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This page explains how to edit the list of ponies.

First, upload the image of the character you want to add; an image that's about as high as it is wide is preferable. Make sure you give the image a descriptive file name. Afterwards, open the list you wish to edit.

Ponies from the TV series
Ponies from the comics

Simple entry

  • Right-click on an existing row where you wish to add an entry and select Row ► Insert Row After.
  • Simply fill the name and description with plain text.
  • Official names should be styled in bold. Any other name must adhere to the placeholder names policy.
  • Add an image by pasting the following into the image cell:
[[File:Descriptive image name.png|150px]]
Please keep the 150px parameter, otherwise whitespace is added to the image column. Thumbnails will not show on the table, do not add them. The image will first appear as the text above, but the preview should look like this:
Name K G C M E F Description and appearances Image
Pinkie Pie A pink Earth pony who first appears in the first episode, as well as many more. Pinkie Pie opening theme.png

There is no need to sort or alphabetize the list, this can be done automatically when viewing the list.

Full entry

You may add more information by using templates.

Name K G C M E F Description and appearances Image
Pinkie Pie earthearth maremare hsl(328, 69%, 87%)¤ hsl(332, 92%, 66%)¤ hsl(195, 96%, 79%)¤ 1
Pinkie Pie is a pink mare from MLP FiM. Gummy is her pet. Her cutie mark is 3 balloons Pinkie Pie opening theme.png

How to find the proper hsl values:

1. Use the Perbang color tables for choosing the color you want to apply

2. The hsl value is displayed in the table below the hue map (see image below)

USERHELP perbang hsl entry.png
3. The first value should contain three digits. If necessary, pad it with zeroes (009 instead of 9, 099 instead of 99). The degree character can't be used.
4. The second and third value use the percentage character behind the digits. This time it's not necessary to use exactly three digits.

You can also use special tools like colorzilla for firefox.


You can test and experiment in the sandbox on your userpage.