Golden Harvest
(Carrot Top)

Golden Harvest ID S5E18

Golden Harvest with an eye animation error in Crusaders of the Lost Mark

Golden Harvest pegasus ID S4E10

Golden Harvest as a Pegasus in Rainbow Falls and with a blank flank

Golden Harvest Crystal Pony ID S4E05

Golden Harvest as an Earth Crystal Pony in Flight to the Finish

Green Golden Harvest crop S1E6

Golden Harvest with green mane in Boast Busters

Golden Harvest costume S2E4

Golden Harvest dressed as a devil in Luna Eclipsed

Kind Earth
Pegasus (Rainbow Falls)
Sex Female
Occupation Ponyville Choir head member (Rarity and the Curious Case of Charity)
Carrot farmer (Collectible card game)
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Eyes Moderate pistachio
Mane Brilliant gamboge
Moderate spring bud (once, S1E6)
Coat Pale, light grayish olive
Cutie mark
Golden Harvest Cutie Mark
Two carrots
(some merchandise)
Voice Cathy Weseluck (English, S1E10)[1]
Brenda Crichlow (English, S7E19)

Antela Hodo (Albanian)
Saara Lehtonen (Finnish, S1E10)
Agnieszka Matynia (Polish)
Ikumi Nakagami (Japanese)

Golden Harvest, or Carrot Top, is a female Earth pony with a pale goldenrod coat, carrot orange mane and tail, dark olive green eyes, and a cutie mark of three carrots with greens. Her name is not mentioned on the show, but it appears varyingly in merchandise and other media. She has speaking roles in Boast Busters, Swarm of the Century, Green Isn't Your Color, A Friend in Deed, and It Isn't the Mane Thing About You.


Golden Harvest is identical to Caramel Apple apart from her cutie mark, shares her design and color scheme with Pizza Pie, shares her design with Daisy, and shares her tail style with Lemon Hearts and Twinkleshine.

Depiction in the series

Season one

Golden Harvest points at Twilight S01E03

Golden Harvest pointing out Twilight.

Golden Harvest appears in many episodes as a background pony and has minor speaking roles in some. In party scenes such as in Green Isn't Your Color and The Best Night Ever, she wears a cyan saddle with a purple skirt underneath and a purple flower in her hair. Some running sequences, specifically in Fall Weather Friends, depict her with Lemon Hearts' running model, including blue eyes, more eyelashes, and even Lemon Hearts' cutie mark.

She appears in the crowd that cheers for Twilight Sparkle in The Ticket Master, so Pinkie Pie can get her spare ticket to the Grand Galloping Gala. After actually learning that Twilight has an extra ticket, she tries to do favors for Twilight, along with the rest of the ponies, and gives chase after Twilight when she runs. She is toppled out of the running mob and later points out where Twilight is running off to.

Golden harvest slash lemon hearts S1E13

Golden Harvest with a different mane style, eye color, and cutie mark in Fall Weather Friends.

She also appears in Boast Busters with her orange mane at the beginning, then is later seen in the background with a moss-green mane after Trixie makes Rarity's mane slime-green. When Rarity cries out how awful green is, Golden Harvest, insulted, snorts "Well, I never!". In Swarm of the Century, she puts up a banner with another pony for the upcoming arrival of Princess Celestia. Twilight asks her why the name on the banner is shortened to "Welcome Princess Celest," and she tells Twilight they ran out of space. She is then told to take it down and rewrite the name.

Golden Harvest also participates in the Running of the Leaves in Fall Weather Friends, at first wearing the number 00, then later the number 10. For most of her running scenes during the race, her mane style changes to look like that of Lemon Hearts' or Twinkleshine's. Golden Harvest also has Rarity's eye style, eye shadow, and eye color in those scenes.

In Over a Barrel, she appears in Appleloosa wearing a light green, white-banded, dome-crowned cowboy hat. She jumps out of the second story of a building, lands on a buffalo, and rides him rodeo-style with a big grin on her face during the showdown. She also makes an appearance in Green Isn't Your Color, where she reads a magazine before spotting Fluttershy and sprinting after her.

Season two

In Lesson Zero, Golden Harvest falls under the spell that Twilight casts on her doll, Smarty Pants, wanting it for herself. She later fights against Minuette for its possession. In the episode Luna Eclipsed, she dresses as a devil and briefly bobs for apples along with Derpy.

Golden Harvest bobbing for apples S02E04

Bobbing for apples in Luna Eclipsed.

In Sisterhooves Social, she partakes in the titular event with "Noi" as her partner. During the event they both wear large green bows. She appears with "Noi" during the market scene in Putting Your Hoof Down.

In The Last Roundup, she is seen with "Written Script" and "Dinky Doo". The camera focuses on them as they look gently at her. Later, Golden Harvest talks to "Written Script" at the train station when Applejack leaves for Canterlot. She then sits near the unicorn filly while inside the train. In Canterlot, she cleans aisles at a rodeo stadium and shakes her head when Twilight interrogates her about the location of Applejack.

Season three

Golden Harvest nuzzling Written Script

Nuzzling Written Script.

In The Crystal Empire - Part 1, she struts through Canterlot with Jet Set during The Failure Song.

In Magic Duel she is in the crowd glaring angrily at Trixie's return.  When Trixie takes over Ponyville, she is seen running through town with "Lemon Daze". After Twilight beats Trixie in a rematch duel she is in the crowd cheering happily.

She briefly appears at the titular reunion in Apple Family Reunion, listening to Applejack and some of her relatives play Raise This Barn.

In the episodes Just for Sidekicks and Games Ponies Play, Golden Harvest is seen nuzzling "Written Script" at the Crystal Empire train station.

Season four

In Princess Twilight Sparkle - Part 1, Golden Harvest decorates for the Summer Sun Celebration. In the same shot, a duplicate of Golden Harvest is seen with Daisy. In Princess Twilight Sparkle - Part 2, Golden Harvest attends the Summer Sun Celebration, standing with "Written Script" once more. In Flight to the Finish, Golden Harvest stands at the train station with "Written Script" and a luggage bag. Later in the episode, she appears in the stadium crowd. In Rainbow Falls, a winged Golden Harvest without a cutie mark watches the Cloudsdale cheerleaders. Later in the episode, she appears without wings and with a cutie mark watching Rainbow Dash faking her injury.

Spike as a bouncer S4E14

Going to a Pony Tones performance in Filli Vanilli.

In Three's A Crowd, Golden Harvest appears during Glass of Water. At the airport, she stands behind "Pearly Whites" in line for the metal detector. In Pinkie Pride, she parties in Appleloosa while Cheese Sandwich monologues to Boneless. She appears throughout Pinkie the Party Planner in the Ponyville marketplace. Golden Harvest stands among the crowd of ponies during The Super Duper Party Pony and The Goof Off. Later in the episode, Golden Harvest attends Rainbow Dash's birth-iversary. In Simple Ways, Golden Harvest and a duplicate watch Mayor Mare give her speech. She then shakes Rarity's hoof and appears with "Noi" once again. Later in the episode, Golden Harvest stands alongside Berryshine at the train station. In Filli Vanilli, she attends two of the Pony Tones' performances.

In It Ain't Easy Being Breezies, Golden Harvest watches the Breezies fly, and in For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils, she appears during and after the play. In Leap of Faith, Golden Harvest appears walking toward and inside Flim and Flam's tent. She later watches Apple Bloom publicly announce Applejack's approval, and she turns to watch Applejack confirm it. In Trade Ya!, Golden Harvest runs a trading stall with horseshoes. She then appears when Pinkie Pie tries to auction off Twilight Sparkle's books and when Twilight runs a small trial. At the end of the episode, she leaves the Rainbow Falls Traders Exchange. In Inspiration Manifestation, Golden Harvest, Applejack, and Granny Smith watch a cart transform due to Rarity's influence. Golden Harvest stands in stadium crowds throughout Equestria Games. In Twilight's Kingdom - Part 1, Golden Harvest appears as Cyrstal Pony and watched the dignitaries from Maretonia arrive. At the end of the episode, Golden Harvest watches Lord Tirek on stage, and two duplicates have their magic stolen. In Twilight's Kingdom - Part 2, Golden Harvest stands next to Minuette in the Friendship Rainbow Kingdom castle.

Season five

Ponies at the Sisterhooves Social S5E17

Golden Harvest participating in the Sisterhooves Social in Brotherhooves Social.

In Bloom & Gloom, Golden Harvest runs from a twittermite swarm. In Tanks for the Memories, Golden Harvest and a duplicate participate in the Running of the Leaves. She appears in numerous shots and at the wedding in Slice of Life, she watches a polo game in Princess Spike, she attends the friendship party in Party Pooped, and she appears in Ponyville's shared dream in Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep? In Canterlot Boutique, she briefly appears at the Canterlot train station. In Brotherhooves Social, she participates in the Sisterhooves Social with "Noi" again. She also appears, somewhat obscured, in the final group shot during Friends Are Always There For You in The Cutie Re-Mark - Part 2.

Season six

Golden Harvest appears in Manehattan in The Gift of the Maud Pie, goes rafting during Out On My Own and watches the dance recital in On Your Marks, watches Trixie's show in No Second Prances, watches the Wonderbolts' performance in Newbie Dash, appears at the party and sings the lines of the reprise of the song in A Hearth's Warming Tale. In Applejack's "Day" Off, she appears in the Ponyville Day Spa. In The Cart Before the Ponies, she watches the Applewood Derby. She also appears in The Fault in Our Cutie Marks attending the baseball game and Gabby's cute-ceañera.

Season seven

Golden Harvest "perfect!" S7E19

Golden Harvest in It Isn't the Mane Thing About You.

In Celestial Advice, Golden Harvest is one of the many ponies at the medal ceremony for Starlight Glimmer, Trixie, Thorax and Discord, and she also appears during Starlight's graduation ceremony. In A Flurry of Emotions, she attends an art show hosted by Spearhead. She laughs at Pinkie Pie in Fame and Misfortune and also appears arguing with other ponies in the end. She appears several times in Triple Threat. In It Isn't the Mane Thing About You, she has a speaking role while standing at the flower stand and appears in the crowd at Davenport's auction. She also appears at Pinkie Pie's pie party in Secrets and Pies.

Season eight

In The Maud Couple, Golden Harvest makes a background appearance attending Maud Pie's birthday party. In Surf and/or Turf, she makes a cameo appearance in the Ponyville Train Station, and later at the Mount Aris beach with Ruby Pinch. In Non-Compete Clause, she appears in the School of Friendship courtyard. In The Break Up Break Down, she makes two appearances rubbing noses with an unnamed stallion in Ponyville with during Hearts and Hooves Day. In Yakity-Sax, she makes various background appearances being startled by Pinkie Pie's poor Yovidaphone playing, as well as at the market and attending the party for Pinkie Pie at Sweet Apple Acres. In Road to Friendship, she appears in the audience for Trixie's magic show with Starlight Glimmer. In The Washouts, she appears in the audience for each of the Washouts' two Ponyville shows.

Season nine

In The Beginning of the End - Part 2, Golden Harvest appears walking through Ponyville after being mind controlled by King Sombra and being led by Sombra himself to attack Canterlot. She and the other mind controlled ponies attack the Mane Six as they arrive at Canterlot's gates. In Common Ground, she makes a background appearance talking to Rare Find at the buckball Hall of Fame in Appleloosa. In She's All Yak, she appears in the reused image from the end of "The Cutie Re-Mark - Part 2". In Between Dark and Dawn, she makes a background appearance in Ponyville as Princess Celestia and Princess Luna replace the broken river bridge. In The Last Laugh, she appears attending Kettle Corn's birthday party. In 2, 4, 6, Greaaat, she attends the buckball game between the School of Friendship and Princess Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns and spectates the halftime cheerleading routine. In The Summer Sun Setback, she makes a background appearance in the Canterlot castle courtyard during preparations for the final Summer Sun Celebration and later in the audience for the event itself. In She Talks to Angel, she makes a background appearance walking in Ponyville with Derpy. In A Horse Shoe-In, she appears in the audience for Octavia Melody's cello performance. In Growing Up is Hard to Do, she appears aboard the Friendship Express talking to Lily Valley during Being Big is All It Takes. In The Big Mac Question, she appears in Ponyville hearing Discord's echo, pulling a wagon of produce in the Ponyville marketplace, and running away from one of Discord's living apples with Amethyst Star.

Character design

Golden Harvest shares the same mane and tail design with these ponies: "Berry Icicle", "Lilac Blossom", "Maroon Carrot", "Mint Swirl", "Serena", Spring Forward, S01E11 Unnamed Earth Mare #4, S01E11 Unnamed Earth Mare #5, and S04E22 Unnamed Earth Mare #14.


The following charts detail Golden Harvest's appearances. Times are approximate and taken from videos available online.

Season one
Seen walking in the background during the theme song.
1 6:47 – standing with Sweetie Drops and watching Twilight Sparkle's chariot land, 6:51 – in a closer view, 18:40 – heading to the town hall, 18:46 – on a balcony in the town hall, 18:48 – on the floor, 19:11 – back on the balcony, 19:14 – back on the floor, 19:28, 19:30, 19:35 – smiles widely in anticipation of Princess Celestia's appearance, 19:46 – staring at Celestia's empty spot, 19:52, 20:01, 20:08, 20:14, 20:17 – in the crowd surveyed by Nightmare Moon, 20:20 – staring at Nightmare Moon, 20:53 – lower body only, 20:58 – gasps at the mention of Nightmare Moon's name, 21:06 – looking at Twilight, 21:23 – staring in horror at Nightmare Moon.

Duplicates: 19:11 – on the lower right balcony, 19:52 – behind Shoeshine, 20:18 – duplicates throughout the right side of the audience.

2 None.
3 3:47 – in the audience witnessing Rainbow Dash in Rainbow's fantasy, 4:23 – in the foreground as the Wonderbolts fly by, 8:09 ~ 8:20 – standing at the wedding in Rarity's fantasy, 16:45 – tossing Twilight up and down in reality, 16:55, 16:59 – backs off while wearing a cyan saddle, 17:09, 17:16 – starts asking Twilight favors (purple skirt added underneath her saddle), 17:25 – (skirt and saddle are gone), 17:31 – chases Twilight, 17:42 – tumbling from the mob, 17:51 – points out Twilight.

Duplicates: 17:11 – a duplicate shows up to hear that "Twilight has an extra ticket to the Grand Galloping Gala".

4 2:12 – pulling in her mat from the cow stampede, 2:36 – watching the stampede nearing Ponyville, 3:57 – standing around, 4:04, 4:13, 14:19 – setting up the party, 4:53 ~ 5:30 – in the audience at the party for Applejack, 15:08 – sick on the floor, 18:09 – runs from the bunny stampede, 18:11 – pulling in her mat again, 18:19 – hiding in a house with Cherry Berry and Shoeshine.
5 1:28 ~ 1:34 – walking from the veggie stand and past Pinkie Pie, 12:20 – standing with Rainbowshine and Lyra Heartstrings near some market tents, 14:28 – arriving at Gilda's party with Minuette, 17:05 – laughing at the relighting birthday candles prank, 19:02.
6 1:24 – walking past Twilight and Spike, 2:31 – barely seen in the crowd for Trixie's show between Lyra Heartstrings and Cloud Kicker, 2:48 – behind Rarity's tail, 3:12 – behind Rainbowshine and Coco Crusoe, 3:27, 6:13 – cheering for Applejack's performance, 6:38, 7:19 – cheering for Rainbow Dash's performance, 7:52, 8:44, 8:51 – staring agape at Rarity, 9:12 – watching Rarity run away, 9:15 – "Well, I never!", 9:23 – near Twilight (with orange hair again), 9:35 – staring fearfully at Trixie and Twilight, 9:58 – staring astonished at Trixie, 10:04 – walking away, 16:36 – staring at Twilight as she faces the Ursa, 17:44 – looking out in awe, 17:48 – looking at Twilight, 18:04 ~ 18:10 – in the crowd congratulating Twilight, 19:08 – looks at Trixie.

Duplicates: 2:32 – between Lyra Heartstrings and Dr. Hooves, 4:15 – duplicate in the crowd, 6:13, 6:38, 7:19, 8:44, 9:23, 9:58.

7 1:49 – on the bridge in the park talking to Sweetie Drops, 2:36 – smiling with Twinkleshine, 2:43 – shouts "What?!" and looks at the smoke in the sky, 2:46 – listening to Twilight, 20:11 – standing with Shoeshine and watching the pegasi clear the smoke.
8 0:15 – walking in the background during the clean-up.
9 None.
10 2:40 – hoisting the banner in the park, 2:49 – "We couldn't fit it all in", 13:57 – looking at the falling parasprites, 17:31 – running as parasprites try to eat her skirt.
11 2:08 – trotting toward the gathering while wearing a plant team vest, 2:19 – at the gathering, 2:22 – wearing an animal team vest, 2:31 – back to a plant team vest, 2:45 – with the animal team, 2:48 – walking to the plant team, 4:10 – plowing the snowy fields, 4:14 – singing from the bottom of the screen, 4:42 – popping out from snow in a cart with Daisy, 4:57 – standing with the plant team, 5:02 – sings with Applejack and Cherry Berry, 5:48 – singing with the plant team, 5:52 – singing with the animal team (with an animal team vest), 17:30 – looking at Mayor Mare (with a plant team vest), 17:41 – arguing, 17:43 – turning at the bird call, 17:51, 18:00, 19:42 – carrying seed bags at night, 20:24 ~ 21:00 – in the crowd looking at Mayor Mare and Twilight.

Duplicates: 2:31 – one duplicate in the crowd, 20:59.

12 4:57 – talking to Sweetie Drops with a pink bag strapped across her back, 5:06 – looks oddly at Apple Bloom and then at Shoeshine (without her bag),15:22 – arriving at Diamond Tiara's cute-ceañera alongside "Cyan Skies", 15:32 ~ 15:38 – at the party with a cyan saddle with a pink skirt underneath and a purple flower in her hair, 15:54 – arriving at the cute-ceañera alongside "Cyan Skies" again (without her saddle and flower), 18:04 – pausing at the stopping of the phonograph (with her saddle and flower), 18:46.
13 5:29 – watching the Iron Pony competition from the fence, 5:35 – carrying Applejack in celebration, 6:03 – in the crowd, 6:09 – watching while being stood on by Lemon Hearts, 6:14, 6:24 – watching Applejack leap, 6:31 – watching Rainbow Dash leap, 6:40 ~ 7:25 – in the audience, 7:17 – looking up at Applejack (legs shown only), 8:51 – at the Running of the Leaves, 9:08, 9:11 – takes her place at the starting line (contestant #00), 9:13 – warming up, 9:30 – next to Amethyst Star (no tags), 11:18 – looking at Twilight (with tags), 11:27 – looking at Sweetie Drops, 11:36 – starts running (eyes are blue and her tag reads 10), 11:39 – in first place (eyes are green), 11:54 – running (eyes are blue again), 13:20 – passing Applejack, 16:41 – eyes are green again, 17:15 – eyes are blue, 17:42 – passing Rainbow Dash, 17:56 – being passed by Rainbow (contestant #01), 18:19, 18:51 – standing and watching Applejack and Rainbow approach (eyes are green and tags are gone), 19:23 ~ 20:04 – in the crowd watching Applejack and Rainbow tussle, 20:33 – bowing before Princess Celestia.

Duplicates: 6:03 – one Golden Harvest at the opposite bleachers, 6:04 – another duplicate, 9:11 – one duplicate in the audience, 9:15, 11:37 – entire pony posse intermittently duplicated for effect, 12:04 – two Golden Harvests running, 13:21, 13:45 – three Golden Harvests, 18:19 – two Golden Harvests, 18:51 – one duplicate behind Sunshower Raindrops, 19:23 – many Golden Harvests scroll by.

14 13:04 – walking up to Rarity's fashion show, 13:51 – in the crowd as the show starts.

Duplicates: 13:51 – two duplicates in the crowd.

15 None.
16 None.
17 None.
18 2:06 – walking on a street, 2:07, 2:10 – looks at Scootaloo overhead with a gasp, 2:11 – smiling at Scootaloo's trick, 5:36 – walking up to Carousel Boutique, 16:36 – staring at the Cutie Mark Crusaders during the talent show, 18:40 – starts laughing, 18:46, 19:14, 20:02 – applauding.

Duplicates: 16:38 – two duplicates in the crowd, 18:40 – one duplicate, 20:02 – at least five duplicates.

19 None.
20 10:06 – standing in Fluttershy's first fashion show, 10:45 – standing and reading at a periodical stand, 10:53 – chasing Fluttershy, 11:15 – looking through the windows of Carousel Boutique (with a camera), 15:07 – walking in the background, 15:46, 17:19 – sees Fluttershy trip at her latest fashion show, 17:22 – watching Fluttershy act weird, 17:33 – watching Fluttershy float upside down, 17:54 – shouts "Get her off the stage!" while wearing a cyan saddle with a lavender skirt underneath.

Duplicates: 15:51 – a duplicate joins the crowd around Fluttershy.

21 7:39 – participating in wild west dances in Appleloosa (wearing a light green cowpony hat), 14:02 ~ 14:41 – in the crowd listening to Pinkie Pie's song, 17:10 – in the crowd watching Appleloosa's flag being raised, 18:22 – standing ready behind a barricade, 19:02 – runs from the buffaloes, 19:20 – appears from a windowsill and leaps onto a buffalo, 20:13 – places her hat over her chest in honor of the fallen Chief Thunderhooves, 20:34 – looking at the risen Chief Thunderhooves, 20:39 – standing in the path of falling trees.

Duplicates: 14:21 – one duplicate in the crowd, 17:10 – six duplicates.

22 3:22 – at the party for Princess Celestia alongside "Serena" (wearing a purple flower and her cyan saddle), 4:47 – watching Pinkie Pie bounce around alongside Cherry Berry (without her flower and saddle), 6:41 – listening to Celestia's announcement, 6:50 – bows as Celestia leaves.
23 11:18 ~ 11:29 – standing in the audience for the performance in Rarity's flashback, 11:56 – facing Shoeshine in front of a corn stand in Twilight Sparkle's flashback, 12:04 ~ 12:21 – in the crowd for the sun-raising ceremony.

Duplicates: 12:19 – two duplicates in the crowd.

24 3:53 – standing in the background to watch the meteor shower.
25 None.
26 3:48 – standing outside of Canterlot with Amethyst Star (wearing her cyan saddle), 4:44 – looking at Applejack's stand from the foreground in Applejack's fantasy (without the saddle), 5:28 – seemingly in the crowd crossing the drawbridge, 6:44 – singing after Twilight Sparkle's part (with her cyan saddle, purple skirt, and purple flower), 7:38 – talking with Amethyst Star inside Canterlot Castle, 9:31 – sees Rainbow Dash catch Soarin's pie, 9:59 – standing at a table in the VIP section with Diamond Mint, 10:29 – looks worriedly at Pinkie Pie's antics, 10:39 – staring wide-eyed at Pinkie (without her saddle, skirt and flower), 14:11 – talking with "Star Gazer" (with her flower, saddle and skirt), 14:14, 14:21 – sees Rainbow Dash catch a falling Count Caesar, 14:30 – talking with "Star Gazer" again, 15:16 – gaping at Pinkie Pie's announcement (without her flower), 18:16 – gets tossed into the air by Pinkie, 18:29 – watching Pinkie's stage dive (with her flower), 19:00 – staring at the falling statue.
Season two
Seen walking in the background during the theme song.
1 None
2 20:43 ~ 21:32 - in Canterlot Castle

Duplicates: 20:43 - four in the crowd; 20:51 - three in the crowd

3 16:39 ~ 17:59 - fighting other ponies over Smarty Pants; 18:05 - staring at Smarty Pants before walking away
4 2:39 - dancing next to Sea Swirl; 2:55 - standing next to Berryshine; 3:44, 4:01 - bobbing for apples; 4:14 - in the crowd listening to Mayor Mare; 7:04 ~ 8:22 - crouching in fear of Princess Luna; 11:55 - dancing next to Sea Swirl; 12:02 - ducks down when Luna approaches; 13:09 - watching Luna at the pumpkin toss; 13:33 - admiring Luna; 14:04, 14:06 - moving away from Luna; 14:16 - flinches from fake spider; 14:22 - sees spider come to life; 14:39 - screams with spider in her mane; 15:03 - scared of Luna; 15:18 - hearing Luna speak; 15:48 - consoling "Dinky Doo"; 16:35 - looking sad; 19:16 - hears Luna's voice; 20:41, 20:45 - talking to Mr. Cake; 20:53 - cheering for Luna (all appearances are in a devil costume)
5 16:08, 16:23 - at the Sisterhooves Social with "Noi"; 17:00 - approaching Granny Smith; 17:22 - listening to Granny Smith; 17:26 - walking to the starting line; 17:30, 17:43 - at the starting line; 17:48, 17:49 - running in the race; 17:59 - watching the race; 18:22 - pushing bale of hay with "Noi"; 18:52, 19:08 - watching the race; 19:21 - cheering for Berryshine and "Piña Colada"
6 1:41 - cheering for "Strike" in the bowling alley; 11:28, 11:42 - looking at Apple Bloom; 12:20 - having a slice of pie; 12:24 - admiring Apple Bloom; 16:22 - watching Apple Bloom's cutie pox go out of control; 16:43 - "Cutie pox?!"; 16:46 - closing a window
7 None
8 2:20 - watching Rainbow Dash save Aura; 3:15, 4:33 - in the crowd praising Rainbow Dash; 7:15, 7:22, 12:01, 12:35 - admiring Mare Do Well; 13:49 - talking with Daisy; 17:43 - in the crowd at Mare Do Well's thank-you parade

Duplicates: 7:15 - one with flower in her mane

9 10:05 - in a checkboard shot of ponies during Becoming Popular (The Pony Everypony Should Know); 10:09 - in a crowd shot; 14:44 ~ 20:26 - at the Canterlot Garden Party
10 None
11 1:51 - walking in the middle of the aisle; 1:57 - in costume backstage; 14:33, 20:48 - in the pageant audience; 20:24 - singing The Heart Carol, 20:54 - backstage

Duplicates: 1:51 - one on the left side, one on the right; 14:33 - one in the crowd; 20:24 - several in the sweeping crowd shot

12 19:03, 20:31 - in line for zap apple jam (with several duplicates)
13 None
14 2:43 ~ 3:46 - at Applejack's sendoff party; 4:15 - at the train station with "Written Script"; 4:42 - on the Friendship Express train with "Dinky Doo"; 7:40 - talking to Cherry Berry; 7:50 - sweeping the rodeo grounds
15 2:08, 2:15, 10:09 - in line for apple cider; 4:36 - looking toward the Super Speedy Cider Squeezy; 4:58 ~ 8:35 - in the crowd during The Flim Flam Brothers; 10:57 - trampling Twilight, Applejack, and Spike; 11:25 ~ 12:09 - in the crowd when Flim and Flam challenge the Apples; 15:29, 15:37, 17:12, 17:45, 18:41 - in the crowd at the cider-making competition; 19:51, 19:54 - watching the Apples leave; 20:26, 20:31 - refusing Flim and Flam's cider
16 None
17 0:02, 3:30, 4:11 - in Ponyville Town Square; 3:00 - walking through Ponyville; 4:13 - at a cafe table with "Strawberry Cream"; 13:35 - in Apple Bloom's fantasy of Ponyville
18 4:21 ~ 6:14 - appears during Smile Song; 11:26, 11:30 - listening to Pinkie's announcement; 11:36 - laughing at Cranky Doodle Donkey
19 1:42, 4:45 - with "Noi" in the Ponyville marketplace; 7:17 ~ 10:17 - at Iron Will's seminar (with multiple duplicates); 11:56 - outside Sugarcube Corner; 11:59 - in line inside Sugarcube Corner; 12:16 - moves behind Fluttershy; 13:07 - running from Sugarcube Corner
20 4:02 ~ 4:18 - listening to (and laughing at) Twilight; 6:21 ~ 6:30 - during Cerberus' attack
21 None.
22 None
23 0:02, 9:01 - in wide-angle shot of Ponyville; 9:12 - in the Ponyville marketplace; 10:04 - picking up the Foal Free Press; 10:06 - reading the Foal Free Press; 18:34 - leering at the Cutie Mark Crusaders
24 0:37 - watching Big McIntosh carry the cake; 10:53 - looking adoringly at "Con Mane" in Pinkie's imagination, 11:33 - throws herself at "Con Mane"'s feet
25 None.
26 6:58, 8:05 - at the first wedding ceremony; 14:24 - being chased by changelings; 14:29 - cornered by changelings; 17:18 - at the second wedding; 20:28 - at the wedding reception; 20:35 - in a photo of Rarity and Fancy Pants
Season three
1 6:14 - walking through Canterlot with Jet Set
2 None
3 13:23, 13:28, 14:17 - in the crowd complaining about Pinkie Pie; 15:14 - looking at Noteworthy across the street
4 12:51, 13:04, 13:50, 15:25 ~ 17:07 - at the Summer Harvest Parade (with several duplicates)
5 3:13, 3:38, 4:03 - in the crowd of ponies; 4:26 - watches Trixie cast her magic on Spike; 4:47, 4:49 - laughing at Trixie in her flashback; 11:11 - gallops past the library with "Lemon Daze"; 17:15, 18:14, 19:32 - watching Twilight and Trixie's second duel; 20:17 - cheers for Twilight; 20:21 - walking up to Twilight after the duel
6 0:05 - standing in Ponyville; 0:11 - watching Scootaloo race by
7 None
8 18:09 - seen at the beginning of Raise This Barn
9 None
10 None
11 16:01 - on the Friendship Express train to the Crystal Empire; 17:50, 18:19 - nuzzling "Written Script"
12 20:44 - nuzzling "Written Script"
13 0:23, 0:32 - standing in Ponyville during Morning in Ponyville; 2:01, 2:05 - in the crowd grumbling at Rarity; 6:52, 6:56 - bumps into and gets angry at Cherry Berry; 13:26 - singing on a roof during A True, True Friend; 15:35 - in flashback of Friendship is Magic, part 1; 15:40 - in flashback of Boast Busters; 19:06 - at Twilight's princess coronation; 20:53 - in the crowd during Life in Equestria
Season four
1 0:47 - twice, decorating with Spring Forward and in the background with Daisy
2 20:27 - in the crowd at the Summer Sun Celebration
3 None
4 None
5 15:56 - with "Written Script" at the train station; 20:27 - in the sweeping crowd shot

Duplicates: 20:27 ~ 20:31 - six in the crowd

6 None
7 None
8 None
9 None
10 13:56 ~ 14:40 - seeing Rainbow Dash in a wheelchair

Pegasus version: 5:32 - watching the Cloudsdale cheerleaders

11 13:28 - about to go through a metal detector during Glass of Water
12 0:01 - dancing in Appleloosa; 1:36 - in the Ponyville marketplace with "Noi"; 2:02 ~ 3:11 - with other ponies during Pinkie the Party Planner; 2:06 - passing by Mr. and Mrs. Cake; 2:16 - in the cafe window; 5:35 ~ 6:35 - seen during The Super Duper Party Pony; 13:10 ~ 16:32 - watching Pinkie Pie and Cheese Sandwich's goof off; 19:47 - in the crowd at the birth-iversary party; 19:51 - watching Cheese Sandwich's party cannon fire; 20:16 - seen during Make a Wish

Duplicates: one at 13:51, one at 14:01

13 0:08 ~ 1:08 - at the Ponyville Days Festival announcement; 1:00 - shaking Rarity's hooves; 5:05 - at the train station

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15 None
16 3:28 - in the crowd of ponies; 4:23 - watching the Breezies fly through Ponyville
17 None
18 None
19 2:26 - entering the auditorium; 3:42 - applauding the Cutie Mark Crusaders; 3:52 - watching the Crusaders' play; 4:32, 4:38, 5:07 - in the auditorium lobby; 9:28, 9:40 - in Sweetie Belle's dream
20 3:05 ~ 3:27 - walking toward Flim and Flam's tent; 3:35, 4:06 - inside the tent; 4:45 ~ 6:59 - seen during Flim Flam Miracle Curative Tonic; 17:26 - listening to Apple Bloom; 20:07 ~ 21:02 - in the crowd of ponies

Duplicates: one at 3:35 and 6:59; three at 4:06

21 None
22 0:13 - at the Rainbow Falls train station; 1:43 - at the Traders Exchange with Berryshine; 2:08 ~ 3:10, 4:13 - behind a horseshoe trading stall; 8:14 - walking through the Traders Exchange; 12:35, 18:04, 18:32 - at Pinkie Pie's auction of Twilight's books; 19:24 ~ 19:59 - at the Traders Exchange trial; 20:10 - leaving the Traders Exchange
23 10:13 ~ 10:28 - buying apples from Applejack and Granny Smith
24 6:49, 7:02 - in the Equestria Games crowd; 14:37, 14:53 - listening to Spike sing
25 1:39 - watching the dignitaries from Maretonia arrive (Crystal Pony); 20:05 - in an auditorium crowd; 20:12 - having her magic stolen by Lord Tirek

Duplicates: one at 1:39; two at 20:12

26 21:14 - seen during Let the Rainbow Remind You
Season five
1 None
2 None
3 None
4 8:18 - fleeing from the twittermite swarm
5 0:19, 0:22 - participating in the Running of the Leaves

Duplicates: one at 0:20

6 None
7 None
8 None
9 5:59, 6:01, 6:20 - observing the Mane Six; 10:00, 15:04 - watching the Mane Six fight a bugbear; 15:45, 15:46 - looking at DJ Pon-3's mobile DJ station; 18:57, 20:14, 20:42, 20:54 - at Cranky Doodle Donkey and Matilda's wedding
10 4:13 - watching ponies play polo
11 19:59, 20:09 - at the friendship party in Ponyville
12 None
13 8:34 - in Pinkie Pie's dream; 14:02 ~ 14:24, 15:15, 16:40 ~ 16:52, 18:02, 18:34 - in Ponyville's shared dream
14 2:26, 2:29 - wearing a fancy dress at Canterlot train station
15 0:01 - walking outside Canterlot Carousel with "Ponet"
16 None
17 6:33 - paired with "Noi" for the Sisterhooves Social; 10:16 ~ 11:30 - watching a musical performance; 11:55 - surprised by "Orchard Blossom"'s voice; 14:26 ~ 15:00 - standing with Noi at the start line of the obstacle course; 15:03 ~ 15:37, 16:35 ~ 16:47 - participating in the Sisterhooves Social race; 16:51 - leaping off the race track; 16:55 - watching the race from the sidelines; 17:20, 17:28, 17:35 - looking angrily at the exposed Big Mac; 18:02 - cheering for Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo
18 13:04 - watching Diamond Tiara and the Crusaders run down the footbridge
19 1:55 - walking in Ponyville with Noteworthy; 7:14 - talking to "Star Bright"
20 None
21 2:05 - standing next to Cherry Berry; 14:59 - dressed as a devil for Nightmare Night; 13:04 - passing by Diamond Tiara
22 3:28 - walking in front of the camera
23 None
24 0:03 - setting the stage for a performance; 5:56 - waiting in line to get "hoofsies" from Coloratura; 10:05 - conversing with Amethyst Star; 19:14 - watching Coloratura perform "The Magic Inside"
25 3:17 - walking with Royal Riff; 3:42 - talking to Berryshine; 10:01 - watching Twilight and Spike walk through the alternate Ponyville
26 1:15 ~ 5:04 - member of the changeling resistance; 21:11 - as part of "Group B" for the finale; 21:25 - appears in the final group shot (obscured)
Season six
1 1:52 - talking to Berryshine outside the Castle of Friendship
2 None
3 0:06 - riding on the Friendship Express train; 12:47 - talking to S05E16 Unnamed Earth Stallion #7; 18:31 - walking up to Lyra
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6 2:13 - hauling a cart being pushed by Daisy; 5:56 - talking to Rose; 16:16 in the crowd for Trixie's show
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13 None
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17 None
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20 None
21 None
22 None
23 None
24 None
25 9:16 - walking and talking with Berryshine
26 None
Season seven
1 2:40 - watching the medal ceremony; 3:59 - standing next to Goldengrape; 4:10 - standing on the left side of the screen; 5:38 - at a table with Sapphire Joy, Meadow Song, and Caramel; Appears at Starlight’s graduation ceremony; 5:52 - standing on the left side of the screen; 6:27 - talking to Dr. Hooves; 18:23 - standing in the crowd
2 None
3 6:45 - standing behind Shining Armor; 7:23 - talking to Daisy; 8:18 - walking behind the toy display; 9:11 - browsing; 9:16 - looking at the mess of toys; 19:16 - looking at A Kitchen Guard's Journey
4 None
5 None
6 None
7 10:50 - in the stands of the Wonderbolts arena; 13:43 - waiting in line for the Wonderbolts' autographs
8 None
9 None
10 None
11 None
12 None
13 0:08 - at Grand Pear's stand
14 0:51 - walking with Amethyst Star and "Princess Erroria" outside Twilight's castle; 6:12 - talking to an offscreen pony; 8:21 - standing next to Coco Crusoe; 14:24 - attempting to mob the Mane Six
15 0:00 - placing balloons; 1:22 - looking at the fountain; 8:57 - talking to Sassaflash; 10:57 - talking to Berryshine; 12:05 - walking up to Ember; 13:55 - walking away from Starlight, Ember, and Twilight; 21:01 - at the ceremony
16 None
17 None
18 None
19 0:05 - waiting in line at the flower stand; 10:17 - back at the flower stand (speaking role); 11:31 - in the crowd outside the Quill and Sofa store; 19:20 - looking at the pony wearing Mr. Breezy's outfit
20 None
21 None
22 None
23 0:01 - walking with Sassaflash; 5:12, 20:06 - talking to somepony offscreen in flashback of Rainbow Dash's birthday party; 5:29, 20:15 - reading a newspaper in flashback of Rainbow Dash's half-birthday
24 None
25 None
26 None
Season eight
1 None
2 None
3 20:42 ~ 21:02 - at the "surprise party" for "Maud Pie"
4 None
5 None
6 1:19 - walking around Ponyville Train Station; 2:27 - boarding the Friendship Express; 17:07 - hanging on the Mount Aris pier with "Ruby Pinch"
7 None
8 None
9 0:03 - walking with Florina Tart and Royal Riff
10 5:45, 20:33 - walking with Meadow Song
11 None
12 None
13 None
14 None
15 None
16 None
17 None
18 ​[​specify​]​ - Hearing Pinkie's yovidaphone playing and watching the Wonderbolts
19 ​[​specify​]​ - Watching Trixie's magic show
20 ​[​specify​]​ - Watching the Washouts
21 None
22 None
23 None
24 None
25 None
26 None
Season nine
1 None
2 Yes
3 None
4 None
5 None
6 Yes
7 Yes
8 None
9 None
10 None
11 None
12 None
13 Yes
14 Yes
15 Yes
16 None
17 Yes
18 Yes
19 None
20 Yes
21 None
22 Yes
23 Yes
24 None
25 None
26 None

Depiction in Equestria Girls

Equestria Girls: Friendship Games

In Friendship Games, Golden Harvest appears with Daisy, Cherry Berry and other ponies outside Ponyville town hall in one of the dimensional rifts opened by Midnight Sparkle.

Equestria Girls: Forgotten Friendship

In Forgotten Friendship, Golden Harvest appears alongside Noi at the entrance of the Canterlot library in its second establishing shot.

Depiction in My Little Pony The Movie

In My Little Pony The Movie Golden Harvest appears preparing for the Friendship Festival in Canterlot and later standing on a bridge over a river during We Got This Together.

Other depictions

Friendship is Magic Shorts

In Sundae, Sundae, Sundae, Golden Harvest makes a background appearance attending the opening of the Sugarcube Corner Ice Cream Museum.

IDW comics

In My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Golden Harvest appears on Issue #1 page 3/Dynamic Forces cover RE (holding a handbag using her mouth) and page 17, on Issue #5 page 2, on Issue #9 pages 16–17, on Issue #10 cover A, in Issue #30, on Issue #41 page 16, on Issue #44 pages 7 and 8, on Issue #46 pages 1 and 3, on Issue #47 pages 17-19, and on Issue #50 page 16.

In My Little Pony: Friends Forever, she appears in Issue #9 and on Issue #37 page 2.

In My Little Pony: Ponyville Mysteries, she appears on Issue #5 pages 15 and 20.

Chapter books

Golden Harvest is featured in Rarity and the Curious Case of Charity.


My Little Pony (mobile game)

Golden Harvest and Demure Pony are characters in Gameloft's mobile game. Golden Harvest was added to the iOS version of the game on June 4, 2014.[2] The game's description of Golden Harvest states, "This gorgeous golden pony loves parties, playing and most of all... her friends."


Golden Harvest
A female Earth pony mini-figure toy featuring Golden Harvest's color scheme and cutie mark while using the Pinkie Pie mold was released as part of the third wave of mystery packs in January 2012. The toy's cutie mark bears two carrots instead of three, much like other Hasbro toys bearing alternate cutie mark designs, namely Cheerilee and Princess Luna. Her name comes from the collector card accompanying the toy. According to the European mystery pack collector card, Golden Harvest "loves sharing treats." The U.S. mystery pack collector card has a longer description and reads, "GOLDEN HARVEST loves sharing treats from the garden!" Another Golden Harvest mini-figure toy and collector card pair, again both using the Pinkie Pie mold and bearing the alternate cutie mark design, is part of the eighth wave of mystery packs;[3][4] the toy was displayed at the 2013 New York Toy Fair.[5] The collector card uses the same description as the previous U.S. collector card.

Golden Harvest, along with hosts of characters from the show, appears on the Comic Con 2011 and Season 2 posters, in both appearances smiling next to Berryshine and Minuette. Little, Brown's My Little Pony Friendship is Magic official guidebook My Little Pony: The Elements of Harmony lists Golden Harvest by name and appearance.[6]

Golden Harvest adorns a collectible trading card along with Lyra Heartstrings,[7] with the description "There's two in every crowd! Lyra Heartstrings is an excitable pony often seen bouncing and grinning at the back of the herd or lolling in the park sharing bonbons with Golden Harvest, her PFF. Golden Harvest earned the nickname Carrot Top because carrots are always on her mind. These two ponies can be found all over Equestria, enjoying various activities like jumping across rooftops, running from buffalo, and joining in musical numbers!" The cards were designed specifically with the brony demographic of older fans in mind, and the writer-consultant for the set has said the consultants submitted "at least a dozen direct fandom nods".[8] In the collectible card game, α #13 F, a card of Holly Dash, attributes to Holly Dash and Golden Harvest the respective quotes "This way! No, wait, this way! Come on!" and "Can't we walk? Just this once?"[9] In the game's expansion set Canterlot Nights, #35 C, a card of Golden Harvest, lists the quote "I've been sneaking off to Canterlot parties for years before you caught me, and I'm not about to stop now!"[10] In the game's expansion set The Crystal Games, card #94 C, Apple Juice Break, lists the quote "You've never tried Sweet Apple Acres apple juice? I'm a carrot farmer and I STILL think it's the best thing I've ever drank in my life!"


An animator working on the show noted that, coincidentally, he had given the pony the same name as some of the fans, "Carrot Top",[11] prior to the trading card's adoption of it as a nickname.

Baby Flurry Heart's Heartfelt Scrapbook

Golden Harvest appears in episodes 4, Cutie Mark Magic, and 8, Land of Harmony.


Boast Busters
Rarity: No! Green hair! Not green hair! Such an awful, awful color!
Golden Harvest: Well, I never!
Swarm of the Century
Twilight Sparkle: What happened to the rest of her name?
Golden Harvest: We couldn't fit it all in.
Twilight Sparkle: You can't hang a banner that says "Welcome Princess Celest". Take it down and try again.
"Get her off the stage!"
Green Isn't Your Color
A Friend in Deed
"What about mine?"
It Isn't the Mane Thing About You
Rarity and the Curious Case of Charity
Golden Harvest: Thank Celestia!
Golden Harvest: Rarity's here, everypony! Time for a costume change!
Golden Harvest: Well, they look stunning. They were worth the wait!
Golden Harvest: Say, Rarity, something's different about you. I can't quite put my hoof on it.
"Ten minutes to showtime, everypony!"
Rarity and the Curious Case of Charity
"You brought them, of course."
Rarity and the Curious Case of Charity
"Five minutes until showtime!"
Rarity and the Curious Case of Charity
"And it seems to trees, you've spread your wings, like a Breezy in the wind..."
Rarity and the Curious Case of Charity
"Can't we walk? Just this once?"
— Enterplay collectible card game α #13 F card of Holly Dash
"I've been sneaking off to Canterlot parties for years before you caught me, and I'm not about to stop now!"
— Enterplay collectible card game Canterlot Nights #35 C card of Golden Harvest
"You've never tried Sweet Apple Acres apple juice? I'm a carrot farmer and I STILL think it's the best thing I've ever drank in my life!"
— Enterplay collectible card game The Crystal Games #94 C card Apple Juice Break
"Carrot muffins for everypony!"
— Enterplay collectible card game Equestrian Odysseys #98 U card of Golden Harvest
"As long as it burns, we cannot drift apart!"
— Singing The Heart Carol, Enterplay collectible card game Defenders of Equestria #20 C card of Golden Harvest


Rarity trying to get Golden Harvest's attention S7E19

Golden Harvest image gallery

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