For the location, see Equestria.
Equestria (song)
Film My Little Pony The Movie
Character(s) Pony Choir
Sung by Phoenix Chamber Choir
Music by Daniel Ingram
Lyrics by Daniel Ingram
Michael Vogel
Length 1:27
Album My Little Pony: The Movie (Original Motion Picture Score)
Transcript My Little Pony The Movie
Key signature D Major, F Major

Equestria is a song that serves as the thirty-first and final track on My Little Pony The Movie's official film score album. The song was in the original cut of the film's opening minutes before being replaced with We Got the Beat.[1][2] The instrumental of this song can still be heard at the beginning of the end credits suite of the film.


Prior to this song being cut from the film, Daniel Ingram hired Gabriel Brown as one of the singers in the choir.[3]


Equestria (Equestria, Equestria)
Equestria (Equestria, Equestria)
Here in our land, our home
Everypony knows how to celebrate the magic
Of Equestria (Equestria, Equestria)
Equestria (Equestria, Equestria)
The Festival is coming (is coming)
The Festival of Friendship (is coming)
All around come running (is coming)
To celebrate together
The first ever one (is coming)
The Festival of Friendship (is coming)
So make some good weather
The Festival is almost here!
[instrumental continues]


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