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Hi all,

I have a request to use TheRequiemBot in the main space. The bot software I'll be using is AWB. This will mainly be used for tedious edits.

I already have been permitted to use a bot but it was for chat function (Used to be Noteworthy/Jake A but have since moved the bot flag to TheRequiemBot). Before I can use it in the main space however, I'd like the approval of the community since using it in the main space was never prior discussed. Although the bot holds a bot flag at the moment, I won't use it for bot edits on this Wiki until this forum is concluded (assuming it goes okay).

Many thanks,

7d2V8iG.png 16:52, April 21, 2019 (UTC)


Sounds good to me, IIRC you've made bot edits around the wiki before so you can be trusted with it. ~Bobogoobo (talk) Lyra_speaks_S2E25.png 21:08, April 28, 2019 (UTC)

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