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My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #99
Comic issue 99 cover A.jpg
Issue №: 99
Published: July 7, 2021
Writer: Thom Zahler
Artist: Robin Easter
Colorist: Heather Breckel
Letterer: Neil Uyetake
Editor: Megan Brown
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My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #99, also titled Season 10 Episode 11 and See You Later,[1] is the ninety-ninth issue of IDW Publishing's Friendship is Magic comic series. It is the eleventh installment of the comics' "Season 10", taking place after the series' season nine. In the issue, Marble Pie gets accepted into college, and Pinkie Pie has trouble being happy for her and throwing a going-away party, prompting Cheese Sandwich's involvement.


The issue begins with Cheese Sandwich traveling to the Pie family rock farm before flashing back to a week prior. At the Ponyville post office, Pinkie Pie receives a package of chocolates from Cheese and a letter from the University of Abyssinia addressed to Pinkie's sister Marble. Pinkie goes to the rock farm to deliver the letter personally, and Marble is overjoyed to learn she has been accepted to the University's exclusive art program with a full scholarship. However, the school campus is in a very remote and nearly inaccessible location, and when Pinkie learns Marble is going to be away for a long time, she tearfully refuses Marble's request for a going-away party.

The next day, Marble informs Rarity of what happened, and Rarity in turn informs Applejack and Fluttershy. Applejack finds Pinkie sulking by herself next to a pond, and Pinkie says the idea of being away from Marble for such a long period of time makes it too painful for her to throw a party. Applejack sympathizes with Pinkie's sorrow but explains that no matter the distance between the two sisters, it will not change how emotionally close they are. Pinkie thanks Applejack for the advice, but she is unsure of her ability to throw a party in her current emotional state, so she decides to recruit the help of Cheese Sandwich.

Back in present day, Cheese meets with Pinkie outside the rock farm and immediately starts planning Marble's going-away party, with Pinkie pitching in to help when some of his ideas seem too bizarre. Some time later, the party is in full swing, much to Marble's delight. Marble pulls Pinkie aside and tells her she is just as sad to be away from her family as Pinkie is, and Pinkie apologizes for not being more supportive of Marble's opportunity before. After the two share a hug, Pinkie returns to Cheese and thanks him for helping plan the party, and following some momentary blushing, they go to enjoy the party together.


Mayor Mare: Why, Cheese Sandwich, you sure are making a lot of trips to Ponyville these days. Any chance you're here to see Pinkie? Wink wink, as they say?
Cheese Sandwich: This isn't a social call, mayor--I'm here on business. The kind of business that makes your oats run cold.
Postmaster Buckeye: Why, if it isn't Pinkamena Pie. 725 Millers Road.
Pinkie Pie: Look at me! I'm a mail carrier! Oooh, maybe I can get a uniform! And join the union!
Marble Pie: I've been accepted! I've been accepted to the Rockadia campus of the University of Abyssinia! With a full scholarship!
Pinkie Pie: How long would you be gone?
Marble Pie: A year. Maybe two.
Marble Pie: Did Pinkie just turn down the chance to plan a party?
Rarity: Pinkie? Silent? That's unusual. I think this bears some investigation.
Pinkie Pie: Marble is leaving, and I won't see her for two years. We'll barely even be able to write. And who knows if she'll ever come back? Maybe she'll like it there. Maybe she'll meet somepony, make a life there, and not need me anymore. And she wants me to throw a party for that?
Applejack: I know what it's like when somepony you love leaves you and doesn't come back. But that got me really close with Apple Bloom. It's been so great watching her grow up and get her cutie mark. I'm so grateful I got to be part of that. And when she gets older, maybe she'll leave the farm. Maybe she won't. But whatever happens, that doesn't change what I got to have with her. Ponies may leave, but they stay in your heart even when they're gone.
Cheese Sandwich: We'll make this the best going away--but still totally coming back--PARTYPALOOZATHON!
Marble Pie: You know, even though I'm happy to be going to Rockadia--I'm still going to be sad to leave my family. To leave you. You know that, right?
Pinkie Pie: I do, even if it took a while to sink in. I'm sorry about not being more excited before. Our Pie hearts are big and strong and hold all sorts of feelings. Happy and sad. And lots of love, no matter where you are or where you go.
Pinkie Pie: C'mon, let's go get some cake.
Cheese Sandwich: Sounds good--but wouldn't a piece of gouda be better?
Pinkie Pie: Nope.
Cheese Sandwich: Muenster?
Pinkie Pie: Nuh-uh.
Cheese Sandwich: Brie.
Pinkie Pie: Let's compromise. Cheesecake.


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