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Categories as see-also sections

Categories should group pages that cover similar topics. This means they are inherently navigational in nature, not informational.

  • Don't create categories that only fit one or two pages, but also don't create categories that are too broad and can be applied to too many pages.

Intrinsic or defining attributes

Categories should cover intrinsic or defining attributes of the subject of the page. Categories should not describe minor, incidental, or marginal properties of a page or subject, and they should not encompass every detail that is present on a page. Always make sure categories describe the most important characteristics of the page or subject. Even so, not all of the important attributes need to be listed as categories, and it is often preferable to note them in prose or in a list. The attributes should also be objective and as little subject to interpretation as possible.

  • Category:Season 1 is not a defining attribute of The Best Night Ever. While the episode is a part of the first season, and a division into seasons is standard practice, it is not in itself a television season.The appropriate category here is Category:Season 1 episodes.
  • Category:Season 1 is not a defining attribute of Prince Blueblood, for the same reason as above. Additionally, however, the character is not defined by having appeared in the first season. A hypothetical category "Category:Season 1 characters" would therefore not be appropriate; it also happens to be too broad.
  • Category:Celebrities is an appropriate category for Sapphire Shores because her only appearance explicitly defines her as such. However, it is not an appropriate category for Fluttershy, because Fluttershy can only be said to be a celebrity in, at most, a handful of episodes. The label "celebrity" does not define Fluttershy.
  • While "Category:Fluttershy episodes" may indeed be a defining attribute of the episode Stare Master, this is subject to interpretation. Arguably, the episode centers not on Fluttershy, but on both her and the Cutie Mark Crusaders, or on the Cutie Mark Crusaders exclusively. Categories like this should therefore be avoided entirely.


Subcategories should be used when appropriate. In practice, this means that whenever a subcategory exists, it "supersedes" use of the superordinate category.

Please note that some of these categories may be present on a page, but not present in the editor. You do not need to add them via editor if they're already visible on the page; they are transcluded by way of a navbox template like this one or an infobox template like this one.

Cleanup categories

Cleanup and deletion categories should only be included through their appropriate templates. This is to encourage contributors to give particular attention to a specific area that needs improvement, requires discussion, or otherwise requires attention.

Image categories

Depending on their origin, images should be categorized as "Screencaps" (for screenshots of the show), "Fanmade images" (for images created by fans; that includes screenshots that have been edited), "Promotional images" (for images released directly by Hasbro or Discovery Family/the Hub Network), or "Toy images" (for images of toys). Both promotional and screencap images should be categorized according to the characters an image depicts and the episode or other official material the image is from.

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