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Kelly Metzger
Kelly Metzger profile.jpg
Full name Kelly Jane Metzger
Sex Female
Birthdate February 25, 1980 (age 42)
Occupation Voice actress
Voice roles Spitfire (except S1E16)
Helia (S4E10)
Gloriosa Daisy (singing)

Kelly Metzger is a voice actress in My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. Except for the season one episode Sonic Rainboom, her most prominent role in the series is as Spitfire. She also provides Gloriosa Daisy's singing voice in My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Legend of Everfree.

When first brought into the series, Metzger auditioned for each of the Mane Six; she had gotten callbacks for Applejack and Spike before Ashleigh Ball and Cathy Weseluck were finally cast.[1] When recording for The Best Night Ever began, Metzger was cast as Spitfire. Metzger has remarked in interviews on the coincidence that she and the character she plays both have red hair.[2]

In the closing credits of Rainbow Falls, Metzger is credited as "Kelly Metger".

In previous generations of My Little Pony, Metzger provided the voice of Storybelle in My Little Pony: A Very Pony Place.

Outside My Little Pony, Metzger has provided voices for characters in several animated series, including Sayu Yagami in Death Note, Buttercup in Powerpuff Girls Z, Allie in Famous 5: On the Case, Gloria Daavil in Tara Duncan, Nya in Lego Ninjago, Vaash Ti in several Lego Star Wars animated features, Sugar Sprinkles in Littlest Pet Shop, and various supporting roles in the Barbie film series.

In live-action, Metzger has had guest roles in psych and CHAOS. She also has a background in theater, having performed in Vancouver productions of Anne of Green Gables, and she has taken acting workshops under Cathy Weseluck.[3]

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