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I have a theory that Spike will now stay smaller than other dragons his age longer than a normally developing dragon would. In this episode his accelerated growth was triggered by his dragon greed, a situation which was reversed when he then psychologically blocked his own greed impulses in order to stay with his pony friends. Thus as long as he continues to live with the ponies he cares so strongly for his growth rate will be drastically reduced, though not halted completely. Herculine (talk) 05:09, March 25, 2016 (UTC)

An interesting theory. Of course we know next to nothing about how dragon aging works-judging by the one from Dragonshy we know that they live for a really long time, but little else. I mean, Spike is apparently considered a baby despite being fully capable of speech and taking care of himself to some degree-makes you wonder what scale they judge on. Also, anyone else curious why we haven't really seen Spike's adult form or a similar design used since?--Voltron23 (talk) 23:24, May 24, 2017 (UTC)
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