls Trader Exchange. In the season five episode Slice of Life, he helps Sunshower Raindrops carry a sofa for Davenport before Octavia Melody and DJ Pon-3 pick them up in a mobile DJ station.


Crafty Crate demo card MLP CCG
Crafty Crate appears on the Season 2 poster/DVD set packaging/T-shirt/ iPhone case. He is named on his Enterplay collectible card game card, the Gen Con Indy 2013 demo version of which lists him as "Crafty Crate" with a trademark symbol and the α #200 UR version of which lists him as "Ship Shape". Both cards list his quote "You'd think a mailmare would be faster with her hooves..."


"So, you say you need this cherry 'very badly'. [...] Then it'll be ten bits!"
Putting Your Hoof Down
"Eleven bits?"
— Putting Your Hoof Down
"Er, now wait a minute. [...] I think you're confused."
— Putting Your Hoof Down
"In that case, twenty bits!"
— Putting Your Hoof Down
"Eh, tough break, kid. Next time, don't be such a doormat."
— Putting Your Hoof Down
"You'd think a mailmare would be faster with her hooves..."
— Enterplay collectible card game Gen Con Indy 2013 demo card of Crafty Crate and card α #200 UR of Ship Shape


Fluttershy pay big S02E19

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