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My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #98
Comic issue 98 cover A.jpg
Issue №: 98
Published: June 2, 2021
Writer: Celeste Bronfman
Artist: Akeem S. Roberts
Colorist: Heather Breckel
Letterer: Neil Uyetake
Editor: Megan Brown
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My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #98, also titled Season 10 Episode 10 and Pony's Treasure,[1] is the ninety-eighth issue of IDW Publishing's Friendship is Magic comic series. It is the tenth installment of the comics' "Season 10", taking place after the series' season nine. In the issue, Princess Celestia and Princess Luna confront their fears and come face-to-face with a giant creature when a painting brings up memories of their past.


The story begins at Maretime Manor, Princess Celestia and Princess Luna's retirement home in Seaward Shoals, where Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy deliver an old painting from Celestia and Luna's childhood. The painting depicts them as fillies playing with dolls of themselves, which Luna explains symbolized their first step to becoming Equestria's protectors. When Celestia sees the painting, however, it brings up painful memories of how they lost the dolls at sea from a monster attack.

In a flashback to Celestia and Luna's childhood, the young princesses sail across the Crystal Sea with their teacher Star Swirl the Bearded. When the sea starts to become turbulent, Celestia and Luna notice everyone else on their ship has vanished, and a gigantic squid-like creature called the kraken appears before them. The kraken grabs Celestia and Luna as they attempt to get away, their ship and dolls are dragged into the sea by whirlpools, and they find themselves back on dry land with Star Swirl and the rest of the ship's crew.

Back in present day, Fluttershy says krakens are known to be very peaceful and would never harm other creatures, but Celestia dismisses them as monsters after experiencing such a traumatizing event. Luna believes the best way for them to move past this trauma is to venture into the Crystal Sea and retrieve their lost dolls. Celestia fears the kraken is still there, but Luna convinces her to go when she proposes going alone.

Celestia and Luna, wearing diving suits, travel into the Crystal Sea where their ship and dolls were lost and discover wreckages of many other ships that the kraken also attacked. Celestia wants to stop the creature from attacking anyone else, but she is unable to focus her magic due to her childhood trauma. When Celestia and Luna see a whirlpool making its way toward them, the kraken appears before them once again. Similar to when they were fillies, the kraken grabs them, tosses them onto the shore, and leaves. As Luna wonders why the kraken did not destroy them, Celestia angrily suggests going back into the sea to confront it.

Just then, the kraken returns and gives Celestia her lost Celestia doll. Luna realizes that the creature has been saving and protecting ponies at sea from the dangerous whirlpools. Celestia realizes she was wrong about the kraken and apologizes for her previous prejudice. With her magic, Celestia dispels the whirlpools and calms the sea waters, freeing the kraken from its yearly task. The kraken hugs Celestia and Luna in gratitude.

The next day, ponies that previously encountered the kraken gather on the Crystal Sea shores to collect the treasured items they lost and thank the kraken for saving their lives. Celestia thanks Fluttershy for teaching her to "look for the best in others before assuming the worst". To celebrate overcoming their childhood trauma, Celestia and Luna join the kraken for an afternoon swim.


Rainbow Dash: Why do their eyes keep following me? Does anypony else see them following me?!
Princess Luna: We were so proud to act as protectors of those dolls--
Princess Celestia: But we weren't able to protect them. We lost them, and only barely escaped with our lives!
Star Swirl the Bearded: Luna, would you mind joining us for our next lesson?
Young Princess Luna: Sorry! Luna Doll wants to feel the wind rush through her mane.
Young Princess Celestia: Well, Celestia Doll wants to hear what Starswirl has to say and is tired of waiting.
Rainbow Dash: That story had more suspense and heartbreak than Daring Do's dash across the stars!
Fluttershy: The krakens I've met are very peaceful creatures. They have the sweetest sing-song voices, love to dance, and would never, ever dream of harming a pony.
Princess Celestia: You see the best in everycreature, Fluttershy, and that is a remarkable gift. But I witnessed the attack with my own eyes. That kraken descended upon a ship of innocent ponies. Only a monster could do something like that.
Princess Luna: We're going to get our dolls back.
Princess Celestia: Your idea of cheering me up is getting us both killed?
Princess Celestia: Each one of these items had sentimental value to somepony... somepony that monstrous kraken attacked. She's far more dangerous than we imagined. We need to stop her before she hurts anypony else!
Princess Luna: She wasn't coming to hurt us. She was coming to save us.
Princess Celestia: I spent years blaming you for that day. Calling you a monster without taking the time to understand what really happened. Your kindness is the reason I'm alive today, and I'm truly sorry. My rage blinded me from seeing the truth.
Rainbow Dash: Their eyes are still following me. How are they still following me?!