(Jet Stream)
Jetstream ID S2E22

Jetstream in Hurricane Fluttershy
Kind Pegasus
Sex Female
More info
Eyes Light opal
Mane Light vermilion
Coat Pale, light grayish magenta
Cutie mark
White cloud with vermilion rain
(S2E22 and merchandise)
Magenta cloud with yellow lightning bolt
Jetstream, or Jet Stream, is a female background Pegasus pony with a pink coat, light red mane and tail, blue eyes, and a cutie mark sometimes of a white cloud with light red rain and other times of a pink cloud with a yellow lightning bolt. She is not named in the show, but she is named in merchandise, and her name is used in other media.

Development and design

Jetstream shares her design with Sprinkle Medley, White Lightning, "Blueberry Cloud", "Endless Clouds", "Pink Cloud", "Pumpkin Tart", "Rosewing", S01E04 Unnamed Pegasus Mare #1, S01E04 Unnamed Pegasus Mare #2, S04E10 Unnamed Pegasus Mare #1, S04E10 Unnamed Pegasus Mare #5, S05E24 Unnamed Pegasus Mare #1, and Friends Forever 09 Unnamed Mare - Tornadoes, shares her mane style with FIENDship is Magic 04 Unnamed Mare - Checkboard, and shares her tail style with S06E08 Unnamed Earth Mare #2.

Amy Keating Rogers' "Jet Stream".[1]​[​specify​]​

Depiction in the series

Jetstream ID thunderstorm S1E6

Jetstream in Boast Busters.

Jetstream has thus far appeared in only two episodes: Boast Busters in season one and Hurricane Fluttershy in season two.
Jetstream ID mane S2E22

Jetstream in Hurricane Fluttershy.

In Boast Busters, Jetstream appears in the crowd during Trixie's magic show. Here, her cutie mark is a dark lightning cloud. In Hurricane Fluttershy, she appears among other Pegasi lifting water up to Cloudsdale, after the initial attempt to create the tornado fails and at the end of the episode carrying Fluttershy. Here, her cutie mark is a raincloud.


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Other depictions

IDW comics

On My Little Pony: Friends Forever Issue #18 cover A, Jetstream's name is displayed as "Jet Stream" on a list of Cloudsdale High School Spirit Award recipients.


Jetstream is a playable character in Gameloft's mobile game, added in the version 4.3 update. Her in-game description states, "Jetstream spends her time doing what she can to help Cloudsdale: She was recently spotted carrying water up to the city in a time of crisis."


In Enterplay's collectible card game, Jetstream is named on card α #7 C, which gives her the description "An accomplished long-distance flier, some say Jetstream will be the first pony to fly nonstop all the way across Equestria."


Season one

Boast Busters

Season two

Hurricane Fluttershy


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