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When the three culprits took bites

Well, I just wanted to explain that we don't know when the culprits took their bite. Rarity was the only one who was seen taking a bite of the MMMM, well that part was hidden from view, but Rarity's bite of the cake is heard. My theory on Rainbow Dash, I can really put up a theory for when she took a bite of the cake, my theory on Fluttershy is that she donned the conductor's hat and neckerchief as a disguise and began spying, she took several bites of the cake, when Pinkie Pie left the dessert car, but she wouldn't have time to take a bite from the bottom so, why not a part higher, right? I think Rainbow Dash is clever, I can't even explained how she even got clear to taking a bite, maybe she took a bite while Pinkie chased Fluttershy she clearly had more than enough time to eat more than two bites, how fast she is? She could have hovered close to the ceiling again and she also could have took bites while the lights were out, and Rarity attacked, but most unlikely.


Only one bite is heard by Rarity, so this leads me to think Rarity took only one bite, but also she was probably meaning to take anotherm but bot enough time and just escaped.

Applejack as a culprit

Also, I noticed that Applejack was acting weird when they decided to discover who ate the other bakers' goods she had a very suspicious look on her face, like something's up and after that she disappears mysteriously, but what if she did eat the bakers' goods, it's kinda likely, Applejack eats pretty fast, shown in other episodes, she could have easily pretended that nothing happened. Does anyone agree?

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