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My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #102
Comic issue 102 cover A.jpg
Issue №: 102
Published: October 13, 2021
Writer: Jeremy Whitley
Artist: Andy Price
Colorist: Heather Breckel
Letterer: Neil Uyetake
Editor: Megan Brown
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My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #102, also titled Season 10 Episode 14 and The Knights of Harmony - Part 2,[1] is the one hundred and second, and final, issue of IDW Publishing's Friendship is Magic comic series. It is the fourteenth installment and finale of the comics' "Season 10", taking place after the series' season nine. In this final issue, the Knights of Harmony attack Equestria, and Twilight Sparkle and her friends face an enemy that seeks to take the Elements of Harmony from them.


The issue begins with King Danu of Cunabula telling the story of the Knights of Harmony. Long ago, the Knights discovered the Elements of Harmony on their island kingdom and became its protector. Over time, they spread their ways to other lands, building the five temples and teaching other creatures to use their own elements. When they traveled to what is now Equestria in search of a fabled sixth set of elements, they found the land under siege by Discord. When Discord failed to turn the Knights against each other, he instead turned the other elements against them, resulting in a great element war.

The Knights of Harmony, designating themselves the Knights of Order, decided that the elements could not be trusted to other creatures. Thus, they hid the temples they had built and made Cunabula invisible so that it could not be invaded again by outside forces. Since then, the Knights' elements have been passed down from generation to generation, and the current generation of Knights were finally compelled to take action when the Mane Six started reactivating the temples.

As Twilight Sparkle attempts to reason with Danu, Princess Cadance arrives with Discord and Trixie. As soon as the Knights of Harmony see Discord, they attack him, but Cadance defends him. Discord seemingly flees the scene, causing the Knights to give chase, but his getaway is revealed to be a ruse orchestrated by himself and Trixie. Realizing the threat the Knights pose to Equestria, Twilight and her friends decide they must fight back. As the Knights briefly quarrel over Danu's blind hatred toward Discord, Discord appears and creates several duplicates of himself to split up the Knights' numbers and lead them on a chase around Canterlot.

The Mane Six lead Ceridwen into an alleyway trap, the Young Six battle against Mannah, and the Pillars of Old Equestria free the mind-controlled ponies from Morrigan's control. Danu faces Cadance, Maud Pie, and Stygian, and he uses his earth powers to trigger an earthquake, causing Twilight and her friends to come running. As they run off, Balor hatches a plan with Ceridwen.

The Mane Six, Young Six, and Pillars confront Danu after defeating the other Knights of Harmony, with Spike having supposedly incapacitated Balor. Twilight tries again to reason with Danu, saying they do not have to fight, but Danu remains steadfast in his belief that letting other lands use the Elements of Harmony will lead to another war and that they must be destroyed in order to prevent that from happening.

Just then, the real Spike appears, and the Spike standing alongside Twilight is revealed to be Balor in disguise. Using his own powers in tandem with Ceridwen's, Balor steals Twilight and Star Swirl the Bearded's magic and transfers it to Danu, causing him to grow in size and become immensely powerful. With his earth powers at their most powerful, Danu triggers an earthquake large enough to crack the entire city of Canterlot, and it starts to collapse down the side of the mountain.

At first, Twilight and her friends watch helplessly as the city crumbles around them, but they are saved when the birds of Ornithia, the Diamond Dogs of Caninia, the equines of Farasi, and the cats of Abyssinia arrive to halt and reverse the city's destruction and help with evacuation efforts. Danu finds himself facing a united force consisting of the Young Six, the Pillars, and five groups of Elements of Harmony. They blast him with the full might of their combined magic, and he returns to normal size.

In the face of this defeat, Danu is still convinced that the other element bearers will one day war against each other. However, Twilight is certain, even if that happens, friendship will win out in the end. Later that evening, Twilight meets with Zecora, Capper, Captain Celaeno, and Jennino Lanternlight and invites them and the lands they represent to join Equestria's ever-growing alliance of nations.

Meanwhile, in the Canterlot gardens, the stone statue of Queen Chrysalis, Lord Tirek, and Cozy Glow starts to crack, ending the comic series on a cliffhanger.


Danu: Because our elements are tied to love of country, we are not at the whims of "feelings."
Twilight Sparkle: You talk about them like the Elements of Harmony are weapons!
Danu: On the contrary, they are our shield.
Princess Cadance: I am Mi Amore Cadenza, the Princess of Love, and while I stand you shall not harm my friends!
Discord: Time for a patented Discord getaway!
Trixie: Twilight, honestly, I can't believe you still fall for the illusions of the Great and Powerful Trixie.
Princess Cadance: I am so tired of getting trapped in those stupid caverns! It was like my wedding day all over again.
Mannah: You abandoned the mission for a trick, oh fearless leader.
Danu: You dare question my leadership, waterboy?
Ceridwen: This will only end with the destruction of your home.
Twilight Sparkle: There are things more important than a home. Maybe, after this is all over, we'll have a chance to show you.
Mannah: What are you?!
Silverstream: Your worst nightmare!
Smolder: Oh, come on! I'm supposed to be the tough one here!
Gallus: We didn't even get to do, like, an Elements of Harmony charge-up thing!
Tempest Shadow: [thought bubble] I've no idea how I got here...
Danu: How do you keep doing that!
Maud Pie: It's geology. You should consider learning it.
Ceridwen: I warned you. He'll send this whole city off the cliff before he lets you win.
Balor: Your magic guy never saw me coming. He got a big ol' face full of dragon fire. What a punk!
Danu: Our ancestors thought they could bring the world together and eventually the world drove them apart. The same thing will happen to you. Your kingdom has remained stable because other elements weren't in the world. Now you've given them your secret weapon. Soon, there will be alliances. Alliances bring war. Can you imagine a war between two sets of elements? What about four? You'll destroy everything!
Twilight Sparkle: I don't believe that. Sure, I believe my home is special--but so are all the other homes! If finding these other temples has proven anything, it's that our friendship is not unique! It's special. Our friends are special! Our home is special! But so is everypony else's! Helping our friends become strong doesn't make us weak! Sure, we have things to share with them--but they have things to share with us, too. We don't have to be great at the expense of others. We can all be great together.
Danu: I gave you a chance to save your home--now it will be destroyed with the rest of you!
Captain Celaeno: Your allies from Ornithia have arrived to help you fly.
Jennino Lanternlight: Your allies from the kingdom of Caninia have come to help you rebuild.
Zecora: Your allies from the Farasian shores are here to support you.
Capper: Your allies from Panthera are here to lend a paw.
Danu: Mark my words. One day you'll fight. One day, you will do battle with the elements. And the world will never be the same.
Twilight Sparkle: Maybe someday we'll fight. Maybe you're right. But when that day comes, we'll do what we always do. We'll treat each other with kindness, honesty, loyalty, generosity, and laughter. And we'll trust that a little bit of magic will happen, and our friendship will win out.
Zecora: Friendship, family, experience, purpose, and love. Let us stand together until the stars fall from above.
September: She's early.


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