Lily Blossom
Lily Blossom ID
Kind Pegasus
Sex Female
More info
Eyes Dark cerise
Mane ¤ Brilliant gold with lighter streaks
Coat Grayish blue
Cutie mark
Lily Blossom cutie mark crop 1
(some merchandise, software, and image)
Lily Blossom cutie mark crop 2
(some merchandise)
Lily Blossom is a female Pegasus pony who appears in software. She has a purple coat, two-toned yellow mane and tail, purple eyes, and a cutie mark usually of three lilies and sometimes of one lily. She first appeared in merchandise.


Lily Blossom is similar to Lily Valley except for coat, eye, and partly cutie mark colors, also resembles Cloud Kicker and S04E08 Unnamed Pegasus Mare #2, and also has a color scheme close to those of "Cloudy Kicks", "Lavender Lace", "Ballad", "Lilac Notes", and Issue 20 Unnamed Mare - Olivia Dunham.

Depiction in software

Lily Blossom appears in Hasbro's Friendship Celebration app.


Several toys and some other merchandise feature Lily Blossom, often named and sometimes with her name listed with a trademark symbol. Releases include three Playful Ponies toy packages and a Water Cuties toy package, four mini-figure toy and three collector card packages, a McDonald's toy package, and a 3D Eraser package. Various descriptions state that she "is known for being graceful when she flies, but she is just as elegant on all four hooves!"/"is known for being graceful all the time!"/"is always graceful!" and that she and Bumblesweet "go on a picnic outside!"


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