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Spike next to fireplace S2E11

Once upon a time...

This article outlines a fictional chronology of events as depicted and described in the My Little Pony Friendship is Magic franchise.

Generation 1[]

  • The evil witch Hydia and her daughters Reeka and Draggle unleash the Smooze in an attempt to destroy pony-kind. They are defeated and banished to the Volcano of Gloom. (My Little Pony: Generations)

Generations 4 and 4.5[]

Before Equestria[]

  • Earth ponies, Pegasi and unicorns S02E11

    The three pony tribes as depicted in a pageant.

    Grogar declares himself ruler over a collection of farms and pastures. (The Beginning of the End - Part 1)
  • Grogar creates various monsters to lay siege to the land. (The Beginning of the End - Part 1)
  • Gusty the Great rises up against Grogar and banishes him. (A Flurry of Emotions, The Beginning of the End - Part 1)
  • Earth ponies, unicorns, and Pegasi live together under extremely hostile conditions. (Hearth's Warming Eve)
  • In unspecified chronological order...
    • Chancellor Puddinghead tries to pass a law mandating Earth ponies drink carrot juice at every meal. (Forgotten Friendship)
    • Clover the Clever undergoes seven trials, one of which involves pursuing and defeating an evil sorceress in possession of a memory-erasing artifact. (Forgotten Friendship)
    • In year 1322 of the "pre-Equestria era", Abraxius the Bold did "a bunch of boring stuff" "for a really long time". (A Horse Shoe-In)
  • Fire of Friendship S2E11

    The Fire of Friendship.

    A mysterious blizzard appears and "topples the tribes' precarious peace." The tribe leaders set out to find a new land. When they all discover the same land at the same time, their feud starts over, attracting the windigos and causing another blizzard. As the tribe leaders freeze, their cohorts become friends, and the Fire of Friendship is created. The tribe leaders thaw out of the ice, make peace, and agree to share the land as one unified race. Equestria is founded. (Hearth's Warming Eve)

Ancient history[]

Millennium leading to current era[]

Current era[]

Friendship is Magic[]

Generation 4[]

Season one[]

The Return of Harmony[]

  • Discord, "First changes of Ponyville" S02E02

    "Picture it: The chaos capital of the world."

    After a minor squabble between the Cutie Mark Crusaders, Discord, freed from his stone state, returns and wreaks chaos.
  • Discord uses his magic to turn Ponyville into the "chaos capital of the world."
    • Possible deviation: Discord's chaotic reign extends to the rest of Equestria. (The Cutie Re-Mark - Part 2)
  • Twilight and her friends defeat Discord and trap him in stone again with the Elements of Harmony.

Season two[]

A Canterlot Wedding[]

  • Cadance and Shining Armor post wedding kiss S2E26

    "I now pronounce you mare and colt."

    Queen Chrysalis, the leader of the changelings, infiltrates Canterlot and takes Princess Cadance's place.
    • Possible deviation: Chrysalis and the changelings succeed in taking over Equestria, driving many ponies away into hiding. (The Cutie Re-Mark - Part 2, Cutie Re-Mark: Changelingverse)
  • Twilight is invited to her brother Shining Armor's wedding to Princess Cadance.
  • Twilight rescues the real Princess Cadance from captivity, and Queen Chrysalis and the changelings are ultimately defeated by the power of Cadance and Shining Armor's love.
  • Princess Cadance and Shining Armor are married.

The Crystal Empire[]

  • Crystal Empire surrounded by King Sombra S3E2

    King Sombra invading the Crystal Empire.

    After a thousand years, the Crystal Empire reappears. King Sombra, in a weakened shadow form, attempts to regain control.
  • Twilight is sent to the Crystal Empire to help save it as part of a test by Princess Celestia, and her friends accompany her.
  • Twilight finds the Crystal Heart and sends Spike to deliver it. With the Crystal Heart in place, the Crystal Ponies use the "love and light within" them to defeat Sombra. Cadance is recognized as the "Crystal Princess". Spike becomes known as "Great and Honorable Spike the Brave and Glorious" in the Crystal Empire for his role.

Season three[]

  • Alicorn Twilight reveal 2 S3E13

    Twilight Sparkle becomes an Alicorn princess.

    In unspecified chronological order...
  • Twilight Sparkle completes Star Swirl the Bearded's unfinished spell and creates new magic. She is crowned an Alicorn princess. (Magical Mystery Cure)

My Little Pony Equestria Girls[]

  • Main cast photo "this is our big night" EG

    Twilight and her human friends.

    Twilight attends her first princess summit in the Crystal Empire.
  • Sunset Shimmer steals Twilight's crown and escapes to the human world via the Crystal Mirror.
  • Twilight and Spike follow Sunset to the human world and meet human counterparts of their pony friends.
  • With the help of her human friends, Twilight defeats Sunset Shimmer and recovers her crown.
  • The Dazzlings witness Sunset Shimmer's defeat.

Princess Twilight Sparkle[]

  • Mysterious chest S4E02

    The Chest of Harmony.

    Plunderseed vines planted by Discord long ago emerge from the Everfree Forest and begin invading Equestria, capturing Princess Celestia and Princess Luna.
  • Twilight and her friends return the Elements of Harmony to the Tree of Harmony and destroy the plunderseeds.
  • The Chest of Harmony appears.
  • The Summer Sun Celebration is held in Canterlot.

Season four[]

Twilight's Kingdom[]

  • The Mane 6 in their Rainbow Power forms S4E26

    Rainbow Power.

    Lord Tirek escapes from Tartarus and convinces Discord to join him in his campaign to drain all of Equestria of its magic.
    • Possible deviation: Lord Tirek rises to power and lays waste to all of Equestria. (The Cutie Re-Mark - Part 2)
  • The Golden Oak Library is destroyed by Lord Tirek.
  • Twilight Sparkle obtains her key to the Chest of Harmony.
  • Twilight and her friends unlock the Chest of Harmony and obtain Rainbow Power. With this power, they defeat Lord Tirek and imprison him in Tartarus again.
  • The Castle of Friendship appears in Ponyville.

My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks[]

The Cutie Map[]

  • Creepy smiling ponies with equals sign banner S5E1

    Starlight Glimmer's "utopia".

    The Cutie Map appears in the Friendship Rainbow Kingdom castle, and Twilight and her friends follow it to Starlight Glimmer's village.
  • Starlight Glimmer uses her magic to remove Twilight and her friends' cutie marks.
  • With the help of the villagers, Twilight and her friends defeat Starlight Glimmer, who escapes, and get their cutie marks back.

Season five[]

The Cutie Re-Mark[]

  • Twilight, Spike, and Starlight on the barren landscape S5E26

    A barren future.

    Starlight Glimmer travels back in time to prevent filly Rainbow Dash from performing her first sonic rainboom.
  • As a result of Starlight's interference with history, several alternate timelines are created.
  • After several attempts, Twilight foils Starlight's efforts to change history.
  • Starlight Glimmer is reformed, and Twilight takes her on as a pupil.

My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Friendship Games[]

  • Another wide shot of the Tri-Cross Relay track EG3

    The Friendship Games.

    The Friendship Games are held at Canterlot High School.
  • Sunset Shimmer defeats human Twilight after she transforms into Midnight Sparkle.
  • Human Twilight transfers from Crystal Prep Academy to Canterlot High.
  • After the events of The Cutie Re-Mark, Princess Twilight meets her human counterpart.

The Crystalling[]

Alicorn Baby Flurry Heart revealed - episode version S6E1

Flurry Heart, the first Alicorn baby.

  • Princess Cadance gives birth to Flurry Heart, the first naturally-born Alicorn in Equestria.
  • Starlight Glimmer reunites with her old friend Sunburst.
  • Flurry Heart inadvertently shatters the Crystal Heart, threatening the Crystal Empire with an eternal winter.
  • The Mane Six and their friends restore the Crystal Heart with Flurry Heart's Crystalling ceremony.

Season six[]

The Cutie Map is reactivated S6E12

The Cutie Map is reactivated.

To Where and Back Again[]

The changeling hive exterior shot S6E25

The Changeling Kingdom.

  • Starlight Glimmer's old village holds its annual Sunset Festival.
  • The Mane Six, the princesses of Equestria, Shining Armor, and Flurry Heart are captured and replaced by changelings. Starlight Glimmer, Trixie, Thorax, and Discord come together to rescue them.
  • Starlight, Trixie, Thorax, and Discord infiltrate the Changeling Kingdom.
  • Through Starlight Glimmer's leadership, Thorax transforms into a new form of changeling, and the other changelings learn to share the love inside them.
  • The changelings are reformed, Queen Chrysalis' throne is destroyed, Chrysalis escapes, and Thorax becomes the new leader of the changelings.
  • Starlight Glimmer and her friends attend the Sunset Festival.

My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Legend of Everfree[]

Opening sequence final shot of Camp Everfree EG4

Camp Everfree.

  • The students of Canterlot High School take a trip to Camp Everfree.
  • Sunset Shimmer, Twilight Sparkle, and their friends develop new magical powers.
  • The Mane Seven defeat Gloriosa Daisy when her overzealous desire to save the camp from closing leads to her transforming into a monster.
  • The campers organize a Crystal Gala fundraiser to raise money to save the camp.

Equestria Girls specials[]

  • The Rainbooms and Shadowbolts collaborate on a dance music video to win the Canterlot Mall Chance to Prance music video contest. (Dance Magic)
  • The Mane Seven are invited onto the set of the Daring Do movie and solve a prop theft mystery committed by Juniper Montage. (Movie Magic)
  • Starlight Glimmer travels from Equestria to the human world and helps stop Juniper Montage when she is corrupted by a magical hand mirror. (Mirror Magic)

Season seven[]

Shadow Play[]

  • Mane Six, Starlight, Spike, and Pillars stand together S7E26

    The Pillars of Old Equestria are released from limbo.

    Twilight and her friends gather together the magical artifacts of the Pillars of Old Equestria.
  • Twilight releases Star Swirl the Bearded, the Pillars, and the Pony of Shadows from limbo.
  • The Cutie Map summons the Mane Six to the Hollow Shades.
  • The Mane Six regain the Elements of Harmony.
  • The Mane Six and the Pillars of Old Equestria free Stygian from the darkness, and the darkness is banished to limbo again.

Equestria Girls: Digital Series[]

My Little Pony The Movie[]

  • Tempest Shadow's skiff looming over Canterlot MLPTM

    The Storm King's armada invades Canterlot.

    Twilight oversees Equestria's first Friendship Festival in Canterlot.
  • Tempest Shadow leads the Storm King's attack on Canterlot, capturing all of the princesses except Twilight.
  • The Mane Six flee south of Equestria and make contact with the Hippogriffs—transformed into seaponies—in Seaquestria.
  • Twilight's friends launch a campaign to free Canterlot from the Storm King's control.
  • Twilight befriends Tempest, inspiring her to protect the Mane Six from the Storm King, who turns to stone and shatters.
  • The Friendship Festival resumes.

Equestria Girls: Rollercoaster of Friendship[]

  • The Equestria Land theme park is opened.

Equestria Girls: Spring Breakdown[]

  • Some of the Storm King's magic leaks into the human world.
  • The Mane 7 celebrate spring break on the Luxe Deluxe cruise ship.
  • The Storm King's magic manifests as a magical lightning storm.
  • Sunset, Twilight, and Rainbow Dash discover a second portal to Equestria.
  • Sunset, Twilight, and Rainbow use the Staff of Sacanas to absorb the Storm King's residual magic.

Equestria Girls: Sunset's Backstage Pass[]

  • Sunset Shimmer and Pinkie Pie are excited to see their favorite band perform at the Starswirled Music Festival
  • Equestrian magic causes Sunset to get stuck reliving the first day of the festival over and over.
  • Sunset finally destroyed the Time Twirler, breaking its spell.

Season eight[]

School Raze[]

  • Young Six glowing above Cozy Glow S8E26

    The Young Six and Tree of Harmony foil Cozy Glow's scheme.

    Cozy Glow enacts a plan to remove all magic from Equestria, making use of several artifacts entrusted to Twilight by Princess Celestia.
  • The Mane Six and Spike travel to Tartarus to investigate Tirek's involvement in the disappearance of magic and learn about his alliance with Cozy Glow.
  • Cozy Glow imprisons Starlight Glimmer, and later Chancellor Neighsay, to enable her takeover of the School of Friendship.
  • The Mane Six and Spike escape from Tartarus, and the Tree of Harmony helps the Young Six thwart Cozy Glow's plans and restore Equestria's magic.
  • Cozy Glow is apprehended by the Canterlot royal guards and imprisoned in Tartarus.

My Little Pony Best Gift Ever[]

  • The Mane Six do a Hearthswarming Helper for Hearth's Warming.
  • Pinkie Pie meets the Gift Givers of the Grove.

The Beginning of the End[]

  • Grogar assembles a league of villains S9E1

    Grogar and his Legion of Doom.

    Celestia and Luna decide to retire and leave the task of ruling Equestria to Twilight and her friends.
  • Grogar assembles a legion of villains—consisting of Queen Chrysalis, Lord Tirek, Cozy Glow, and King Sombra—to destroy the Mane Six.
  • King Sombra defects from the alliance and attacks the Crystal Empire.
  • After being seemingly defeated, Sombra destroys the Tree of Harmony and Elements of Harmony.
  • Sombra takes control of everyone in Ponyville and takes over Canterlot.
  • Plants from the Everfree Forest threaten to overrun Ponyville, and Celestia, Luna, and Star Swirl contain it.
  • The Mane Six defeat King Sombra with the Magic of Friendship.
  • Celestia and Luna decide to delay their retirement.

Season nine[]

  • In unspecified chronological order...
    • The Young Six turn the Tree of Harmony's remains into a treehouse. (Uprooted)
    • Twilight and Shining Armor compete for the title of "Sibling Supreme". (Sparkle's Seven)
    • The Amity Ball is held at the School of Friendship. (She's All Yak)
    • Lord Tirek, Queen Chrysalis, and Cozy Glow retrieve Grogar's Bewitching Bell from Mt. Everhoof and hide it in their plot to overthrow him. (Frenemies)
    • The Confluence takes place at Sweet Apple Acres. (Going to Seed)
    • Scootaloo's aunts Holiday and Lofty move to Ponyville. (The Last Crusade)
    • The last Summer Sun Celebration is held, and Twilight creates the Festival of the Two Sisters to replace it. Tirek, Chrysalis, and Cozy infiltrate Canterlot Castle and steal a book about the Bewitching Bell from the archives. (The Summer Sun Setback)
    • Starlight Glimmer is promoted to headmare of the School of Friendship, Sunburst is hired as the vice headmare, and Trixie is hired as the new guidance counselor. (A Horse Shoe-In)
    • Daring Do and Dr. Caballeron co-write the next Daring Do book. Ahuizotl becomes an author. (Daring Doubt)
    • The Cutie Mark Crusaders temporarily turn into grown-ups with a magic flower sent by Star Swirl the Bearded. (Growing Up is Hard to Do)
    • Big McIntosh and Sugar Belle are married. (The Big Mac Question)

The Ending of the End[]

  • Mane Six, Young Six, and Pillars floating S9E25

    The united power of the Mane Six, the Young Six, and the Pillars of Old Equestria defeat the Legion of Doom.

    Queen Chrysalis, Lord Tirek, and Cozy Glow turn the pony races against each other and empower themselves with the Bewitching Bell.
  • Grogar is revealed to be Discord in disguise.
  • Cozy Glow attacks Canterlot, Tirek defeats the Pillars of Old Equestria, and Chrysalis defeats Starlight Glimmer.
  • The three villains defeat and capture most of the Mane Six, Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, the Pillars, and Discord.
  • Twilight's friends escape and regroup with her to challenge the villains.
  • The windigos return to Equestria.
  • The School of Friendship students reunite Equestria and assemble an army to fight the villains.
  • The Mane Six, Young Six, and Pillars banish the windigos and defeat the villains with the magic of friendship.
  • Chrysalis, Tirek, and Cozy Glow are imprisoned in stone by Discord and the princesses.

Friendship is Forever[]

Season ten[]


Generation 4.5[]

  • Discord appears from the future and borrows the Elements of Harmony. When he returns them, he creates a new[2] universe.[3] (My Little Pony: The Manga - A Day in the Life of Equestria Vol. 3)
  • In unspecified chronological order...
    • Discord is released from his stone prison and reformed.
    • Twilight Sparkle becomes an Alicorn.
    • Spike grows a pair of wings.
    • Pinkie Pie takes over Sugarcube Corner from Mr. and Mrs. Cake. (The Trail Less Trotten)

My Little Pony: Pony Life[]

Season one[]

Season two[]

  • The Cotton Candy Comet "sets into motion a series of strange and magical occurrences." The Mane 6 "experience exciting and otherworldly events such as the opening of a magical portal, travelling through time, and even visiting another dimension where they will meet some truly wild new friends."[4]

Generation 5[]

My Little Pony: A New Generation[]

  • My Little Pony 2021 movie Equestria Daily exclusive still
    "Instead of abandoning the franchise’s characters and stories, the movie will take place in the same world featured in Friendship is Magic and Pony Life, but jump ahead in time to focus on a new generation of ponies and unexplored corners of Equestria."[5] "In the new movie, the pony world of Equestria has lost its magic. Friendship and Harmony have been replaced by paranoia and mistrust, and Ponies now live separated by species. Sunny -- a feisty and idealistic young Earth Pony -- is convinced there’s still hope for this divided world, but her slightly misguided and often hilarious efforts to change hearts and minds have led to her being branded a misfit. When Sunny befriends a lost Unicorn named Izzy, who wanders innocently into the Earth Pony town of Maretime Bay, the town has had enough. Izzy and Sunny must embark on an epic adventure that will include a daring jewel heist, outrageous conspiracy theories, elaborate musical numbers, and the world’s cutest flying Pomeranian. Their adventures will take them to faraway lands and force them to challenge the status quo by facing their fears and making new friends out of old enemies. The world Sunny has dreamed of her entire life could finally become a reality as Sunny and her newfound friends fight to prove that even little ponies can make a big difference."[6]



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