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Izzy Moonbow
Kind Unicorn
Sex Female
Residence Maretime Bay
Bridlewood Forest (formerly)
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Eyes Moderate orchid
Mane ¤ Moderate cornflower blue and cobalt blue
Coat Grayish mulberry
Horn Light bluish gray
Magic aura Pale heliotrope
Nicknames Iz, Sneaksy, Dizzy, moonbro
Relatives Fizzy (uncle)
Buttons (great-great-aunt)
Cutie mark
Blue heart with light blue button in middle and three pink/purple sewing pins
Voice Kimiko Glenn (English, film)
Ana Sani (English, series)
Claudine Sfeir (Arabic)
Yu Shuxin (Mandarin Chinese)
Petra Blažeković (Croatian)
Markéta Procházková (Czech)
Thea Iven Ulstrup (Danish)
Fauve Geerling (Dutch)
Ninni Norra (Finnish)
Aaricia Dubois (French)
Charlotte Uhlig (German)
Alexandra Lerta (Greek)
Miya Kadosh (Hebrew)
Dolly Lopes (Hindi)
Viktória Magyar (Hungarian)
Ichsanya Annisa (Indonesian, film)
Wahyu Gita Murti (Indonesian, series)
Giulia Bersani (Italian)
Natsumi Kawaida (Japanese)
Park Sin-hee (Korean)
Dyana Shamsuddin (Malaysian)
Sanna Bjerketvedt (Norwegian)
Magdalena Wasylik (Polish)
Lina Mendes (Brazilian Portuguese)
Marta Mota (European Portuguese)
Adina Lucaciu (Romanian)
Olga Shorokhova (Russian)
Lety Amezcua (Latin American Spanish)
Elena Barra (European Spanish)
Anneli Heed (Swedish)
Dolunay Pircioğlu (Turkish)
Veronika Luk'yanenko (Ukrainian)
Maja Posavec (Croatian)
Amy Burgess (Finnish)
Friedel Morgenstern (German)
Elmira Divayeva (Russian)

Izzy Moonbow is a female unicorn pony and one of the main characters of My Little Pony: A New Generation and My Little Pony Generation 5. She is an energetic and optimistic resident of Bridlewood Forest and Sunny Starscout's first non-Earth pony friend who specializes in arts and crafts.

Development and design[]

Izzy Moonbow was designed by artist Lea Dabssi.[1] During the film's concept phase, Izzy was known as simply "The Caregiver", and her design was somewhat inspired by Tree Hugger.[2]

Hasbro filed a trademark for the name "Izzy Moonbow"[3] with the United States Patent and Trademark Office on February 25, 2021.

Sneaksy is similar to Flanksy, both being unicorns-turned-Banksy-likes.

Depiction in A New Generation[]

In the film My Little Pony: A New Generation, Izzy first appears entering Sunny Starscout's hometown of Maretime Bay. Though she greets Sunny very openly, her presence causes a citywide panic among the Earth ponies, who treat all non-Earth ponies with fear and prejudice. Sunny hides Izzy at her lighthouse home; when Sunny asks Izzy to show her some magic, Izzy reveals that unicorns lost their magic a long time ago. Thus, the two team up to find answers in the Pegasus city of Zephyr Heights.

Upon arriving in Zephyr Heights, Izzy and Sunny are imprisoned by the equally prejudiced Pegasi but soon freed by crown princess Zipp Storm, who reveals Pegasi do not have magic either and believes the reason for this to be the separation of two magical crystals (one possessed by the Pegasi, another by the unicorns). With Zipp's help, Izzy and Sunny steal the Pegasus Crystal from Zipp's mother Queen Haven and in the process end up recruiting Zipp's sister Pipp Petals as well as the pursuant Hitch Trailblazer in their quest to bring magic back to Equestria. During this time, she reveals that she came to Maretime Bay because she had discovered the invitation Sunny and her father had sent out years ago.

After the group reaches Izzy's hometown of Bridlewood, Izzy disguises her friends as unicorns, and they acquire the Unicorn Crystal from Alphabittle, but nothing happens when the two crystals are joined together. Sunny returns to Maretime Bay in failure and despair, but Izzy and the others follow out of a desire to stay friends with her. Upon arriving, they get swept up in a destructive plot to wage war against unicorns and Pegasi orchestrated by Hitch's deputy Sprout.

When Sunny finally succeeds in uniting the pony races and bringing magic back, Izzy regains her unicorn magic and uses telekinesis to repair Maretime Bay's tram system.

Depiction in Make Your Mark[]

In the hour-long special My Little Pony: Make Your Mark, Izzy helps with the preparations for the Maretime Bay Day festival and repairs Sunny's childhood lantern as a surprise gift. When it is discovered that tensions between the three pony races are causing magic to glitch, Izzy and her friends do their best to ease those tensions. When magic goes haywire, creating a dark void that Posey and Windy fall into, Izzy gives Sunny the finished lantern so she can save them.

In Izzy Does It, Izzy suffers from creative block after her birthday gift for Sunny results in a demand for more crafts. While trying to reawaken her creative side, she stumbles on an old cart and reworks it into a mobile crafting station. She then helps Pipp with her own creative block by remixing one of her songs. In Growing Pains, Izzy offers to dragon-sit Sparky Sparkeroni for Hitch. Instead of following Hitch's multiple directions, she simply lets Sparky have fun. In Ali-Conned, Izzy helps to cheer Sunny up after she realizes no one really believes in her causes, and alongside the others, reveal that they have made Sunny's dream of a community garden come true.

In The Cutie Mark Mix-Up, Izzy is present for the public opening of the garden, and she helps round up the animals that were scared by the ponies stampeding into it. In The Traditional Unicorn Sleep-Over, Izzy meets Misty and invites her to be part of a traditional Bridlewood sleepover. When Misty suddenly leaves, Izzy is heartbroken and admits that she's been missing Bridlewood. Her friends help cheer her up by redecorating their sleeping area to look like Bridlewood. In Hoof Done It?, Izzy is briefly interrogated by Zipp over the whereabouts of Sunny's missing lantern. Izzy admits that she briefly used the lantern to look for tea leaves to help with her insomnia and returned it after.

In Have You Seen This Dragon?, Izzy seeks out the missing Sparky, unwittingly sabotaging her friends' efforts with a loud device she creates in hopes of drawing him to her. She also helps Pipp with her Sparky-finding lullaby by playing a flute, and finds an old tram that she hopes to uni-cycle into something else.

In the My Little Pony: Winter Wishday special, Izzy unveils the Mare Stream aircraft alongside Zipp, which allows the Mane 5 to travel across Equestria to take part in each tribe's holiday celebrations. Izzy is all too eager to take part part in the unicorn holiday of Wishiehoof and explains to her friends the unicorn greeting of "Frostyshivers". When it is discovered that the greeting magically creates snowy weather, Izzy helps reverse the situation by coming up with the new greeting of "warm Wishiehoof". Izzy and her friends return to Maretime Bay, where they witness the Wishing Star passing over the Brighthouse.

In My Little Pony: Bridlewoodstock, Izzy shows her friends the "Lumi-Bloom", a phenomenon in Bridlewood where the flowers glow. When Pipp is inspired by the event to put together a music festival in Bridlewood, Izzy fears that it will attract mysterious creatures called Troggles. Izzy turns out to be correct when the Troggles start stealing ponies' voices, though she stumbles upon a way to stop them by remembering an old unicorn rhyme.

In Top Remodel, Izzy helps Sunny ask the residents of Maretime Bay what they think should be done with the old Canterlogic factory. When Sunny is overwhelmed by all the conflicting ideas, Izzy gives her some advice that leads to the creation of "Canterlove Studios". In The Jinxie Games, Izzy helps Hitch train for Forest Critter Field Day and provides commentary to her friends during the event. In Sunny Side Up, Izzy helps with the filming of Sunny and Hitch's cooking show.

In The Manesquerade Ball, Izzy looks forward to attending the ball with her friends. She is overjoyed to see Misty again and convinces her to join them. She also crafts a friendship bracelet for Misty and takes part in a "unity dance" Sunny creates. In A Little Horse, Izzy tries to help Pipp get over her sore throat with some special tea. However, the tea only succeeds in making Pipp sound like Izzy. In Missing the Mark, Izzy tries to help Hitch find the missing Sparky. When the group discover that Misty has been working for Opaline (and had earlier kidnapped Sparky), Izzy is heartbroken. After Misty frees the group from Opaline's prison bubble, Izzy helps Sunny in the Alicorn battle by throwing things at Opaline.

In Cutie Blossom Bash, Izzy and her friends bring Misty to Zephyr Heights to celebrate her getting her cutie mark. Along the way, Izzy relates the story of how she got her own cutie mark. When Misty confesses that she can't stand the idea of being in the spotlight, Izzy and the others arrange a private ceremony for her.

In Family Trees Pt. 1, the group travel to Bridlewood to investigate the dreams Misty has been having, and encounter the Breezies and their Night Market. In Family Trees Pt. 2, Izzy and her friends travel to the dragonlands, and witness Misty reunite with her father, Alphabittle. In Father of the Bridlewood, Izzy, along with Sunny and Zipp, bring the unicorn Elder Flower to Zephyr Heights, in return for learning more about Equestria's past. In Mane Smelody, Izzy helps Pipp with the stink created by the flowers in her new mane polish by adding some better-smelling flowers to the mix. In Nightmare on Mane Street, Izzy helps decorate the Brighthouse for Nightmare Night. She is also present when Sparky's fire reveals a map to the Isle of Scaly.

In The Isle of Scaly, Izzy and her friends travel to the dragons' home. Izzy helps the Marestream avoid a crash landing when the Hope Lantern's power suddenly weakens. Soon after, they meet the dragons, whom Izzy gives friendship bracelets to. She also stays with Pipp and Misty to try and see what the problem is with the Marestream. While they are unable to solve the problem, the dragons give them a ride back to Equestria.

In Roots of All Evil Pt. 1, the ponies return to Maretime Bay to discover that Opaline has corrupted the Together Tree and started stealing cutie marks. Izzy goes to defend Bridlewood from Opaline's next attack. In Roots of All Evil Pt. 2, Izzy takes on Opaline when she attacks Bridlewood, briefly fooling her with a fake cutie mark. However, Opaline ends up taking her cutie mark anyway. Soon after, Izzy and all the ponies of Equestria sing in support of Sunny. The ponies' unity spreads through the Together Trees, purifying Opaline's and aiding in her defeat. Afterward, Izzy examines a portal that has formed in Opaline's Together Tree, causing her to take on a sparkly new appearance.

In My Little Pony: Secrets of Starlight, Izzy and her friends investigate the portal that has formed in Opaline's Together Tree, which brings them to Starlight Ridge, with Izzy finding herself struggling not to slip on the snowy surroundings. There, they meet the Auroricorns, with Comet helping her to avoid slipping while ice skating. Soon after, the group learn that the Auroricorns are in the thrall of a winged snow leopard named Allura, who seeks a magical item to escape the realm. Izzy uses her creativity to create something to deceive Allura, and together, the ponies and Auroricorns manage to defeat the villain and send her running. Izzy's clumsiness inadvertently reveals the magic that allows the ponies to return home, and she is entrusted with it in the form of the Nova Charm.

Other depictions[]

Izzy is featured in the film's book adaptations, including My Little Pony: A New Adventure, My Little Pony: Ponies Unite, the My Little Pony Annual 2022, My Little Pony: Story of the Movie, and backstory​[​specify​]​-inclusive My Little Pony: Virtual Magic.

Izzy also appears in the storybook My Little Pony: Sunny's Day.

Izzy also appears in the 2D animated YouTube web series My Little Pony: Tell Your Tale, which is set after the events of A New Generation. She appears in a nonplayable role in the video game My Little Pony: A Maretime Bay Adventure.

Official costumed performer appearances of Izzy:

IDW comics[]

Izzy features in the 2022 My Little Pony comic book series by IDW Publishing. In Issue #1, she struggles with being left out of her friends' activities and magic glitching in and out. During the search for the stolen Unity Crystal, Izzy discovers an ancient gateway, behind which lies the abandoned city of Canterlot. In Issue #2, they discover the ruins of Canterlot, and learn that Discord stole the crystal, and plans to destroy it in hopes of ensuring peace in Equestria. When the others try to protest Discord's decision, he uses Izzy's own feelings of being left out to support his goals.

In Issue #4, Izzy advises Pipp against posting a text message to her followers regarding how Pipp felt when the royal family's deception was revealed, noting that she wouldn't want millions of ponies to read about the worst day of her life. In Issue #5, Izzy and her friends follow a lead on Discord's whereabouts to a lighthouse owned by Lightning Rod, who tells them stories of the Mirror of Mayhem, a dangerous artifact created by Discord himself. In Issue #6, Izzy disagrees with her friends regarding their attempt to follow one of Discord's animal friends, accidentally scaring him off. Sunny acknowledges how distant Izzy has been lately, and tries to assure her that they have no intention of leaving her out. The group then discover Fluttershy's old cottage, and a message she left for Discord. In Issue #7, she asks Hitch to pick up some arts and crafts supplies for her, and joins the others in setting up Hitch's Harvest Day deejay booth in return. In Issue #8, Izzy reflects on a time (not long after the three tribes reunited) when she felt felt out.

In Issue #9, the Mane Five finally figure out where Discord is going, but Izzy questions if they should really stop him, as no magic means she won't feel left out as she did in the past. This leads to an argument and ongoing tension in the group.

Izzy plays a key role when the Mane Five confront Discord in Issue #10, showing him a recording of Fluttershy's message and combining it with her own words to convince him to stand down. Afterwards, Sunny apologizes to Izzy for making her feel left out, and Izzy forgives her.

In Issue #11, Izzy helps Pipp with a social media challenge involving summoning a vengeful spirit. In Issue #13, Izzy takes part in the annual Maretime Bay Beachside Bake-Off alongside her friends. While they initially have trouble deciding on a recipe, they ultimately decide to work together by combining ingredients that each one likes, with sprinkles being Izzy's contribution.

In Issue #14, Izzy is visited by her own crafting student, Violette Rainbow. While she shows Violette around Maretime Bay, a series of mishaps plague the young filly, to the point where she runs away in shame. With the help of the zebras Mariama and Skye, Izzy helps Violette learn to always be proud of who she is. In Issue #15, Izzy decides to renovate her old treehouse into a new hangout for herself and her friends. When she later finds her work destroyed by a group of animals, Hitch explains to her that the animals had made the treehouse their home, and she had chased them out. While Izzy initially intends to return the treehouse to the animals, she is overjoyed when the animals offer to share it with the ponies.

In the My Little Pony: Bridlewoodstock story An Equestrian Exposition: One Day of Peace & Music, Izzy makes flower accessories for the festival alongside Jazz Hooves and Rocky Riff. When two ponies argue over the Lumi-Bloom crown Izzy made, she helps them reconcile.

In My Little Pony 40th Anniversary Special, Izzy, along with Sunny and Hitch, find a book among Sunny's father's belongings that tells a tale of a place called Dream Valley.

In IDW Endless Summer - My Little Pony, Izzy helps Sunny feel better over summer ending by reminding her of some of her favorite springtime activities.

In My Little Pony: Black, White & Blue, Izzy enjoys a sleepover with her friends, Misty, Violette and Skye. She also introduces Misty to "uni-cycling".

In the My Little Pony: Mane Event story Izzy's Wash Day, Izzy initiates a complex mane-washing procedure.

In the first issue of My Little Pony: Set Your Sail, Izzy discovers the fourth volume of a book series she has been enjoying, only to find the heroes are depicted as villains. She joins Pipp on a diplomatic mission to meet with the ruler of the Seaponies, but the two are ambushed by pirates along the way. In Issue #2, they learn that the pirates only captured them because they need Pipp's help to send a message to the surface.


MLP G5 Izzy Moonbow Crystal Adventure figure

Crystal Adventure Izzy Moonbow.

Toys of Izzy Moonbow include the articulated 3-inch Crystal Adventure Izzy Moonbow and Critter Creation Izzy Moonbow figures and the 6-inch Unicorn Charms Izzy Moonbow figure, each of which come with their own accessories. The electronic 13-inch Sing and Glow Izzy plush toy sings a snippet of the song Fit Right In. The 12-inch brushable Styling Head Izzy Moonbow toy comes with styling accesories. 3-inch Izzy figures are also part of the Movie Friends and Best Movie Friends toylines and included in the 2021 Unicorn Party Celebration and Royal Gala Collection sets, a 6-inch Izzy figure is included in the Shining Adventures Collection set, an 8-inch brushable Izzy figure is part of the Mega Movie Friends toyline, and mini-figures of Izzy are included in the Snow Party Countdown and Friendship Shine Collection sets.


MLP G5 Hasbro website - Izzy Moonbow profile

From the moment of her introduction, Izzy is portrayed as very friendly, excitable, and open-minded. She treats nearly every situation with enthusiasm and cheerfulness, though this can cause her to be absentminded at times, such as in moments of danger. Unlike her fellow unicorns, Izzy is not completely prejudiced toward other pony races and is willing to befriend them, but she is initially wary of Pegasi, and is surprised that the derogatory stories she heard about Earth ponies are untrue. Despite this, she demonstrates an unbridled eagerness to meet new ponies and see new places. She can also be quite insightful at times, such as when she tells Hitch his sheriff's badge was creating an "unhealthy power dynamic".

Izzy is shown to be very creative and loves doing arts and crafts through an art she calls "uni-cycling" (unicorn upcycling). She also claims to be able to see a pony's "luminescence", their inner sparkle that shines brighter the happier they are. Like most unicorns, she also has a number of superstitious beliefs.

In the Tell Your Tale short Nightmare Roommate, she shows a desire to learn more about her new friends by emulating their actions and interests. In The Unboxing of Izzy, she is extremely optimistic and positive despite being stuck in a unicorn trap, even taking a moment to console Hitch when he feels like his tour of Maretime Bay has been ruined.

In It's T.U.E.S. Day, Izzy is shown struggling with being the only unicorn in her friend group, to the point where she creates an artificial unicorn out of random junk (which she calls "Señor Butterscotch") to hang out with. In the Make Your Mark episode The Traditional Unicorn Sleep-Over, Izzy is overjoyed when she meets Misty, hoping that they can be friends.

In One Trick Pony, she believes that even ponies can be "uni-cycled", helping the street magician Rufus find a new line of work after the return of magic has made ponies uninterested in his tricks. In Secret Ad-mare-er, Izzy shows a lot of enthusiasm regarding Hearts and Hooves Day, to the point of supporting the idea of Zipp and Rocky Riff becoming a couple (to Zipp's annoyance).

Izzy also shows a level of technological skill in Tell Your Tale, creating a "butler-bot" in A Home to Share and a high-tech visor for Zipp in The Game Is a Hoof. In Dumpster Diving and the Make Your Mark special, she is able to repair Sunny's old lantern. In Izzy Does It, she converts a rusty old cart into her own personal mobile crafting station. In Taking Flight, she (with some help from Zipp and the magic of Sunny's lantern) converts a disused old tram into a flying ship she dubs the Marestream.

Official description[]

  • Creative
  • Optimistic
  • Talented

"Izzy is a unicorn from Bridlewood Forest. She is very energetic and loves doing arts and crafts, such as making friendship bracelets for her new best friends! Izzy finds wonder in everything."[8]


"Hi, new friend! My name's Izzy!"
— To Sunny Starscout, My Little Pony: A New Generation
"Do Earth ponies also like staring contests? Hmmmmmmmmm... Ah! You win! I blinked!"
My Little Pony: A New Generation
"Her sparkle is so bright right now!"
— Referring to Zipp Storm, My Little Pony: A New Generation
"I will need a box of macaroni, a tube of glue, fourteen gooey bunnies, and three jelly beans. Oh. And glitter. Lots of glitter."
My Little Pony: A New Generation
"When I was a filly, I found this pretty lantern. It had a message inside. It said I had friends in Maretime Bay."
My Little Pony: A New Generation
"A glow-up? Honey, you came to the right cottage."
My Little Pony: A New Generation
"We're all in this together, right?"
My Little Pony: A New Generation
"Now that's what I call a glow-up!"
My Little Pony: A New Generation


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