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The Crystal Faire.

The Crystal Faire is an annual event held in the Crystal Empire. It was established by the Crystal Ponies' first queen and became their most important tradition. The Faire is held every year to "renew the spirit of love and unity in the Empire so [the Crystal Ponies] could protect it from harm."

Depiction in the series

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Main characters opening the Faire.

In The Ballad of the Crystal Empire, the main characters sing about setting up the Faire. According to a book Twilight Sparkle finds in the Empire library, the Crystal Ponies liked jousting, flew a colorful flag, made sweets with crystal berries, had a petting zoo with tiny ewes, played crystal flugelhorns, and had a national anthem.

The last page of the book mentions that a Crystal Heart is the centerpiece of the Faire. Twilight uses her magic to cut one out of a crystal block but later discovers that the Heart is an actual relic that King Sombra sealed away long ago. According to Amethyst Maresbury, the whole purpose of the Crystal Faire is to lift the spirits of the Crystal Ponies, so the light within them can power the Crystal Heart, so that the empire can be protected.

Twilight announces the beginning of the Faire from the castle balcony.

Some non-Crystal ponies are also present: Berryshine, Cherry Berry, Derpy, "Eiffel", "Flounder", Helia, Lemon Hearts, Lucky Clover, "Oakey Doke", Orange Swirl, Silver Spanner, and "Welch / Cloudy Haze".


"Come on in, y'all. Got food and drinks thataway, games and crafts are thataway, Crystal Heart to the back near the Princess."
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Crystal ponies having a good time.

The Faire features many tents and booths, each featuring a traditional product or event.
  • Snack booths offer Crystal Empire berry pie, crystal corn-on-the-cob, and funnel cake.
  • Two Crystal Ponies are seen playing a ring-tossing game.
  • Rarity has a traditional crafts booth with straw hats.
  • Rainbow Dash is seen offering flugelhorns at one point.
  • Fluttershy has a petting zoo with tiny ewes.
  • Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy take part in a jousting match. Participants are referred to as "knights".
  • Applejack mentions Crystal Empire nectar and fritters.

Other depictions


According to The Journal of the Two Sisters, Princess Amore started the first Crystal Faire, which was witnessed by Celestia and Luna.

In the storybook Welcome to the Crystal Empire!, Princess Cadance and Shining Armor invite Twilight to the Crystal Faire, which Cadance describes as "the first real Crystal Faire since the Empire was reinstated".

IDW comics

In a flashback in My Little Pony: FIENDship is Magic Issue #1, a young Sombra and Radiant Hope look forward to the Crystal Faire, which Hope calls "the most magical celebration in all of Equestria." However, each year during the Faire, Sombra is bedridden with excruciating pains and Hope stays by his bedside, preventing both of them from going.

In the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Issue #34-37 story arc Siege of the Crystal Empire, Twilight and her friends help organize the Crystal Faire, but a sudden invasion by several villains interrupts the festivities.


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