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My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: Free Comic Book Day
MLP Free Comic Book Day comic cover.jpg
Published: July 15, 2020
Writer: Jeremy Whitley
Artist: Trish Forstner
Colorist: Heather Breckel
Letterer: Christa Miesner
Editor: Megan Brown
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My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: Free Comic Book Day is a special-edition mini-comic released by IDW Publishing for Free Comic Book Summer 2020, serving as an introduction to the comics' "Season 10". In the issue, Princess Twilight Sparkle celebrates her first sunrise as ruler of Equestria.


On the morning after Twilight's coronation as ruler of Equestria, a royal guard wakes up Spike, who oversees all of the preparations for Twilight's "first sunrise". Applejack and several Canterlot chefs prepare the food, Pinkie Pie organizes the parade, Rainbow Dash keeps the skies clear and sunny, Fluttershy oversees rehearsals for the animal orchestra, and Rarity prepares Twilight's gown and organizes her morning beauty routine.

However, Twilight does not show up for her beauty routine with Rarity, and when the royal guards find only scrolls and books scattered around her bedroom, Spike knows where she is. He finds Twilight in the castle library, where she spent the entire night wondering what her reign over Equestria will be known for. With Princess Celestia and Princess Luna retired and no longer around for advice, Twilight feels lost and fears her reign will eventually be forgotten. Spike assures her that she will be a great and unforgettable ruler with her friends by her side.

With Spike's assurance, Twilight attends the sunrise ceremony and raises the sun for the first time as ruler of Equestria; this is followed by Applejack's big breakfast banquet. Twilight thanks Spike for his reassuring words and says she has an idea for what her reign will be about.

"It's going to involve all of my friends."
— Twilight Sparkle


Royal Guard: It's two hours until sunrise, sir. You asked me to wake you now.
Spike: Give me another hour, okay?
Royal Guard: Sir, you said you'd say that, and that I was not to listen to you.
Spike: We don't have time for comical pratfalls! This is the big day!
Applejack: I know it's hardly been any time at all since we were fighting to save all of Equestria, but... well... I kinda miss it, ya know? With Twilight being here, she can't just run off on some big adventure, and that means I don't either.
Pinkie Pie: I found the problem! The tuba wouldn't blow because there was a cupcake jammed inside!
Fluttershy: Now, Henry, I know you've had a bit of a cold, but do you think you can still crow in F sharp?
Spike: Did a villain lock her in the sauna? Did some dastardly pony switch out her eyeshadow for nightshade? Did somepony highlight her cheekbones in dark orchid instead of magenta?
Rarity: Why, Spikey, where did you ever learn so much about makeup?
Spike: I mean, I hang around with you a lot. I picked stuff up.
Twilight Sparkle: What is my reign about? What am I going to be known for? When ponies learn about this time in history, they're going to call me Princess Twilight the... what? Evil? Cunning? Mad? Happy? Booksmart?
Rarity: Now, I have about three more steps before we... Oh, well, it looks like we're skipping those steps.
Twilight Sparkle: Sorry, Rarity, the sun can't wait for lip gloss.
Rarity: Well, all I'm saying is a little concealer never hurt anypony.
Spike: Well, Twilight, this is it. The beginning of your reign.
Twilight Sparkle: You might even say it's the dawn of a new day.