For the season five premiere, see The Cutie Map - Part 1 and The Cutie Map - Part 2.
Mane six looking at the map S5E1

The Cutie Map in The Cutie Map - Part 1.

The Cutie Map is a magical map of Equestria that is first featured in The Cutie Map - Part 1. Twilight Sparkle and her friends use the map to solve friendship problems across Equestria.

Depiction in the series

The Cutie Map

In the two-part season five premiere, the Cutie Map first appears when all of the Mane Six sit on their thrones in the Castle of Friendship throne room. The thrones react to their cutie marks, and a large crystal table appears in the center of the room, upon which the Cutie Map is holographically projected.

Cutie marks floating over Ponyville S5E1
From this point onward, the map summons the Mane Six to other locations in Equestria through their cutie marks to solve friendship problems. Depending upon whom the map summons, their cutie marks glow and pulsate, and holographic images of their cutie marks hover over the location in question on the map. The Cutie Map usually stays visible at all times, but in some episodes it reverts to being just a regular circular table when it is not active.

In this two-parter, all of the Mane Six are summoned to Starlight Glimmer's village to free the ponies living there from her despotic views on equality.

The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone

In The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone, Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash are summoned to the griffon kingdom of Griffonstone to help the griffons rebuild after their loss of the treasured Idol of Boreas.

Made in Manehattan

In Made in Manehattan, Applejack and Rarity are summoned to the Manehattan borough of Bronclyn to help Coco Pommel restore her neighborhood's sense of community.

The Hooffields and McColts

In The Hooffields and McColts, Twilight Sparkle and Fluttershy are summoned to the Smokey Mountains to end a years-old feud between the Hooffield and McColt families.

The Cutie Re-Mark

Cutie Map shows half of Equestria covered in crystal S5E25
In the two-part season five finale, Starlight Glimmer uses her magic on the map to activate an altered version of Star Swirl the Bearded's time travel spell. In each of the alternate timelines created by Starlight's actions, the Castle of Friendship disappears, but the Cutie Map remains, its landscape changing depending on events that have taken place in that timeline. Twilight deduces that the map remains in each timeline because of its connection to the Tree of Harmony, making it sense that something is wrong.

Spice Up Your Life


The Cutie Map is featured on the Season 5 DVD cover. In the Equestrian Odysseys expansion set of Enterplay's collectible card game, card #216 UR is of the Cutie Map.


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