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Ahuizotl Doing More Damage in Season 5?

Since Ahiuzotl and Daring Do are real, will there be more episodes of both of them be planned out? It would be cool of how it goes farther in the series, if the pre-series finale, have Ahuizotl himself either, being redeemed, or die, or taken to jail in Canterlot, (Or Tartarus) then I don't know what..... Because so far, Ahuizotl is a threat to Equestira. In my Headcanon, Princess Celestia is a client. As Daring Do is her agent/emissary. So, it would make sense of Celestia not doing anything, as she has bigger things that she has to deal with other than Zotl himself. Since those books are canon within the canon universe, it would make sense.

More Aztecian Creatures?

So far, we have the Quetzalcoatl who is probably a sentient creature royal empress. It's strictly unknown if it's dead, or it's trapped in the Radient Shield of Rasdon, or the Basins of Tenochtitlan. And since it has "Dark Magic" by Twilight, it's assumed that the empress is either corrupted, or born evil.

The Quetzalcoatl was a feathered serpent deity that is the creator of the world in the original mythology. So obviously, the Empress could be a threat if she's ever brung back to life by Ahuizotl himself.

My question is: Are we going to see the other aztecian creatures? Like the Chaneque? Who were impish creatures with elemental forces of nature. The Double-headed Serpent? Or hell, the giants: Quinametzin and Xelhua? Or will we get Mayan creatures? Mayans, at least back then, used to live alongside with the Aztecs, so that, in a sense, would make... erm... sense... :P

Official Merchandise Daring Do Books Canon?

Since it's the writing of Daring Do (A.K. Yearling) it could be brought up in the events of the other books, like the Sapphire Stone (Statue?) Ring of Destiny, and the other books with the Quetzalcoatl Empress, and the Radiant Shield of Rasdon! It would make sense as well!

Or it could go out like what the IDW comics are doing as of right now.

HEADCANON Ahiuzotl a Demigod?

Back in the original mythology, the Ahuizotl is hypothetically a messenger to Tlaloc, the Aztecian water god of life and his wife, Chalchiuhtlicue. According to the myth, once it kills and/or eats you, you will be taken to a heaven-like place, where Tlaloc and Chalchiuhtlicue with their servents will guide you to their realm, where you live in paradise for all enternity. This is supposedly because the victim earned a quote on quote: "Good reward" for their good courageous deeds in their life. Soooo could Ahuizotl be some immortal Demigod? Brought to life by a creature-inspired Aztec god? Time will only tell...

Ahuizotl Color Speculation

Like I said before, I'd want him to be the relatives of Tlaloc and Chalchiuhtlicue. Who, to me, are the same race as Zotl is before their demise and disappearance. And if you look at lots of art relating to the god (Tlaloc) He has turquoise-like color in the paintings of all of the codexes that the Aztecs made him out to be.

Turquoise is the most sacred of the colors in Mesoamerica it symbolizes religious figures, or other significant things that the Aztecs had. And it is thought to gain people such mystical influences as well as other magical properties.

And Tlaloc isn't at all an unknown deity, he is, in fact, a popular deity in mesoamerica. He was around since the BC area of Mexico. (Olmecs) He is pretty much Poseidon of the Aztecs. Not a sea god, but can control rain and the weather. Tlaloc is also married to Chalchiuhtlicue. But in some accounts, they're siblings. Tlaloc is an unpleasant looking and physical god, but he is said to have 2 hot and gorgeous wives.

As for his armbands and earrings, the Aztecs are very fond of the colorings.

Red Represents blood, but it is not only that. They used that color on art, pottery, jewelry, and body painting. But it was originally derived from the cochineal insect. And yes, the aztecs were also insignia that as their blood rituals of their sacrifices. And, they use that as a form of war paint, and body decoration.

Yellow Not without the doubt important. The Aztecs, also think yellow is a mystical color like turquoise. It is linked with riches, as he has a golden necklace. And connected to the sun. As well as war paint.

With all that in mind, I would like to think that Ahuizotl is a royalty. I don't want to think he stole the gold from other ponies in the valley of Tenochtitlan. As well as he construct it. I would like to think he was once part of a higher class family, but with that defunct, he wants to avenge for his family life.

Race is extinct? And Ahuizotl is undercover name?

So far, it is unknown if Ahuizotl actually has a race. I have an evidence that his race is still out there.

Remember when Arimaspi attacked, we thought he was just a legendary creature at his own right? Well, in the Art of Equestria book, there might have been a cut off on the south border of Equestria. This may just be Grandpa Guff calling the creature as a surname, instead of it's actual name and not the species.

With that said, I would like to think the species are wild dogs ranging from coyotes, wolves, and dog breeds like mexican hairlesses and chihuahuas. As well as jungle cats such as: Panthers, Jaguars, Pumas, as well as tigers. I would also like to think that Ahuizotl himself is a hybrid between a cat and a dog. Not 100% cat creature.

I do believe that Ahuizotl is more of an undercover name basis than his actual name. In my head, I would like to think his actual name is: Tlalocan "Ahuizotl" Teotihuacan. Yes, since he's an aztec beast, I want to corporate the mexican myths to the show like what I've said with him being in relations to Tlaloc and Chalchiuhtlicue. I don't want the show to name him just "Ahuizotl" in my opinion. If, we ever get to see his background life. Still, seeing how the show has made research of mythical creatures, I bet they wouldn't do this.

Eternal Flower Revealed that he is indeed, a mortal or demigod

With the books being nearly canon, as G.M. Berrow is now in the show; I think it is safe to say that Ahuizotl could either be a mortal, or a demigod. Like, higher level life span than most characters of the show. So yes, he has that alicorn status life span if anybody ever read Journal of the Two Sisters. I have a story idea that Ahuizotl secretly has a sacred artifact from one of his relatives (Named Xolotl) that could give him 800 or 1000 years of life. The artifact is called: The Orb of Semivida. (Demi life)

I also believe that Zotl was once a creature that could perform magic called: Mysticism. But with that gone, he uses the stone orb to achieve a battery of life as a form of charge. In my headcanon, Celestia was the one who stopped the aggresive race sometime in a thousand years before Luna and Discord came to power all those millennia ago.

Celestia and Luna banish Tlaloc and Chalchiuht to Tartarus, and Ahuizotl himself being a muggle and mortal creature. Revealingly, they used the Sapphire Stone to extract all magical energies from him. Celestia doesn't want this to be reminded by anyone, even Twilight. Because they almost destroyed an aggresive race that they don't know about, and wished to care earlier. This memory is saddening to them, as they don't want the other ponies seeing them as fearmongers. Celestia just remember the Ahuizotl race, but don't know the hidings of Tlalocan. (Ahuizotl)

Why hasn't he returned?

I find it puzzling that Ahuizotl has only appeared once in the animated series (twice if you count his appearance in the book scenes from Read It and Weep) whereas Dr. Caballeron and his minions have appeared three times. Given his apparent knowledge of ancient artifacts and his network, Ahizotl seems like the type of enemy who could make a comeback, possibly even as a two-parter level threat. Now, it's possible that the writers don't have any ideas for how to implement him, or perhaps would prefer to utilize instead. There's also of course the possibility that they prefer him to remain Daring Do's particular nemesis. However, within the universe itself, there are a few possibilities that come to mind:

  • It's possible that Ahuizotl is still miniature due to the events of Daring Do and the Eternal Flower, though unless Poison joke remains in effect until an antidote is administered I find that unlikely. Even if it does, I figure Ahuizotl would have some connections that would help him remedy the issue.
  • It may be that Ahuizotl hasn't managed to put together any serious schemes recently, what with his whole ring scheme going south.
  • Daring Do may well have succeeded in keeping Ahuizotl's threat contained, preventing him from securing needed resources to pull off an Equestria-level scheme.

Still, it'd be nice to see him show up at least once more before the series concludes. --Kilmarnock228 (talk) 08:55, November 23, 2017 (UTC)

Considering the fact that I had stated this a very long time ago, that the books are canonical at some/or at this point, the fact that he's miniature could be the very case. Ahuizotl is one of the more interesting villains of him being a Badass Normal trope. But the fact they haven't done anything with his character is just so disappointing. The other reason why I find him endearing is having a latino villain based on an actual ancient cultural mythical creature is a plus. (I'm latino) I have a silly headcanon, but most/all of what I've said is pretty irrelevant in this speculation forum now. NathanTheMoldy (talk) 20:23, July 4, 2018 (UTC)Nathanthemoldy

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