This is a sortable list of memorable elderly ponies which appear in the IDW comics or other comics. Official names are in bold. These names are mentioned in the comics, on Hasbro's toy line, or stated to be official by the comic's crew. Names that are not in bold are placeholder names which are unofficial and will soon be up for vote. Names in gray are up for vote right now. Colors are approximate.

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Kkind: Earth, Pegasus, unicorn, Alicorn
Ggroup: colt, filly, mare, stallion
Ccoat color
Mmane color
Eeye color
Ffirst appearance or mention: issue, page, panel
xFriendship is Magic issue x
MxMicro-series issue x
FFxFriends Forever issue x
FxFIENDship is Magic issue x
LOMxLegends of Magic issue x
AxAnnual year x
SSThe Fall of Sunset Shimmer
AGArt Gallery
HSHoliday Special
Cover variant x (used with the above tags)
Name K G C M E F Description and appearances Image
Granny SmithearthEarth textmareMare texthsl(070, 63%, 77%)¤white¤¤19
An alternate universe counterpart of Granny Smith.Comic issue 19 Alternate Granny Smith
Crystal BallearthEarth textmareMare texthsl(41, 89%, 74%)¤hsl(205, 22%, 80%)¤hsl(77, 57%, 57%)¤FF38
Mentioned in Twilight Sparkle and the Crystal Heart Spell as the author of the book Purple Reign. Appears in My Little Pony: Friends Forever Issue #38 as a fortuneteller/potion maker/hypnotist hired to perform at the Sisterhooves Social. Also appears on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Issue #71 page 2.Friends Forever issue 38 Crystal Ball
Deep StrataearthEarth textmareMare texthsl(191, 13%, 74%)¤white¤hsl(204, 37%, 60%)¤FF27
A renowned rock science professor who appears unnamed in My Little Pony: Friends Forever Issue #27​[​dubious – discuss‍​]​ and named in My Little Pony: Friends Forever Issue #29. Her cutie mark is a geological planet model with a quarter portion removed.Friends Forever issue 29 Deep Strata
Hulking HoarderunicornUnicorn textstallionStallion texthsl(60, 86%, 86%)¤hsl(220, 77%, 90%)¤hsl(218, 38%, 46%)¤PM5
A collector from Canterlot in My Little Pony: Ponyville Mysteries Issue #5. His cutie mark is a treasure chest.Ponyville Mysteries issue 5 Hulking Hoarder
Icy ShanksearthEarth textstallionStallion texthsl(45, 26%, 68%)¤hsl(69, 31%, 87%)¤hsl(33, 36%, 44%)¤67
Appears in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Issue #67 living on the outer edge of the Crystal Empire. His cutie mark is a stalactite of ice.Comic issue 67 Icy Shanks
InkwellunicornUnicorn textmareMare texthsl(202, 36%, 77%)¤hsl(196, 10%, 23%)¤hsl(148, 100%, 32%)¤M08
See Inkwell.Comic issue M8 Inkwell
Ms. MalusearthEarth textmareMare texthsl(84, 53%, 60%)¤hsl(356, 58%, 64%)¤hsl(344, 26%, 60%)¤LOM7
An elderly pony who lives in Stygian's vilage in My Little Pony: Legends of Magic Issue #7. Her cutie mark is a red apple with a worm in it.Legends of Magic issue 7 Ms. Malus
ShadowfallearthEarth textmareMare texthsl(206, 49%, 84%)¤hsl(51, 68%, 84%)¤hsl(350, 64%, 65%)¤65
Appears in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Issue #65 as Scarlet Petal and Winter Comet's adoptive aunt.Comic issue 65 Shadowfall
Temperance FlowerdewearthEarth textmareMare texthsl(240, 2%, 79%)¤white¤hsl(198, 80%, 74%)¤63
Appears in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Issue #63 as the leader of the Anti-Sugar League. A parody of Carrie Nation, and shares her name with Temperance Flowerdew.Comic issue 63 Temperance Flowerdew
Trade CraftearthEarth textstallionStallion text72
Arty's pop.store_owner_appear.png
Big McIntoshearthEarth textstallionStallion texthsl(347, 61%, 50%)¤hsl(037, 71%, 65%)¤hsl(112, 49%, 54%)¤09
See Big McIntosh.Comic issue 9 Elderly Big McIntosh
FleetfootpegasusPegasus textmareMare texthsl(184, 57%, 72%)¤hsl(000, 0%, 98%)¤hsl(116, 33%, 50%)¤09
See Fleetfoot.Comic issue 9 Elderly Fleetfoot
Issue 09 Unnamed Mare - Crystal BallearthEarth textmareMare texthsl(290, 30%, 56%)¤hsl(327, 23%, 77%)¤black¤09
An elderly fortune teller. Appears at the Summer Wrap-Up Festival on Friendship is Magic Issue #9 page 6 and on Micro-Series Issue #10 page 19. Her cutie mark is too far away for detail, but likely to be a crystal ball.Comic issue 9 UEM6
Canterlot Academy Principal
Issue 12 Unnamed Mare - Cap and Diploma
unicornUnicorn textmareMare texthsl(191, 26%, 57%)¤hsl(195, 69%, 82%)¤hsl(213, 60%, 42%)¤12
A speaker at the Fall Formal Gala. She presents the crowns to the Fall Formal king and queen. Her cutie mark is a graduate cap and diploma. She is a character named "Canterlot Academy Principal" in Gameloft's mobile game. Her bio states "All things considered, she was surprisingly unbothered by Buck Withers being bungee-corded into a disco ball during her Fall Formal. School dances are unpredictable like that."Comic issue 12 UUM1
Issue 15 Unnamed Stallion - GandalfunicornUnicorn textstallionStallion texthsl(019, 17%, 75%)¤hsl(201, 23%, 88%)¤black¤15
Appears in Ponyville as a result of the bookworm's magic. He resembles Gandalf from The Lord of the Rings.Comic issue 15 Gandalf
Friends Forever 13 Unnamed Mare - Shadowsmacks' MotherearthEarth textmareMare texthsl(192, 6%, 65%)¤hsl(012, 3%, 34%)¤¤FF13
Shadowsmacks' mother.Friends Forever issue 13 UEM2
Friends Forever 15 Unnamed Stallion - Hay BalesearthEarth textstallionStallion texthsl(077, 58%, 58%)¤hsl(146, 79%, 31%)¤hsl(145, 83%, 30%)¤FF15
A resident of Ponyville who gets turned into a watermelon as a result of Sweetie Belle's magic. His cutie mark is a pair of cylindrical bales of hay.Friends Forever issue 15 UES3
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