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Explore Equestria: Greatest Hits
Explore Equestria Greatest Hits vinyl cover.jpg
Vinyl record's side A
Released November 25, 2016
Length 18:05 (Side A)
Genre Soundtrack, Children's Music
Label Hasbro Studios
Sony Music
Legacy Recordings
Artist Daniel Ingram
Recorded 2009–2016
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My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - Explore Equestria: Greatest Hits is a vinyl soundtrack album containing select songs from the show released by Legacy Recordings on November 25, 2016. The album consists almost entirely of re-released songs except for two that haven't been included on previous soundtracks: Celestia's Ballad and Out On My Own.


Side A

  1. My Little Pony Theme Song
  2. B.B.B.F.F.
  3. This Day Aria
  4. What My Cutie Mark Is Telling Me
  5. A True, True Friend
  6. Hearts as Strong as Horses
  7. Bats
  8. Generosity

Side B

  1. Glass of Water
  2. Find the Music in You
  3. Music in the Treetops
  4. Flim Flam Miracle Curative Tonic
  5. You'll Play Your Part
  6. Let the Rainbow Remind You
  7. Celestia's Ballad
  8. On My Own


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