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Lea Dabssi
Lea Dabssi profile.jpg
Dabssi in December 2020
Full name Lea Dabssi
Nickname Imalou
Sex Female
Birthdate June 26, 1996 (age 25)
Occupation Freelance artist, character designer

Lea Dabssi, also known as Imalou, is a French freelance artist, visual development artist, and character designer. She served as a character designer and 2D character designer on the My Little Pony Generation 5 film My Little Pony: A New Generation.

Dabssi is notable among the My Little Pony Friendship is Magic fandom as a fan artist, having made artwork inspired by the series since 2011. She became involved with A New Generation through Pablo R. Mayer, head of visual development at Boulder Media and production designer on the film, and Jorge Alonso de Román, senior character modeler on the film.[1] Mayer and de Román discovered Dabssi through her ArtStation portfolio in August 2017, particularly her art of Featherweight[2] and Mistmane.[3] Mayer reached out to Dabssi and invited her to join the film's production team.

Dabssi worked on the film from October 2017 to September 25, 2020;[4] her time spent working on the film was originally supposed to be nine months, but it ended up being three years.[5] Among her contributions to the film are the character designs for Sunny Starscout, Izzy Moonbow, and Sprout; the 2D-animated prologue featuring the Mane Six; Pipp Petals' smartphone;[6] and the Horns, Harry Trotter, and Dirty Prancing parody posters.[7]

Dabssi's other professional credits include being a concept artist on Funplus' mobile game Family Farm, a concept artist on a mobile game by the Berlin-based company Wooga, a character designer on the French animated series Treasure Trekkers, and a concept artist/character designer on the TeamTO-produced animated series Jade Armor.


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