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Fire Streak
(Lightning Dash)
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Fire Streak in Rarity Investigates!
Kind Pegasus
Sex Male
Occupation Teacher
Member of the Wonderbolts (formerly)
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Eyes Moderate purple (S7E7)
Dark cornflower blue (The Wonderbolts Academy Handbook)
Mane ¤ Brilliant orange and light brownish gray
Coat Light gray

Fire Streak, or Lightning Dash, is a male Pegasus pony and a retired member of the aerial acrobatics group, the Wonderbolts. He first appears in the season one episode Sonic Rainboom. He is named Fire Streak in Newbie Dash and Parental Glideance, and he is named both Fire Streak and Lightning Dash in merchandise.

Design and development

Fire Streak shares his design, coat color, and in-show eye color with "Wind Waker".

Depiction in the series

Wonderbolts making an appearance S1E16.png

Fire Streak first appears in Sonic Rainboom as one of the celebrity judges at the Best Young Flyer Competition alongside Spitfire, Soarin, Misty Fly, Blaze, and Silver Zoom. In The Best Night Ever, he briefly appears mingling with Royal Ribbon in the V.I.P. section of the Grand Galloping Gala.

In season two, Fire Streak very briefly appears participating in the Wonderbolts Derby in Sweet and Elite, though he does not appear at the start or finish line.

In season five, Fire Streak attends a banquet at Canterlot Castle in honor of Princess Celestia's royal garden opening in Rarity Investigates! In the season six episode Newbie Dash, Fire Streak is first referred to by name; Rainbow Dash states that he retired from the Wonderbolts to become a full-time teacher. He is also mentioned by Scootaloo and depicted in photograph in Parental Glideance.

Other depictions

IDW comics

In My Little Pony Micro-Series Issue #2, Fire Streak appears flying with other members of the Wonderbolts on page 1. In My Little Pony: Ponyville Mysteries Issue #2, he appears on the Cloudsdale bowling team on page 12.

In My Little Pony: Ponyville Mysteries Issue #3, a unicorn stallion also named Fire Streak appears as a firefighter putting out a fire that was intentionally set at Ponyville Retirement Village.

In My Little Pony/Transformers Issue #1, Fire Streak appears on page 9 encountering the Autobot Windblade after Queen Chrysalis brings the Autobots and Decepticons of Transformers to Equestria.


A mini-figure toy and collector card of Fire Streak are included in the twenty-second wave of mystery packs. The collector card states about Fire Streak, "This wonderbolt[sic] is extra friendly."

A list of Wonderbolts on page 34 of Little, Brown's My Little Pony Friendship is Magic official guidebook My Little Pony: The Elements of Harmony includes the name "Fire Streak" without specifying Fire Streak's identity.[1][2] Fire Streak is named and identified as both "Fire Streak" and "Lightning Dash" on page 169 of The Wonderbolts Academy Handbook.

Fire Streak is featured on WeLoveFine's "Wonderbolts Ride the Lightning" Mighty Fine T-shirt.


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