Mane six and Starlight facing the cutie mark vault S5E1
This is a list of cutie marks from the show.

Unique cutie marks

Cutie marks present on only one pony.

Stock cutie marks

Marks present on multiple background ponies.


Images may not reflect a specific pony's cutie mark exactly, because cutie marks are sometimes mirrored or rotated, even on the same pony. These instances are not specially marked.

Pony Object # Color(s) Notes Image
8-bitComic issue 11 8-bit cutie mark crop
Ace Pointtennis racket1?not shown in the show; only in merchandise
"Acrylic Paint"paintbrush coated in paint1brown/blue
Adagio Dazzlegemstone and G-clef1gold/purpleAdagio Dazzle cutie mark
Adagio Dazzlegemstone1goldonly in merchandiseAdagio Dazzle cutie mark crop 2
Adagio Dazzlegemstone3goldonly in merchandiseAdagio Dazzle cutie mark crop 3
"Adante"double quaver2bluein Trade Ya!PonyMaker Notes
"Adante"wing1?in Trade Ya! and Triple Threat
"Affero"scroll1gray/yellowAiP CM Scroll
"All Aboard"pocket watch1white/yellow/blackAll Aboard cutie mark crop S3E11
Aloelotus flower1white/blueAloe cutie mark crop S2E18
Aloelotus flower1white/pinkAloe cutie mark crop S5E9
"Amber Laurel"ornamental flowerpot1orange
"Amberlocks"grain of wheat1purple
"Ambrosia"apple slice3redAmbrosia cutie mark crop S2E8
"Amethyst Gleam"crystal formation1purple/black
Amethyst Maresburyscroll1yellowAmethyst Maresbury cutie mark crop S3E01
"Amethyst Shard"wheel-shaped object3purple
"Amethyst Skim"milk carton1white/blue
Amethyst Stargemstone3light bluePonyMaker Gemstones
Amethyst Stardouble quaver2blue/greenin Simple Ways (animation error)
Amethyst Stardolphin2purple/bluein Simple Ways (animation error)PonyMaker Dolphins
Amethyst Starmagic wand and moon1pink/purplein It Ain't Easy Being Breezies (animation error)
Amethyst Starhorseshoe1purplein It Ain't Easy Being Breezies (animation error)
Amethyst Starumbrella1greenin Leap of Faith (animation error)
Amethyst Stargemstone2light blue/purplein Trade Ya! (animation error)
Amethyst Starheart2in Trade Ya! (animation error)
Amethyst Starscroll1gray/yellowin Spice Up Your Life (animation error)AiP CM Scroll
Amethyst StarG-clef1pinkin My Little Pony The Movie
"Andy Warhoof"soup can1white/red/gray
Angel Wingswinged heart1red/whiteAngel Wings cutie mark crop S6E24
Angel Wingsheart1redin mobile game artwork
Apple Bloomcart of apples1brown/black/red/greenbriefly in Call of the CutieApple Bloom apple cart cutie mark crop S1E12
Apple Bloomkite1pink/yellowbriefly in Call of the CutieApple Bloom kite cutie mark crop S1E12
Apple Bloomiced cupcake3white/greenbriefly in Call of the CutieApple Bloom cupcakes cutie mark crop S1E12
Apple Bloomteddy bear1light bluebriefly in Call of the CutieApple Bloom teddy bear cutie mark crop S1E12
Apple Bloomtricycle1red/black/whitebriefly in Call of the CutieApple Bloom tricycle cutie mark crop S1E12
Apple BloomAmerican football3brown/white/blackbriefly in Call of the CutieApple Bloom footballs cutie mark crop S1E12
Apple Bloomloopty hoop1blue/light blue/whitein The Cutie PoxApple Bloom loopty hoop cutie mark crop S2E6
Apple Bloomspinning plate2light green/blackin The Cutie PoxApple Bloom spinning plates cutie mark crop S2E6
Apple Bloomshoe1red/yellow/grayin The Cutie PoxPonyMaker Shoe
Apple Bloomfleur-de-lis1light bluein The Cutie PoxPonyMaker French
Apple Bloomhammer and chisel1brown/orange/grayin The Cutie PoxApple Bloom sculpting cutie mark crop S2E6
Apple Bloomchimney sweep's hat and brush1gray/black/brownin The Cutie PoxApple Bloom chimney sweep cutie mark crop S2E6
Apple Bloomaccordion1red/yellow/white/blackin The Cutie PoxApple Bloom accordion cutie mark crop S2E6
Apple Bloomlion and whip1brown/yellow/green/red/blackin The Cutie PoxApple Bloom lion taming cutie mark crop S2E6
Apple Bloomchess piece3black/red/whitein The Cutie PoxPonyMaker Chess
Apple Bloomépée2gold/silverin The Cutie PoxPonyMaker Épées
Apple Bloomhang glider1red/grayin The Cutie PoxPonyMaker Paperplane
Apple Bloombarbell1black/grayin The Cutie PoxPonyMaker Bar
Apple Bloomsponge2brownin The Cutie PoxApple Bloom sponges cutie mark crop S2E6
Apple Bloomtornado1grayin The Cutie PoxApple Bloom tornado cutie mark crop S2E6
Apple Bloompesticide can with apple mist1gray/yellow/black/white/red/greendreamt in Bloom & GloomApple Bloom pesticide cutie mark crop S5E4
Apple Bloomapple potion1white/red/greendreamt in Bloom & GloomApple Bloom potion cutie mark crop S5E4
Apple Bloomwall-eyed dolphin1gray/white/black/bluedreamt in Bloom & GloomApple Bloom dolphin cutie mark crop S5E4
Apple Bloomice cream1pink/brown/red/blue/orangedreamt in Bloom & GloomApple Bloom ice cream cutie mark crop S5E4
Apple Bloomtooth1white/bluedreamt in Bloom & GloomApple Bloom tooth cutie mark crop S5E4
Apple BloomFrench fries1yellow/reddreamt in Bloom & GloomApple Bloom French fries cutie mark crop S5E4
Apple Bloomwinking Apple Bloom face1yellow/red/pink/white/blackdreamt in Bloom & GloomApple Bloom winking face cutie mark crop S5E4
Apple Bloomdoor1brown/whitedreamt in Bloom & GloomApple Bloom door cutie mark crop S5E4
Apple Bloomtri-colored shield, containing a heart within an apple1red, pink, purple, blue-purple, light purpleobtained in Crusaders of the Lost MarkApple Bloom cutie mark crop S5E18
Apple Bloomheart-shaped apple half1red/yellow/green/brownonly in merchandiseApple Bloom apple heart cutie mark crop
Apple Brown Bettyapple Brown Betty1yellow/red/brownApple Brown Betty cutie mark crop S3E8
Apple Bumpkincaramel apple3red/brownThree caramel apples cutie mark crop
Apple Bumpkingrapes (bunch)2greenin Trade Ya!PonyMaker Grapes
"Apple Bytes"apple core1green/yellow
"Apple Cherry"cobbler with apple slice1brown/greenApple Cobbler cutie mark crop
Apple Ciderapple core3red/yellowApple Cider cutie mark crop S1E1
Apple Cinnamonapple and two cinnamon sticks1green/brownApple Cinnamon cutie mark crop S3E8
Apple Cobblercobbler with apple slice1brown/greenApple Cobbler cutie mark crop
Apple Cobblernine-pointed sun3yellow/orangein A Friend in Deed, Trade Ya!, No Second Prances, Newbie Dash, and The Fault in Our Cutie Marks (all for shots while wearing the same glasses as in On Your Marks)PonyMaker Suns
"Apple Core"apple core3red/yellow
Apple Dumplingdumpling and two apple slices1brown/redApple Dumpling cutie mark crop S3E8
Apple Floraapple and three apple blossoms1red/green/pinkApple Flora cutie mark crop S3E8
Apple Fritterapple fritter3brownApple Fritter cutie mark crop S2E25
Apple Honeyiced cupcake3green/brownApple Honey cutie mark crop S3E08
Apple Leavesapple and five leaves1red/greenApple Leaves cutie mark crop S3E8
Apple Munchiesapple core3red/yellowApple Munchies cutie mark crop S1E21
"Apple Polish"apple1red
Apple Roseapple and two roses1red/pink/greenApple Rose cutie mark crop S3E8
"Apple Slice"apple bottom half3red/white
Apple Splitapple bottom half3red/whiteApple Split cutie mark crop S3E8
Apple Starsapple2greenApple Stars cutie mark crop S2E18
"Apple Top"apple1red
Applejackapple3red/greenAiP CM Applejack
Applejacklozenge diamond3light bluein Magical Mystery CureAiP CM Rarity
ApplejackApplejack equal sign cutie mark S5E2
ApplejackComic issue 33 Vampire Applejack cutie mark crop
ApplejackComic issue 33 Appledrac cutie mark crop
Applejack (fake)[note 4]apple3greenin The Mean 6Fake Applejack cutie mark crop S8E13
Applejack (fake)[note 5]in Nieszczęścia chodzą parami
"Apricot Bow"wrapped candy/bow3blue
"Aqua Mist"Friends Forever issue 16 Aqua Mist cutie mark
Archerbow and arrow1goldArcher cutie mark crop S1E12
"Arctic Lily"fleur-de-lis1blue
"Arpeggio"double quaver2bluePonyMaker Notes
Aunt Orangeorange wedge3orangeAunt Orange cutie mark crop S1E23
Auntie Applesauceapple seed with leaves1green/brown/yellowAuntie Applesauce cutie mark crop S3E8
Aurapillow1pillowin Call of the CutieAura pillow cutie mark S1E12
Autumn Gemgrain of wheat1goldSapphire Joy cutie mark crop S3E02
Autumn Gemfleur-de-lis1greenin The Crystal Empire - Part 2Sapphire Joy second cutie mark crop S3E02
B. Sharpdouble quaver2blue/gold
Babs Seedpair of scissors with apple-themed handle1red/green/silverforeshadowed in My Little Pony: Friends Forever Issue #13, obtained sometime before Bloom & GloomBabs Seed cutie mark crop S5E4
"Ballad"lyre1gold/greenPonyMaker Lyre
Banana Fluffheart3blue/greenLemon Hearts Cutiemark
Banana Fluffgemstone3light bluePonyMaker Gemstones
"Barbara Banter"book1white
Barber Groomsbyscissors and comb1gray/blackBarber Groomsby cutie mark crop S6E4
"Baritone"double quaver2black
"Barley Grind"skateboard1red/black
BeauDe Manehorseshoe3white
Beauty BrassF-clef1pinkobscured in the show; shown only in mobile gameBeauty Brass cutie mark crop MLP mobile game
"Bee Bop"lyre1gold/greenPonyMaker Lyre
"Bell Perin"daisy3white
"Bella Brella"umbrella1purple
Berry Dreamsgrapes (bunch)/strawberry1purple/redAiP CM Berryshine
Berry Greengrapes (bunch)2greenPonyMaker Grapes
"Berry Icicle"carrot3orange/green
Berry Preppygrapes (bunch)/strawberry1purple/redAiP CM Berryshine
Berryshinegrapes (bunch)/strawberry1purple/redAiP CM Berryshine
Berryshinein Rainbow Falls (animation error)
Berryshinein Tanks for the Memories (animation error)
Biffinterrobang and burst effect1blue/yellow/redBiff cutie mark crop S4E4
Big McIntoshapple half1greenBig McIntosh Cutie Mark
Big McIntoshapple half with four stars1green/whitein Friendship is Magic, part 1, Winter Wrap Up, Sisterhooves Social, MMMystery on the Friendship Express, Spike at Your Service, Just for Sidekicks, and Magical Mystery CureBig McIntosh cutie mark animation error
Big Shotreverse USD symbol1goldBig Shot cutie mark crop S1E20
Big Topclown horn1red/light blue
Big Wigjack3red/pinkBig Wig cutie mark crop S2E8
Bill Neighmolecule1gray/blue/light blue/redBill Neigh cutie mark crop S3E01
"Bitta Blues"ladybug1red/blackAiP CM Mariquita
Bittersweetheart inside text bubble1white/pinkBittersweet cutie mark crop S5E10
"Black Stone"cherry pair1red/black
"Blade Runner"roller skate1orange/black
"Blossom Delight"flower1yellow
Blossomforthflower2blue/pinkBlossomforth cutie mark S02E22
Blossomforthsunflower1brown/yellow/greenonly in merchandise
"Blow Dry"hair dryer1blueBlow Dry cutie mark crop S4E6
"Blue Bonnet"horseshoe2silver/brownTwo interlocking horseshoes cutie mark CROP
"Blue Bows"wrapped candy/bow3green/yellow
Blue Buckfish2blue
Blue Mooncompass rose1yellow/blueBlue Moon cutie mark 1 crop S1E26
Blue Moonstar3light blueBlue Moon cutie mark 2 crop S1E26
Blue Moonin Ponyville Mysteries: Schoolhouse of Secrets
"Blue Nile"vanity mirror1yellow/purple
"Blue October / Blueberry Muffin"tornado1?in It Ain't Easy Being Breezies
"Blue October / Blueberry Muffin"gemstone1?in It Ain't Easy Being Breezies
"Blue October / Blueberry Muffin"bubble7?in On Your Marks and Newbie Dash
"Bluebell"airstream cutting through two clouds1white/yellow
"Blueberry Cloud"cloud with lightning bolt1blue/yellow
Blueberry Curlsflower pair1pinkBubblegum Blossom cutie mark crop S5E16
Boltlightning bolt1whiteBolt cutie mark crop S1E12
"Bon Voyage"cloud with sun1white/yellowPonyMaker Partlycloudy
"Booksmart"pair of books1orange/red
"Bottlecap"gemstone3light bluein Leap of FaithPonyMaker Gemstones
"Bottlecap"lyre1gold/grayin Trade Ya!
"Bottlecap"laurel wreath1goldin Trade Ya!PonyMaker Wreath
Bow HothoofBow Hothoof cutie mark crop S7E7
"Boysenberry"grapes (bunch)3purple/cerise
Braeburnapple1red/blackBraeburn cutie mark crop S01E21
Braeburnguitar1brownin Leap of Faith and Equestria Games (while hatless)AiP CM Guitar
"Brass Blare"F-clef1yellow
Bright Bulblight bulb1white
Bright MacBright Mac cutie mark crop S7E13
Bright Smilecrenelated tower1yellowBright Smile cutie mark crop S3E02
"Bubblegum Brush"hairbrush1light blue/yellow
Buck Withersstylized "B"1yellow/blackComic issue 12 Buck Withers cutie mark crop
Buddyfour-leaf clover3blueBuddy cutie mark crop S2E11
Bulk Bicepsdumbbell1blackBulk Biceps cutie mark
Bumblesweet / Honeybuzzbumblebee1yellow/blackBumblesweet cutie mark crop
"Burdock Hooffield"prickly bush1green
"Burning Heart"flame1yellow/orangeBurning Heart cutie mark crop S6E1
"Burning Heart"Comic issue 8 Burning Heart cutie mark crop
Bushelbucket of apples in water1yellow/brown/red/green/blueBushel cutie mark crop S5E6
Business Savvyfedora1brownBusiness Savvy cutie mark crop S5E11
Business Savvyfour-leaf clover3greenPonyMaker Clover
Business Savvyguitar1brownBusiness Savvy alternate cutie mark crop S4E8
"Butter Pop"popcorn1yellow/red/white
Button MashD-pad1grayin mobile game artworkButton Mash cutie mark crop Gameloft
"Buzzard Hooffield"golf club and two golf balls1brown/gray/white
"Buzzard Hooffield"fork1gray
"Buzzsaw McColt"circular saw1gray
Candy Applescandy apple and caramel apple1red/brown/greenCandy Apples cutie mark crop S3E8
Candy Caramel Toothcandy apple and caramel apple1red/brown/greenCandy Caramel Tooth cutie mark crop S3E8
"Candy Mane"bubble7pinkin The Mysterious Mare Do WellCandy Mane cutie mark crop S2E08
"Candy Mane"pair of pony silhouettes1purplein Filli Vanilli, Inspiration Manifestation, and The One Where Pinkie Pie KnowsCandy Mane cutie mark crop S4E14
"Candy Mane"grapes (bunch)/strawberry1purple/redin Leap of Faith
"Candy Twirl"spool of thread3red
Caramelhorseshoe3bluePonyMaker Horseshoe
Caramelpalm tree1green/brownin The Best Night Ever (animation error)AiP CM Beach
Caramel Applecaramel apple3brown/redThree caramel apples cutie mark crop
"Carrot Crunch"carrot3orange/green
"Cayenne"chili pepper2redCayenne cutie mark crop S5E14
Cerulean Skiespalm tree1green/brownAiP CM Beach
"Charcoal Bakes"cupcake3gray
Charged Uplightning bolt1grayCharged Up cutie mark crop S1E13
Charity Kindheartheart-shaped pincushion1red
"Charon"Micro-Series issue 8 Charon cutie mark crop
"Check Mate"crenelated tower1yellow
Cheerileesmiling flower3yellow/pinkCheerilee cutie mark crop S1E12
Cheerileeumbrella3purplein Family Appreciation Day, for two shots starting at 11:16PonyMaker Umbrella
Cheerileeonly in merchandiseCheerilee cutie mark crop merchandise
Cheese Sandwichgrilled cheese sandwich shaped like an accordion1brown/black/yellowCheese Sandwich cutie mark crop S4E12
"Chelsea Porcelain"tea set1white/yellowChelsea Porcelain cutie mark crop S2E8
Cherry Berrycherry pair1red/blackCherry Berry Cutie mark
Cherry Fizzycherry pair1red/blackPonyMaker Cherry
"Cherry Gold"cherry pair1red/blackPonyMaker Cherry
Cherry Jubileecherry pair1red/greendifferent than other cherry marksCherry Jubilee cutie mark crop S2E14
"Cherry Punch"cherry pair1red/blackCherry Berry Cutie mark
Cherry Spicescherry pair1red/green/blackCherry Spices cutie mark crop
"Cherry Strudel"cherry pair1red/blackPonyMaker Cherry
"Chilly Puddle"dolphin2purple/bluePonyMaker Dolphins
"Chock-full Carafe"coffee cup1white/brown
"Chocolate Blueberry"lightning bolt2yellowPonyMaker Lightnings
"Chocolate Haze"carrot1orange/green
Chocolate Suncompass rose1yellow/orange
"Chocolate Tail"laurel wreath1goldPonyMaker Wreath
Cinnamon Chaibowl of cake batter1blue/brown
"Cinnamon Swirl"abstract spiral1white
Cipher Splashunspecified object1blue
"Citrus Blush"compact mirror1blue/pinkCitrus Blush cutie mark crop S5E14
Claudemarionette crossbar with four strings1purple/blackClaude cutie mark crop S4E23
"Clean Sweep"broom1brown/white
Clear Skiessun and two clouds1yellow/white/blackClear Skies cutie mark crop S5E5
Cloud Chaser (female)shooting star1blue/yellowCloudchaser Cutie Mark
Cloud Chaser (female)cloud with sun1white/yellowin Hurricane Fluttershy, Wonderbolts Academy, (for some shots) and some merchandisePonyMaker Partlycloudy
Cloud Chaser (male)wing1grayCloud Chaser cutie mark crop S4E16
Cloud Kickercloud with sun1white/yellowPonyMaker Partlycloudy
Cloud Kickergrapes (bunch)/strawberry1purple/redin Simple Ways (animation error)AiP CM Berryshine
"Cloud Showers"umbrella1?purplePonyMaker Umbrella
Cloudy Quartzrock3grayCloudy Quartz cutie mark crop S1E23
Coco Pommelfeathered hat1purple/redCoco Pommel cutie mark crop S4E08
Coconut CreamCoconut Cream cutie mark crop S7E14
"Cold Front"cloud with lightning bolt1gray/yellowPonyMaker Thunderstorm
Coloraturastar surrounded by five eighth notes1yellow/green/orange/red/purple/blueColoratura cutie mark crop S5E24
"Comb Over"comb and tuft of hair1yellow/purpleComb Over cutie mark crop S4E6
Comet Tailshooting star1bluePonyMaker ShootingStar
Comet Tailhorseshoe1bluein Trade Ya!
Commander Hurricanestar surrounded by four smaller stars1in The Journal of the Two Sisters
Compass Starstar surrounded by four smaller stars1gold/whitePonyMaker Star
Cookie Crumblescookie (one with a bite in it)3brownCookie Crumbles cutie mark crop S4E23
"Cool Beans"star with sunglasses1yellow/black
Coriander CuminCoriander Cumin cutie mark crop S6E12
"Cormano"cherry pair1red/blackPonyMaker Cherry
"Cornflower"daisy pair1white
"Coronet"crown1goldCoronet cutie mark crop S1E12
"Cosmic"crescent moon1blue
Cotton Cloudycloud1light blueCotton Cloud Cutie Mark
Cotton Cloudybow and arrow1goldin Call of the Cutie, Ponyville Confidential, and Simple Ways (some scenes)Cotton Cloudy cutie mark crop S2E23
"Cotton Sky"flamingo?1pink
Count Caesarlaurel wreath1goldPonyMaker Wreath
Cozy Glowrook1redCozy Glow cutie mark crop S8E12
Crafty Cratecrate1brownCrafty Crate cutie mark crop S2E8
"Creme Brulee"horseshoe3bluePonyMaker Horseshoe
"Crosscut McColt"hand saw1gray
Crusoe Palmpalm tree1green/brownAiP CM Beach
Crystal Beaubow and arrow1purple/blueCrystal Arrow cutie mark crop S3E01
"Crystal Clear"gemstone3light bluePonyMaker Gemstones
Crystal Hoof (Thorax)Thorax cutie mark crop S6E16
"Crystal Varado"grain of wheat1gold
"Cultivar"flower design3blue/pink
Daisydaisy pair1white/yellowDaisy cutie mark crop S2E8
Daisydouble quaver2bluein Equestria Games (animation error)PonyMaker Notes
Dance Feverdisco ball1light blueDance Fever cutie mark crop S2E17
"Dandy Brush"hairbrush1light blue/yellow
Dane Tee Dovelaurel wreath1pink/purpleDainty Dove cutie mark crop S1E23
Daring Docompass rose1gold/greenDaring Do's cutie mark cropped S4E04
Dark Mooncrescent moon1whiteDark Moon cutie mark crop S05E10
Davenportquill and sofa1white/blueDavenport cutie mark crop S5E3
Deputy Copperpolice badge1gold
Derpybubble7grayDerpy Hooves Card Creator cutie mark
Derpyflower pair1?in Simple Ways (animation error)
Derpyleaf1greenin Trade Ya! (animation error)
"Dewdrop"raindrop3bluePonyMaker Drops
Diamond Cuttergemstone1orange
Diamond CutterG-clef2whitePonyMaker Clefs
Diamond Mintgemstone3light bluePonyMaker Gemstones
Diamond Rosegemstone1pinkDiamond Rose cutie mark
Diamond Tiaratiara1dark blueDiamond Tiara cutie mark crop S1E12
"Dinky Doo"pillow1gray
"Dinky Doo"bow and arrow1goldin Call of the CutieCotton Cloudy cutie mark crop S2E23
"Dinky Doo"dolphin2bluein Call of the CutiePonyMaker Dolphins
"Dinky Doo"horseshoe1purplein Call of the Cutie
"Dirtbound"carrot1orange/greenAiP CM Carrot
Discordtornado1dark grayin Twilight's Kingdom - Part 1Discord pony cutie mark
DiscordComic issue 50 Disguised Discord cutie mark crop
"Distant Star"star3light blue
DJ Pon-3double quaver1blackDJ Pon-3 cutie mark from DJ Pinkie Pie game
DJ Pon-3hourglass1yellowin Simple Ways (animation error)
DJ Pon-3G-clef1purpleonly in merchandiseCard Creator WhomeverThisIs cutie mark
Doctor Horseheart monitor1green/whiteDoctor Horse cutie mark crop S2E16
Don Neighgrapes (bunch)2greenPonyMaker Grapes
Double Diamondsnowflake on hexagonal formation3blueDouble Diamond cutie mark crop S5E2
Double DiamondDouble Diamond equal sign cutie mark S5E1
"Downdraft"umbrella3purplePonyMaker Umbrella
"Dr Steth"stethoscope1black/gray
Dr. Caballeronskull with eye jewel1gold/redDr. Caballeron cutie mark crop S4E04
Dr. Faunacat's head, dog's head and bird1gray/brown/whiteMane Goodall cutie mark crop S2E10
Dr. Hooveshourglass1yellowDr. Hooves Cutie mark
Dr. Hoovestornado1?in Simple Ways (animation error)
Dr. Hoovesincomplete wheel of cheese1?in It Ain't Easy Being Breezies (animation error)
Dr. Hooveslyre1gold/grayin It Ain't Easy Being Breezies (animation error)
Dr. Hoovesguitar1brownin Leap of Faith (animation error)AiP CM Guitar
Dr. Hoovesgrapes (bunch)/strawberry1purple/redin Trade Ya! (animation error)
Dr. Hoovesheart2?in Trade Ya! (animation error)
Dr. Hooveshorseshoe3bluein Appleoosa's Most Wanted (animation error)PonyMaker Horseshoe
Dr. Hoovesbaseball mitt and ball1?in The Fault in Our Cutie Marks (while green-eyed)
Dr. Hooveswrapped candy/bow3blue/yellowonly in merchandise
Dr. Horsestethoscope and cross-marked first aid kit1gray/white/redin Secret of My Excess, The Cutie Re-Mark - Part 2, A Flurry of Emotions, and merchandiseDoc Top cutie mark crop S2E10
Dr. Horsestethoscope and first aid kit1gray/whitein A Health of Information
"Drizzle"umbrella3purplePonyMaker Umbrella
"Dumb-Bell"dumbbell1silverDumb-Bell cutie mark crop S1E16
"Dust Devil"tornado3grayPonyMaker Tornado
"Dusty McColt"dust cloud3white/light blue
"Earl Grey"teacup1pink
Eclair Crèmehorseshoe2silver/brownTwo interlocking horseshoes cutie mark CROP
Eff Stopfilm strip1white/dark bluePress Release cutie mark crop S2E8
"Egon"pesticide can1gray/yellow/black
"Eiffel"pair of bongo drums1brownin The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000Eiffel cutie mark crop S2E15
"Eiffel"scroll1gray/yellowin Simple WaysAiP CM Scroll
"Eiffel"airstream cutting through two clouds1whitein It Ain't Easy Being BreeziesEiffel cutie mark crop S4E16
"Eiffel"wrapped candy/bow2red/bluein Leap of FaithEiffel cutie mark crop S4E20
"Eiffel"grapes (bunch)/strawberry1green/redin Trade Ya!Eiffel cutie mark crop S4E22
"Eiffel"guitar1brownin Honest AppleAiP CM Guitar
Elbow Greasefleur-de-lis1blueElbow Grease cutie mark crop S3E02
Elbow Greasepalm tree1green/brownin The Crystal Empire - Part 1AiP CM Beach
"Electric Blue"lightning bolt2yellowPonyMaker Lightnings
Electric Skylight bulb3blue/yellowElectric Sky cutie mark crop
Emerald Greengemstone4greenPonyMaker Emerlands
"Endless Clouds"cloud1white
"Evening Star"apple half1green
"Evergreen"pine tree1green
Fancy Pantscrown3gold/purpleFancy Pants Cutie Mark S2E9
Fashion Platestar3yellow
Fast Clip?1blue/orangeFast Clip cutie mark crop S3E7
Fawn Doowrapped candy3blue/yellow/orangeFawn Doo cutie mark crop
Feather BangsFeather Bangs cutie mark crop S7E8
Featherweightfeather1whiteobtained in Ponyville ConfidentialFeatherweight cutie mark cropped S2E23
Felixfour-leaf clover3greenPonyMaker Clover
"Fetter Keys"key ring1gray/black/green/blue/yellowSenior Deputy cutie mark crop S5E6
Fiddly TwangG-clef1light blueFiddly Twang cutie mark crop
Filthy Richbag with dollar symbol3brownFilthy Rich cutie mark crop S2E12
"Fine Print"newsboy cap and rolled-up newspaper1brown/gray
Finish Linecheckered flag1black/whiteFinish Line cutie mark crop S1E12
Firecracker Burstflame1orange/yellowFirecracker Burst cutie mark crop
Firelightflame1orange/yellowFirelight cutie mark crop S8E8
"First Base"baseball bat and ball1white/brown
"First Base"tiara1dark bluein Crusaders of the Lost Mark
Flamapple with slice taken out1red/yellowFlam cutie mark crop S2E15
Flamapple slice1red/yellowin The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000 (animation error)Flim Cutie Mark
Flash MagnusFlash Magnus cutie mark crop S7E16
Flash Sentrylightning bolt and shield1yellow/blueobscured; shown only in merchandise, comics, and promotional materialFlash Sentry cutie mark ID
Flax Seedflower1blueFlax Seed cutie mark crop M3
Fleetfoothorseshoe inside an arc1blue/yellowFleetfoot cutie mark crop S4E10
Fleetfootstylized phoenix1orangein Rainbow Falls (animation error)
Fleetfootwinged horseshoe1yellow/whitein My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Issue #9Fleetfoot cutie mark comic issue 9
Fleur de Lisfleur-de-lis3gold/purpleFleur Dis Lee Cutie Mark
Fleur De Verrefleur-de-lis1pinkFleur de Verre cutie mark crop S3E01
Flimapple slice1red/yellowFlim Cutie Mark
Flimapple with slice taken out1red/yellowin The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000 (animation error)Flam cutie mark crop S2E15
Flitterdragonfly3blueFlitter clear cutie mark S4E16
Flittercloud with sun1white/yellowin It Ain't Easy Being Breezies (for some shots)PonyMaker Partlycloudy
"Flounder"heart2?in Simple Ways
"Flounder"raindrop3bluein It Ain't Easy Being BreeziesPonyMaker Drops
"Flounder"flower2?in It Ain't Easy Being Breezies
"Flounder"horseshoe1?in Leap of Faith
"Flounder"leaf1greenin Trade Ya!
"Flounder"umbrella1purplein Trade Ya!
"Flounder"magic wand and moon1pink/purplein Honest Apple
Florina Tartapple and three apple blossoms1red/green/pinkFlorina cutie mark crop S3E8
"Flower Flight"flowerbud3yellow
Fluffy Cloudscloud3white/blue/grayFluffy Clouds cutie mark crop S5E10
Fluttershybutterfly3blue/pinkAiP CM Fluttershy
Fluttershyin The Crystal Empire - Part 2 (animation error)AiP CM Rainbow Dash
Fluttershystar surrounded by five smaller stars1magenta/whitein Games Ponies Play (animation error)AiP CM Twilight Sparkle
Fluttershyballoon3blue/yellowin Magical Mystery CureAiP CM Pinkie Pie
Fluttershybat3pinkas FlutterbatFlutterbat CM ID
FluttershyFluttershy equal sign cutie mark S5E2
Fluttershy (fake)[note 4]butterfly3pink/bluein The Mean 6Fake Fluttershy cutie mark crop S8E13
Fluttershy (fake)[note 5]in Nieszczęścia chodzą parami
Foggy Fleeceball of yarn1purpleFoggy Fleece cutie mark crop S1E16
"Forest Spirit"in It Ain't Easy Being Breezies
"Forest Spirit"umbrella1greenin It Ain't Easy Being Breezies
"Forest Spirit"heart2in Honest Apple
"Frazzle Rock"group of three papers1white
Frederick Horseshoepindouble quaver2white/black
Frederick Horseshoepinin My Little Pony The Movie
"Free Throw"basketball and hoop1orange/white
"Frou Frou"lotus flower1pink
GafferComic issue 11 Gaffer cutie mark crop
Gala Applebyapple slice3yellow/redGala Appleby cutie mark crop S2E15
"Gallic"royal guard helmet1gray/teal
"Gallop J. Fry"burger1brown/red/green
"George Horrsen"smiling jelly bean3red/purple/green
Ginger Beardin Baby Flurry Heart's Heartfelt Scrapbook Ep. 3 All About Alicorns
Ginger Beardin The Parent Map
"Gingerbread"gingerbread man1orange
Gizmorobot1blue/yellowGizmo cutie mark crop S2E19
Gladmanebit and sparkle3gold/whiteGladmane cutie mark crop S6E20
Globe Trotterleaf1greenin Rarity Takes Manehattan
Globe Trotterpalm tree1green/brownin Made in ManehattanAiP CM Beach
Globe Trotterhourglass1yellowin Molt DownDr. Hooves Cutie mark
"Gold Slipper"horseshoe2silver/brown
Golden Deliciousapple3yellowGolden Delicious cutie mark crop S1E01
Golden Deliciousapple in heart-shaped outline1yellow/pinkonly in merchandiseGolden Delicious collector card cutie mark
Golden Deliciousapple in heart-shaped outline1yellow/blueonly in merchandiseGolden Delicious toy cutie mark
Golden Gavelgavel1brownGolden Gavel cutie mark crop S2E9
Golden Glittercrown1white/yellow
"Golden Glory"laurel wreath1green
Golden Harvestcarrot3orange/greenGolden Harvest Cutie Mark
Golden Harvestcarrot2only in merchandise
Golden Hoovesgrain of wheat1gold
Golden Hooveslightning bolt with wings1only in merchandise
"Golden Väs"ornamental vase1gold/white
Golden Wheatgrain of wheat1gold
Goldengrapegrapes (bunch)2greenPonyMaker Grapes
Goldie Deliciousapple tree1green/yellow/brownGoldie Delicious cutie mark crop S4E09
Grand PearGrand Pear cutie mark crop S7E13
Granny Smithapple pie1brown/grayGranny Smith cutie mark crop S1E8
"Grape Crush"double quaver2black
Grape Delightwrapped candy/bow3purple
"Gravedigger Hooffield"shovel1black
Green Jewelgemstone2light blueGreen Jewel cutie mark crop S2E18
"Groucho Mark"Groucho glasses1black/red
"Hacksaw McColt"bow saw1gray
Hairpin Turnflaming tire1black/orangeHairpin Turn cutie mark crop S1E12
Half Baked Applebaked apple1red/brownHalf Baked Apple cutie mark crop S3E8
"Hammerhead McColt"bag of hammers1gray/maroon
"Happy Trails"horseshoe3yellow/brown/red
Haymakerwrestling/boxing bell1red
"Haymish"pitchfork with hay1gray/yellow
Hayseed Turnip Truckturnip3green/purple/whiteHayseed Turnip Truck cutie mark crop S3E8
Heliasunflower1brown/yellow/greenHelia cutie mark crop S4E24
Heliacloud with rain1white/bluein Hurricane Fluttershy and Rainbow Falls (for some shots)PonyMaker Rain
"Hercules"scroll1gray/yellowAiP CM Scroll
"Hermes"adhesive bandage2brown
"Hill Song"horn1yellow
Hoity Toitypaper fan1yellow/whiteHoity Toity Cutie Mark
Holly Dashstrawberry1redHolly Dash cutie mark crop S1E10
Hondo FlanksAmerican football3brown/white/blackHondo Flanks cutie mark crop S4E23
Honey Rayslightning bolt2yellowPonyMaker Lightnings
Hoofbeardskull and crossbones1brownComic issue 13 Hoofbeard cutie mark crop
Hoofer Stepsarray of dance steps1purple/pink
Hoopsbasketball3orangeHoops cutie mark crop S1E16
"Hors D'oeuvre"serving dish with covering1silver/blue
Hughbert Jelliusstrawberry3red/purpleHughbert Jellius cutie mark crop S5E9
"Icy Rain"raindrop3bluePonyMaker Drops
Igneous Rock Piepickaxe1brown/grayIgneous Rock Pie cutie mark crop S1E23
Indigo Zapcloud with star and lightning bolt1purple/pink/blueonly on Hasbro's websiteIndigo Zap cutie mark crop
"Infinity"hourglass1brownAiP CM Hourglass
Inkwellinkwell1blackMicro-Series issue 8 Inkwell cutie mark
Inky Roseblack rose dripping ink1blackInky Rose cutie mark crop S7E9
"The Inquisitor"hourglass1yellow
Ivory Rookcrenelated tower1blueIvory cutie mark crop S3E02
"Ivy Vine"leaf3green
Jack Hammerscrewdriver and two screws1red/grayJack Hammer cutie mark crop S2E8
Jack Hammerpolice badge1goldin Pinkie Pride and Made in ManehattanJack Hammer cutie mark crop S4E12
Jack PotJack Pot cutie mark crop S8E5
Jade Singerbook4whiteMicro-Series issue 1 Jade Singer cutie mark
"Jaded Jasper"crenelated tower1brown
Jeff Letrotskicanoe paddle2brownin Somepony to Watch Over MeJeff Letrotski cutie mark crop S4E17
Jeff Letrotskifryer basket1gray/blackin Trade Ya!Jeff Letrotski cutie mark crop S4E22
Jeff Letrotskirug1redin Slice of LifeJeff Letrotski cutie mark crop S5E9
Jeff Letrotskibowling ball and two pins1black/whitein mobile gameJeff Letroski's mobile game Cutie Mark
Jesús Pezuñabowling ball and two pins1black/whitenot shown in the show; only in mobile game
Jet Setjet3white/blue/grayJet Set cutie mark mobile game
Jetstreamcloud with lightning bolt1red/yellowin Boast Busters
Jetstreamcloud with rain1white/redin Hurricane Fluttershy
"Jim Beam"I-beam1grayJim Beam cutie mark crop S2E8
Joan Pommelwayobscured in the show; shown only in merchandiseJoan Pommelway cutie mark crop
Joedonut1brown/pinkJoe's cutie mark S2E24
"Joe Pescolt"slice of pizza1yellow/red
Jonagoldapple3greenJonagold cutie mark crop S5E6
Jonagoldapple fritter3brownin Green Isn't Your Color and My Little Pony The MovieApple Fritter cutie mark crop S2E25
Jonagoldcloud with sun1white/yellowin Trade Ya!PonyMaker Partlycloudy
Jonagoldapple3greenin merchandise and on mobile game texture
"Jubileena"cherry pair3red
"Juicy Fruit"grapes (bunch)/strawberry1purple/redAiP CM Berryshine
Junebugin Fame and Misfortune, Triple Threat, and It Isn't the Mane Thing About YouJunebug cutie mark crop S7E14
Junebugbumblebee1yellowin merchandise and mobile gameJunebug collector card cutie mark
"Juno"??red/whiteJuno cutie mark crop S6E1
"Juno"Friends Forever issue 16 Juno cutie mark
"Karat"diamond ring1gold/blue
"Karat"G-clef2whitein Slice of LifePonyMaker Clefs
Kibitzpocketwatch1white/blackKibitz cutie mark crop M10
Lady Gavalhourglass1brownAiP CM Hourglass
Lady Gavalgavel1brownin A Friend in Deed, merchandise, and mobile gameLady Justice cutie mark crop S2E18
"Larissa"Micro-Series issue 8 Larissa cutie mark crop
"Late Show"theater ticket2greenLate Show cutie mark crop S5E16
Laurettelaurel wreath1purpleDainty Dove cutie mark crop S1E23
Lavender Fritterapple fritter3brownLavender Fritter cutie mark crop S2E8
"Lavender Skies"cloud with sun1white/yellowPonyMaker Partlycloudy
"Lavenderhoof"magic wand and moon1yellow/purplein Simple WaysAiP CM Wanddust
"Lavenderhoof"heart2?in It Ain't Easy Being Breezies
"Lavenderhoof"scroll1gray/yellowin Trade Ya!AiP CM Scroll
"Lavenderhoof"leaf1greenin Honest Apple
Leadwingpencil with bat wings1orange/blackLeadwing cutie mark crop S5E10
"Lemon Chiffon"heart2?in Made in Manehattan
"Lemon Chiffon"in Fame and Misfortune
"Lemon Chiffon"dolphin2in Molt Down
Lemon Heartsheart3blue/greenLemon Hearts Cutiemark
"Lemon Honey"beehive1yellow/black
Lemon Zestfireworks and lemon slice1yellowLemon Zest cutie mark crop
Lemony Gemgemstone3light bluePonyMaker Gemstones
"Leonardo da Brinci"pony Mona Lisa1yellow/brown/blackin Princess Spike
"Leonardo da Brinci"pony Mona Lisa1yellow/brown/blackin mobile game
Levon Songdouble quaver2white
"Liam T. Walrus"peace sign1yellow
Lickety Splitbowl of ice cream1blue/pink/brown
Lightning Dustlightning bolt and three stars1white/orange/yellowLightning Dust cutie mark crop S3E7
Lightning Dustlightning bolt2yellowin Wonderbolts Academy (for some shots) and Super Sub!PonyMaker Lightnings
Lilac Heartsheart3obscured in the show; shown only in merchandise
Lilac Linkshorseshoe2silver/brownLilac Links cutie mark crop S1E18
Lilac Lusterpair of flowers and bow1purple/yellow
"Lilac Notes"G-clef1white
"Lilac Notes"in My Little Pony The Movie
Lilac Skycloud with sun1white/yellowPonyMaker Partlycloudy
"Lilly Love"pair of hearts (one with a pin in it)1red/blue
Lily Blossomlily3Lily Blossom cutie mark crop 1
Lily Blossomlily1only in merchandiseLily Blossom cutie mark crop 2
Lily Lacered heart with pink lace tail1red and pinkLily Lace cutie mark crop S7E9
"Lily Longsocks"hedgehog1brown/yellow
Lily Valleylily3whiteLily Valley Cutie Mark S2E19
"Lime Jelly"umbrella3purplePonyMaker Umbrella
Limestone Pielime and two rocks2green/grayLimestone Pie cutie mark crop S5E20
"Linked Hearts"horseshoe2silver/brown
"Little Red"abacus1pink
Liza Doolotsflowerpurple/yellow/greenin Call of the Cutie, Family Appreciation Day, Hearts and Hooves Day, Ponyville Confidential, Rainbow Falls, Crusaders of the Lost Mark, and Fame and MisfortuneLiza Doolots flower cutie mark crop S1E12
Liza Doolotshorseshoe1purplein Call of the Cutie and mobile gameLiza Doolots Cutie mark 2 S1E12
Liza Doolotshourglass1yellowin Call of the CutieLiza Doolots Cutie mark 3 S1E12
"Locknut McColt"hexagon nut3gray
"Log Jam"hand saw with log1brown/silver/red
Long ShotUSD symbol1goldLong Shot cutie mark crop S4E20
Lotus Blossomlotus flower1white/pinkLotus Blossom cutie mark crop S1E20
"Love Melody"stylized heart3orange/yellowLove Melody cutie mark crop S6E1
"Love Melody"Comic issue 8 Love Melody cutie mark crop
Luckettehorseshoe2red/yellowLuckette cutie mark crop S4E12
Lucketteumbrella1greenin Rarity Takes ManehattanLuckette cutie mark crop S4E8
Luckettehorseshoe2in The Saddle Row Review
Lucky Cloverfour-leaf clover3greenPonyMaker Clover
Lucky Cloverhourglass1yellowin The Best Night Ever (animation error)
Lucky Starstar and two smaller stars1blueLucky Star cutie mark crop S1E13
Lucky Swirlhorseshoe2
Lucy Packardtornado3grayin Sonic RainboomPonyMaker Tornado
Lucy Packardcarrot2orange/greenin Putting Your Hoof Down
"Luggage Cart"suitcase3brown/blue/light blue
Lulu Luckhorseshoe2
Lyra Heartstringslyre1gold/greenPonyMaker Lyre
Lyra Heartstringslyre1goldonly in merchandise and mobile game
Lyra Heartstringshourglass1yellowonly in merchandise
Lyrica Lilaclyre1gold/gray
Lyrica Lilaclyre1gold/greenonly in merchandisePonyMaker Lyre
Lyrica Lilaclyre1goldonly in merchandise
Léoncompass rose1yellow/bluePrince Blueblood Cutie Mark
Ma Hooffieldpumpkin1orange
"Magdalena"iced cupcake with apple slice3green/brown
Magnet BoltU-shaped magnet1red/grayPonyMaker Magnet
MandoPonymandolin1blackComic issue 7 MandoPony cutie mark
Mane Mooncrescent moon1yellowAiP CM Moon
Mane Moonrainbow1purple/orange/yellowin Hurricane FluttershyAiP CM Rainbow
Mane Moonstar3whitein Honest Apple
Manely Goldlily?3?white?in Swarm of the Century
Manely Goldin merchandise
"Mango Juice"cherry pair1red
Marble Piemarble3purpleMarble Pie cutie mark crop S5E20
"March Gustysnows"cup of coffee1red
Marcie Panlollipop2green/redMarcie Pan cutie mark crop
Mare E. Bellebow3red/blue
Mare E. Bellein The Cutie Map - Part 2
Mare E. Lynnhorseshoe2pink/?
"Maribelle"spool of thread3orange
"Maroon Carrot"carrot3orange/green
"Masquerade"star surrounded by five smaller stars1magenta/whitein The Best Night EverAiP CM Twilight Sparkle
"Match Game"egg3white
Maud Pierock1grayMaud Pie cutie mark S4E18
Mayor Maretied scroll1yellow/blueMayor Mare cutie mark crop S2E15
Meadow Flowersunflower1brown/yellow/greenMeadow Flower cutie mark crop S3E7
Meadow Songguitar1brownMeadow Song Cutie Mark
Meadow Songpalm tree1green/brownin Simple Ways (animation error)AiP CM Beach
Meadow Songhourglass1brownin It Ain't Easy Being Breezies (animation error)AiP CM Hourglass
"Medallion Gold"medal with lanyard1gold/red
"Melilot"four-leaf clover3brown
Merry Maynine-pointed sun3yellow/orangePonyMaker Suns
Merry Mayonly in merchandiseMerry May cutie mark merchandise
Midnight Funobscured in the show; shown only in merchandise
Midnight Strikecloud with lightning bolt1black/yellow
"Millie"paper fan3white/purple
Mintyswirled mint candy3white/green/pinkMinty cutie mark crop
"Minty Bubblegum"gumball machine1purple/light blue/red/orange/yellow/blue
Minuettehourglass1yellowMinuette cutie mark crop S3E11
Minuettelaurel wreath1greenin Trade Ya! (animation error)
"Miss Hackney"apple and ruler1red/pink
MistmaneMistmane cutie mark crop S7E16
"Mjölna"hammer and lightning bolt1gray/blueMjolna cutie mark crop 1 S2E15
"Mjölna"sandwich1brown/greenin The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000 (08:39)Mjolna cutie mark crop 2 S2E15
"Mjölna"laurel wreath1goldin Simple Ways
"Mjölna"laurel wreath1greenin Leap of FaithMjolna cutie mark crop S4E20
"Mjölna"raindrop3aquamarinein Trade Ya!
"Mjölna"rainbow1purple/orange/yellowin Trade Ya!AiP CM Rainbow
"Modus Ponens"?1?
Moon Dancercrescent moon and three stars1purple/pinkMoon Dancer cutie mark crop S5E12
Moon Dancercrescent moon and three stars1gray/blackin My Little Pony Annual 2013MLP Annual 2013 Moon Dancer cutie mark crop
"Moon Dust"not shown in the show; only in Une leçon d'amitié
"Moonlight Raven"heart and four crescent moons1purple/blueMoonlight Raven cutie mark crop S5E14
"Morning Roast"coffee mug1blue/red/brown
"Morton Saltworthy"salt shaker1white/blue
Mr. Breezyfour-bladed electric fan1yellowMr. Breezy cutie mark crop S1E18
Mr. Breezyin It Isn't the Mane Thing About YouMr. Breezy cutie mark crop S07E19
Mr. Carrot Cakecarrot cake slice3brown/whiteMr. Cake cutie mark crop S2E23
Mr. Paleotwo crossed fencing swords1silver/blackMr. Paleo cutie mark crop S6E19
Mr. ShyMr. Shy cutie mark crop S6E11
Mr. StripesMr. Stripes cutie mark crop S6E9
Mr. Waddlebubble pipe1brown/black/light blueMr. Waddle cutie mark crop S2E8
Mr. Waddleoil derrick1brown/blackin Make New Friends but Keep DiscordMr. Waddle cutie mark crop S5E7
Mr. Waddlepipe3brownin Slice of Life, Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep?, The Saddle Row Review, The Perfect Pear, and It Isn't the Mane Thing About YouMr. Waddle cutie mark crop S5E9
Mrs. Cup Cakecupcake3brown/pink/redMrs. Cake's cutie mark S1E22
Mrs. PaleoClam and sparkling pearl1red/yellow/whiteMrs. Paleo cutie mark crop S6E19
Mrs. ShyMrs. Shy cutie mark crop S6E11
Ms. Harshwhinnytrophy1goldMs Harshwhinny cutie mark crop S3E12
Ms. Peachbottomchicken1brown/redMs Peachbottom Cutie Mark S3E12
MudbriarMudbriar cutie mark crop S8E3
"Mustafa Combe"mustache and comb1dark blue/red
"Nachtmusik"double quaver2blue/green
"Natural Deduction"bumblebee1black/?
"Natural Satellite"Micro-Series issue 8 Natural Satellite cutie mark crop
"Nature Walk"ladybug1red/black
Neigh Sayergrapes (bunch)2greenPonyMaker Grapes
"Neighl Page"pillow2grayTraveling Gentlecolt cutie mark crop MLP mobile game
"Neighls Bohr"atom1yellow/blue
"Neon Brush"hairbrush1green/yellowNeon Brush cutie mark crop S4E6
Neon Lightsstar3whiteNeon Lights cutie mark crop S05E10
"Neptunio"spark with ring around it1white/blue
Night Glidercrescent moon surrounded by two curved feathers1yellow/dark blue/whiteNight Glider cutie mark crop S5E2
Night GliderNight Glider equal sign cutie mark S5E1
"Night Knight"bow and arrow1goldNight Knight cutie mark crop S3E02
Night Lightwaxing/waning crescent moon2yellow/whiteNight Light cutie mark crop S3E13
Night Watchpolice badge1silver
"Noi"magnifying glass1goldin Call of the Cutie, Rainbow Falls, Simple Ways, and Parental GlideanceNoi Cutie Mark 3 S1E12
"Noi"iced cupcake1brownin Call of the CutieNoi Cutie Mark 1 S1E12
"Noi"pillow1bluein Call of the CutieNoi Cutie Mark 2 S1E12
"North Point"drawing compass1brown/grayNorth Point cutie mark crop S5E14
Noteworthydouble quaver2bluePonyMaker Notes
Noteworthyonly in merchandiseNoteworthy alt cutie mark crop
Nurse Redheartcross with four hearts1red/pinkNurse Redheart Cutie Mark S1E4
Nurse Redheartcross with five hearts1pink/redin A Flurry of Emotions and some merchandiseNurse Redheart cutie mark crop S7E3
Nurse Snowheartcross with four hearts1white/pink
"Nurse Sweetheart"cross with four hearts1white/pinkNurse Sweetheart cutie mark crop S2E16
"Nurse Tenderheart"cross with four hearts1red/pinkNurse Tenderheart cutie mark crop S1E04
"Nursery Rhyme"cross with four hearts1white/pink
"Oakey Doke"fern3green
"Ocean Breeze"cloud with rain1white/bluePonyMaker Rain
"Ocean Dream"palm tree1green/brownAiP CM Beach
"Ocean Dream"grapes (bunch)/strawberry1purple/redAiP CM Berryshine
Octavia MelodyG-clef1purpleCard Creator WhomeverThisIs cutie mark
Octavia Melodydouble quaver1blackonly in merchandiseDJ Pon-3 cutie mark from DJ Pinkie Pie game
"Offbeat"in Une leçon d'amitié
Ol' Saltpickaxe1brown/gray
On Stagecomedy and tragedy masks1yellow/whiteOn Stage cutie mark crop S5E16
"Opal Bloom"grain of wheat1?
Open Skiesstar and two feathers1yellow/dark blueOpen Skies cutie mark crop S5E5
Orange Swirltornado3grayPonyMaker Tornado
Orange Swirlin The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000 (animation error)
Orange Swirlraindrop3bluein Wonderbolts Academy (animation error)PonyMaker Drops
Orange Swirlcloud with rain1white/bluein Magical Mystery Cure (animation error)PonyMaker Rain
Orange Swirlgrapes (bunch)/strawberry1purple/redin Simple Ways (animation error)
Orange Swirlrainbow1purple/orange/yellowin It Ain't Easy Being Breezies (animation error)AiP CM Rainbow
Orange Swirlgemstone1purplein It Ain't Easy Being Breezies (animation error)AiP CM Gemstone
Orange Swirlcupcake1brown/pink/redin Leap of Faith (animation error)
Orange Swirlmagic wand and moon1yellow/purplein Trade Ya! (animation error)AiP CM Wanddust
Orange Swirlwrapped candy/bow3in Trade Ya! (animation error)
"Oregon Trail"wheel1brown
"Paisley Pastel"paisley design3pink/blue
Parasolumbrella3purplePonyMaker Umbrella
Parcel Poststamp with heart1red/whiteParcel Post cutie mark crop S2E14
Parish Nandermanelyre1gold/gray
Party Favorballoon animal and streamers1pink/purple/yellow/orange/whiteParty Favor cutie mark crop S5E2
Party FavorParty Favor equal sign cutie mark S5E1
"Paul McCartneigh"submarine1yellow/orange/blue/red
"Peach Fuzz"peach1orange
Peachy Piepeach3orangePeachy Pie cutie mark crop S1E18
Peachy Piepeach1orangein merchandise and mobile gamePeachy Pie cutie mark crop TRU
Peachy Pittpeach half with pit in it1orangenot shown in the show; drawn by Erica PittPeachy Pitt cutie mark
Peachy Sweetpie1brown/grayPeachy Sweet cutie mark crop S4E22
"Peanut Pastry"acorn2brown
Pear ButterPear Butter cutie mark crop S7E13
Pearly Stitchball of yarn1purplePearly Stitch cutie mark crop S2E8
"Pearmain Worcester"heart-shaped apple1red/green
Pegasus Olsentypewriter1green/whitePegasus Olsen cutie mark crop S6E9
Pegasus OlsenPegasus Olsen cutie mark crop S6E3
"Penny Ante"group of three aces1white/black/red
Perfect Pacehourglass1brownAiP CM Hourglass
Perfect PacePerfect Pace cutie mark crop S2E24
Perfect Pieapple pie3brown/grayApple Pie cutie mark crop S3E08
"Perfect Timing"hourglass1yellow
"Persnickety"compass rose1yellow/orange
Petunia Paleoskull and two bones1whitePetunia Paleo cutie mark crop S6E19
Photo Finishstar surrounded by five smaller stars1magenta/whitein Green Isn't Your Color and some merchandiseAiP CM Twilight Sparkle
Photo Finishcamera shutter1black/pinkin My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks and some merchandisePhoto Finish Brushable Cutie Mark
"Pickpocket"Pickpocket cutie mark crop S6E13
Picture Frameobscured in the show; shown only in merchandise
"Picture Pattern"block3red/green/blue
"Pigpen"trash can1gray
"Pine Breeze"conifer3green
Pinkie Pieballoon3blue/yellowAiP CM Pinkie Pie
Pinkie Piestar surrounded by five smaller stars1magenta/whitein Games Ponies Play (animation error)AiP CM Twilight Sparkle
Pinkie Pieapple3red/greenin Magical Mystery CureAiP CM Applejack
Pinkie PiePinkie Pie equal sign cutie mark S5E2
Pinkie PieComic issue 33 Drinkie Pie cutie mark crop
Pinkie Pieballoon8?blue/yellowas Chaos Princess Pinkie Pie in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Issue #57
Pinkie Pieballoon7blue/yellowas Chaos Princess Pinkie Pie in mobile game
Pinkie Pie (alternate universe)Comic issue 20 Alternate Pinkie cutie mark crop
Pinkie Pie (fake)[note 4]balloon3blue/yellowin The Mean 6Fake Pinkie Pie cutie mark crop S8E13
Pinny Lanejack3pink/bluePinny Lane cutie mark crop S2E6
"Pipe Down"pipe3brown
"Pipe Down"pipe1brown
"Pitch Perfect"double quaver2green/white
"Pitch Perfect"harmonica and musical notes1?in A Hearth's Warming Tail
Pixel Pizzazbow with eyeball1pink/white/greenPixel Pizzaz cutie mark crop
Pizzellecookie (one with a bite in it)3brownin Wonderbolts Academy and merchandisePizzelle cutie mark crop S3E7
Pizzellefeather2in School Daze - Part 1, School Daze - Part 2, Non-Compete Clause, Molt Down, Marks for Effort, A Matter of Principals, and mobile game
"Piña Colada"cupcake1pink/red/bluein Call of the Cutie
"Piña Colada"palm tree1green/brownin Call of the CutieAiP CM Beach
"Piña Colada"apple core1green/yellowin Call of the CutiePiña Colada apple cutie mark S1E12
Plaid StripesPlaid Stripes cutie mark crop S6E9
"Play Write"pencil3orange
"Pokey Oaks"acorn and four seeds1?
"Ponet"star surrounded by four smaller stars1gold/whitePonyMaker Star
"Ponet"drum and drumsticks1red/yellow/brownin One Bad ApplePonet cutie mark crop S3E04
"Ponet"coffee cup1brownin Amending Fences
"Ponet"in mobile gamePonet cutie mark mobile game
Ponyaccicomedy mask1white/purpleMicro-Series issue 5 Ponyacci cutie mark crop
"Pop Up"trumpet1gold
"Port Wine"grapes (bunch)/block of cheese1purple/yellow
"Posey Petals"flower pair1blue/purple
Powder Rougeobscured in the show; shown only in merchandise
"Prairie Tune"banjo and two musical notes1?
Press Releasefilm strip1white/dark bluePress Release cutie mark crop S2E8
Pretty Visionobscured in the show; shown only in merchandise
Prim Hemlinescissors and spool of thread1yellow/pinkPrim Hemline cutie mark crop S4E08
Prim Posyumbrella3purplePonyMaker Umbrella
Prince Bluebloodcompass rose1yellow/bluePrince Blueblood Cutie Mark
Prince Bluebloodcrown3gold/purplein Equestria GamesFancy Pants Cutie Mark S2E9
Princess Amoresnowflake between laces1blueFIENDship is Magic issue 1 Princess Amore cutie mark crop
Princess Cadancecrystal heart between laces1blue/yellow/goldPrincess Cadance cutie mark crop EG
Princess Cadancecrystal heart between laces1blue/yellow/goldin A Canterlot Wedding - Part 2Princess Cadance alternate cutie mark S2E26
Princess Cadanceonly in merchandisePrincess Cadance toy cutie mark crop
Princess Cadance (alternate universe)Comic issue 19 Alternate Cadance cutie mark crop
Princess Cadance (Queen Chrysalis)False Cadance red heart cutie mark crop S2E26
Princess Celestiaeight-pointed sun1yellowCelestia cutie mark Discover the Difference game
Princess Celestiacrescent moon on dark splotch1white/dark bluein A Royal ProblemCanterlotCastle CM Luna
Princess Celestialight bulb 1 Comic issue 50 Disguised Celestia cutie mark crop
Princess Celestiasun with masquerade mask 1 Comic issue 65 Disguised Celestia cutie mark crop
Princess Celestia (alternate universe)Comic issue 20 Alternate Celestia cutie mark crop
"Princess Erroria"flower1pink/yellow/greenin Call of the CutieAlula flower cutie mark crop S1E12
"Princess Erroria"feather1whiteAlula feather cutie mark crop S1E12
"Princess Erroria"horseshoepurplein Twilight Time
Princess Lunacrescent moon on dark splotch1white/dark blueCanterlotCastle CM Luna
Princess Lunacrescent moon on dark splotch1light blue/purpleas Nightmare MoonNightmare Moon cutie mark ID
Princess Lunaeight-pointed sun1yellowin A Royal ProblemCelestia cutie mark Discover the Difference game
Princess Luna (alternate universe)Comic issue 20 Alternate Luna cutie mark crop
Prism Gliderrainbow1purple/orange/yellowAiP CM Rainbow
"Pristine"scroll1gray/yellow?AiP CM Scroll
"Pronto"checkerboard shield1black/white
"Purple Haze"cherry pair1?in Simple Ways
Purple Wavegemstone3light bluePonyMaker Gemstones
Pursey Pinkhandbag1orangePursey Pink cutie mark crop S4E8
"Q. T. Prism"rainbow1blue/red/yellow
Queen Chrysalisin Equestria Girls app
Quibble PantsQuibble Pants cutie mark crop S6E13
"Quick Trim"scissors and tuft of hair1white/blueQuick Trim cutie mark crop S4E6
"Quiet Gestures"block3blue/red/yellow
Radiant Hopecaduceus1goldFIENDship is Magic issue 1 Radiant Hope cutie mark crop
"Raggedy Doctor"hourglass1brownAiP CM Hourglass
"Ragtime"double quaver2green/white
"Rain Dance"raindrop3bluePonyMaker Drops
Rainbow Blazeobject with a rainbow streak1blue/red/yellowRainbow Blaze cutie mark crop S3E12
Rainbow Dashcloud with lightning bolt1white/red/yellow/blueAiP CM Rainbow Dash
Rainbow Dashlightning bolt1blue/yellow/redin Dragonshy and The Mysterious Mare Do WellRainbow Dash alt cutie mark crop S1E7
Rainbow Dashbutterfly3blue/pinkin Magical Mystery CureAiP CM Fluttershy
Rainbow DashRainbow Dash equal sign cutie mark S5E2
Rainbow DashComic issue 33 Rainbow Bite cutie mark crop
Rainbow Dash (fake)[note 4]cloud with lightning bolt1in The Mean 6Fake Rainbow Dash cutie mark crop S8E13
Rainbow Dash (fake)[note 5]in Nieszczęścia chodzą parami
"Rainbow Drop"raindrop3bluePonyMaker Drops
"Rainbow Stars"rainbow and star1red/orange/yellow/blueRainbow Stars cutie mark crop S7E15
Rainbow Swooprainbow1purple/orange/yellowAiP CM Rainbow
Rainbowshinerainbow1blue/red/yellowRainbowshine Cutie mark
Rainbowshinecloud with rain1white/bluein Magical Mystery Cure (animation error)PonyMaker Rain
Rainbowshinein Rainbow Falls (animation error)
Rainbowshinerainbow1purple/orange/yellowonly in merchandiseAiP CM Rainbow
Randolphfeather duster1white/blueRandolph cutie mark crop S4E15
Rare Findgemstone4greenPonyMaker Emerlands
Rare Findgemstone3light bluein The Gift of the Maud PiePonyMaker Gemstones
Raritylozenge diamond3light blueAiP CM Rarity
Raritycloud with lightning bolt1white/red/yellow/bluein Magical Mystery CureAiP CM Rainbow Dash
RarityRarity equal sign cutie mark S5E2
Raritystar and two glimmering streams1purple/white/bluein Horse Play (animation error)
Raritystar7blue/whiteas Nightmare RarityNightmare Rarity cutie mark ID
RarityComic issue 33 Vampire Rarity cutie mark crop
RarityComic issue 33 Nosfu-Rarity cutie mark crop
Rarity (fake)[note 4]lozenge diamond3in The Mean 6Fake Rarity cutie mark crop S8E13
Rarity (fake)[note 5]in Nieszczęścia chodzą parami
Raspberry Beretberet1maroonRaspberry Beret cutie mark crop S5E16
"Raspberry Glaze"donut2brown/white
"Raspberry Vinaigrette"bottle and bowl1green/brown
Raven Inkwellink pen and inkwell2blue/blackRaven cutie mark crop S4E14
Raven Inkwellin My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Issue #7
"Real Article"shower curtain1yellow/light blueTraveling Pony cutie mark crop S5E20
"Record High"ribbon1red
Red Deliciousapple1redRed Delicious cutie mark crop S3E8
Red Galaiced cupcake with apple slice3brown/greenRed Gala cutie mark crop
"Red Rose"hourglass1yellow
"Reflective Rock"lyre1gold/gray
"Regal Candent"horseshoe2?
"Rhythm / Night Shade"in Simple Ways
"Rhythm / Night Shade"web1?in It Ain't Easy Being Breezies
"Rhythm / Night Shade"tornado1?in It Ain't Easy Being Breezies
"Riverdance"umbrella3purplePonyMaker Umbrella
"Rivet"hammer and nails1brown/grayPonyMaker Hammer
"Rivet"raindrop3bluein Hurricane FluttershyPonyMaker Drops
"Rivet"police badge1goldin Pinkie Pride and Made in Manehattan
"Rivet"in Grannies Gone Wild
"Rivet"in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Issue #66
RockhoofRockhoof cutie mark crop S7E16
"Rocky Storm"cotton candy1blue
Roger SilvermaneUSD symbol1whiteRoger Silvermane cutie mark crop S4E8
Roguestar, swirl, asterisk, and number sign1yellow/orange/gray/blueRogue cutie mark crop S4E4
"Roma"tomato3redRoma cutie mark crop S2E19
Rooks Rampartcrenelated tower1blue
Roserose1red/greenRose Cutie Mark
Rosegemstone1redUnicorn Rose diamond cutie mark crop S5E12
"Rosetta"flower and two petals1pink/red/green
"Rosy Riveter"bolt3gray
"Rotten Apple"apple with bite in it1red
Roxie Ravewrapped candy/bow3blue/yellow
Roxie Raveonly in merchandise
Royal Pinsafety pin1blue/pink/grayin Call of the Cutie, The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000, Slice of Life, The Cutie Re-Mark - Part 2, A Hearth's Warming Tail, and Applejack's "Day" OffRoyal Pin cutie mark crop S1E12
Royal Pinhourglass1brownin Sweet and Elite, The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000, One Bad Apple, Pinkie Pride, For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils, Leap of Faith, Trade Ya!, Equestria Games, Make New Friends but Keep Discord, Slice of Life, Princess Spike, Rarity Investigates!, Brotherhooves Social, Crusaders of the Lost Mark, The Cutie Re-Mark - Part 1, No Second Prances, A Hearth's Warming Tail, Spice Up Your Life, and The Cart Before the PoniesAiP CM Hourglass
Royal Pinhorseshoe1bluein Trade Ya!Royal Pin cutie mark crop S4E22
Royal Pinchess piece3white/black/redin Canterlot BoutiquePonyMaker Chess
Royal Pinstar3?in 28 Pranks Later
Royal Ribbonscroll1gray/yellowin The Best Night EverAiP CM Scroll
Royal Ribbonribbon1blue/yellowonly in merchandise
Royal RiffG-clef2whitePonyMaker Clefs
"Rubinstein"crenelated tower1whiteRubinstein cutie mark crop S3E01
"Ruby Pinch"four-leaf clover1greenin Call of the Cutie (15:33)Ruby Pinch Cutie Mark 1
"Ruby Pinch"gemstone3redin Call of the Cutie (16:17), Twilight Time, first episode of Fundamentals of Magic, and mobile gameRuby Pinch Cutie Mark 2
"Ruby Pinch"horseshoe1goldin Call of the Cutie
"Ruby Pinch"horseshoe1purplein Call of the Cutie and Hearth's Warming EveRuby Pinch Cutie Mark 3
"Ruby Pinch"iced cupcake1green/whitein Ponyville Confidential, Filli Vanilli, and Fame and MisfortuneRuby Pinch Cutie Mark 4
Ruby Splashgrapes (bunch)/strawberrygreen/redRuby Splash cutie mark crop S4E8
"Saddledor Dali"melting clock1yellow/white
Saffron MasalaSaffron Masala cutie mark crop S6E12
"Sand Arrow"bow and arrow1purple/blue
Sand Trapgolf club and two golf balls1brown/gray/whiteGeri cutie mark crop S2E19
Sandbarturtle3Sandbar cutie mark crop S8E1
Sapphire Joygrain of wheat1goldAmber Waves cutie mark crop S3E01
Sapphire Shoresseashell and three stars1yellow/blueonly in merchandiseSapphire Shores cutie mark crop OMF poster
Sapphire Shoresseashell1yellowonly in merchandise
Sassaflashlightning bolt2yellowPonyMaker Lightnings
Sassy Saddlespins??not shown in the show; stated by Amy Keating Rogers
"Saturnalia"Micro-Series issue 8 Saturnalia cutie mark crop
Savoir Fareserving dish with covering1silver/blueSavoir Fare cutie mark crop S1E24
"Say Cheese"heart-shaped block of cheese1yellow
"Scarlet Heart"heart3red
Scootaloobowl of batter and whisk1gray/green/yellowdreamt in Bloom & GloomScootaloo baking cutie mark crop S5E4
Scootalootri-colored shield, containing a lightning bolt within a Pegasus wing1red, pink, purple, blue-purple, light purpleobtained in Crusaders of the Lost MarkScootaloo cutie mark crop S5E18
Scootaloobutterfly and two flowers1purple/orange/yellowonly in merchandiseScootaloo butterfly cutie mark crop
"Score"American football3brown/white/blackScore cutie mark crop S1E16
"Scouts Honor"safety pin3gray
Screwballscrew and baseball1gray/whiteScrewball cutie mark crop S2E2
Screwyscrew1grayScrewy cutie mark crop S2E16
Screwybaby bottle3whiteScrewy cutie mark crop S4E20
"Sea Spray"cupcake1brown/pink/red
Sea Swirldolphin2purple/bluePonyMaker Dolphins
Sea Swirlumbrella1purplein Hurricane Fluttershy and Tanks for the MemoriesSea Swirl cutie mark crop S5E5
Sealed Scrollscroll1gray/yellowAiP CM Scroll
"Seedsman Hooffield"watering can1blue
Septemberpair of binoculars1blackObserver cutie mark crop comic 9
"Serena"carrot3orange/greenSerena cutie mark crop S4E22
"Serena"pineapple1orange/greenin The Cutie Map - Part 2
"Sew 'n Sow"sewing machine1blue/brown
"Serenity"raindrop3bluePonyMaker Drops
Shamrockfour-leaf clover3greenPonyMaker Clover
Sheriff Silverstarfive-pointed sheriff badge1silverSheriff Silverstar cutie mark crop S5E6
Shining Armorstar on a shield with three smaller stars above1purple/blue/light blueShining Armor cutie mark crop S2E25
Shoeshinehorseshoe2silver/brownTwo interlocking horseshoes cutie mark CROP
Shoeshinegrapes (bunch)/strawberry1purple/redin The Last Roundup (one shot)AiP CM Berryshine
Shoeshinein One Bad Apple (one shot)
Shoeshineballoon3blue/yellowin The Maud Couple (two shots)AiP CM Pinkie Pie
Shooting StarOrion constellation1bluePonyMaker Constellation
Silver Berrygrapes (bunch)/strawberry1purple/redAiP CM Berryshine
Silver Berrygrain of wheat1goldin Equestria GamesSilver Berry cutie mark crop S4E24
"Silver Medal"trophy1blue/purple
"Silver Script"scroll1gray/yellowAiP CM Scroll
Silver Shillbit2silverSilver Shill cutie mark crop S4E20
Silver Spannerwrench/spanner1graySilver Spanner cutie mark crop S2E15
Silver Spoonspoon1silver/pinkSilver Spoon cutie mark crop S1E12
Silverspeedbow and arrow1light blueSilverspeed cutie mark crop S2E22
"Sir Pony Moore"five-pointed star3whiteSir Pony Moore cutie mark crop S4E08
"Sir Pony Moore"iced cupcake1pink/brownin MMMystery on the Friendship ExpressSir Pony Moore cutie mark crop S2E24
Sky Stingerupside-down lightning bolt1yellowSky Stinger cutie mark crop S6E24
"Skyra"nine-pointed sun3yellow/orangePonyMaker Suns
"Slipstream"tornado3grayPonyMaker Tornado
Snailssnail1purple/pink/whiteSnails Cutie Mark S1E6
Snailsold snail with glasses1purple/pink/white/redin Magic DuelOld Snails cutie mark crop S3E5
Snappy Scoopcamera1black/blueSnappy Scoop cutie mark crop S2E8
"Snapshot"pair of photographs1white/orange/blue
Snipsscissors1white/silverSnips cutie mark crop S2E8
Soarinlightning bolt with wings1yellow/light bluein A Canterlot Wedding - Part 2 and merchandiseSoarin Cutie Mark crop S2E26
Soarinlightning bolt cutting through a cloud1yellow/blackin Rainbow Falls, Newbie Dash, and My Little Pony: Friends Forever Issue #36Soarin cutie mark crop S4E10
Soarinscrew with wings1gray/light blueon mobile game ad
"Soft Spot"heart2?blue/pink
Soigne Folioobscured in the show; shown only in merchandise
Sonata Duskjagged eighth note on heart1blue/purple/pinkSonata Dusk cutie mark crop
Songbird SerenadeSongbird Serenade cutie mark crop MLPTM
Sour Sweetheart inside concentric heart with diamond outline on top1purple/blue/light blueonly on Hasbro's websiteSour Sweet cutie mark crop
"Sourpuss"Grumpy Cat1gray
"South Pole"compass rose1yellow/blueBlue Moon cutie mark 1 crop S1E26
"Spaceage Sparkle"pincushion1yellow/white/purple
Spearheadspearhead3graySpearhead cutie mark crop S7E3
"Special Delivery"??light blue
"Spectacle' / 'Showcase"Comic issue 40 Trixie's mother's cutie mark
Spitfirestylized phoenix1orangeSpitfire cutie mark crop S3E7
Spitfirelightning bolt1yellowonly in merchandise
Spoiled Richdiamond ring1yellow/light blueSpoiled Rich cutie mark crop S5E18
"Sprig Hooffield"leaf sprout1green
Spring Forwardcarrot3orange/green
Spring Forwardhourglass1yellowSpring Forward cutie mark crop S1E11
"Spring Harvest"carrot1orange/greenAiP CM Carrot
"Spring Skies"cloud with sun1white/yellowPonyMaker Partlycloudy
Spring Stepcloud with sun1white/yellowPonyMaker Partlycloudy
"Spring Water"wrapped candy/bow3?
Sprinkle Medleycloud with rain1white/bluePonyMaker Rain
Sprinkle Medleyin Rainbow Falls (animation error)
Sprinkle Stripe / Sugar Cake / Cupcake / Sugarcupcupcake1
"Star Bright"telescope1blue/gray/whitePonyMaker Telescope
"Star Dream / Sky Dream"star3blue/light blue
"Star Gazer"telescope1blue/gray/whitePonyMaker Telescope
"Star Gazer"telescope silhouette1in A Canterlot Wedding - Part 2 (animation error) and My Little Pony Established 1983 "Bling is the thing!"
Star HunterOrion constellation1whiteStar Hunter cutie mark crop S3E07
Star Spurstar and shooting star1blue/whiteStar Spur cutie mark crop S5E6
Star Swirl the Beardedin Friendship UniversityStar Swirl the Bearded cutie mark crop S8E16
Star Swirl the Beardedin merchandise
Star Swirl the Beardedswirl and four stars1grayin The Crystal Empire - Part 2, Magical Mystery Cure, My Little Pony: Legends of Magic Issue #6, and merchandise
Star Swirl the Beardedin Uncommon Bond, Shadow Play - Part 1, Shadow Play - Part 2, and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Issue #53Star Swirl the Bearded cutie mark crop S7E25
Star Swirl the Beardedon merchandise packaging
Starburststar1blueStarburst cutie mark crop S5E24
"Stardom"walk of fame star1yellowStardom cutie mark crop S5E16
Starlight Glimmerstar and two glimmering streams1purple/white/blueStarlight Glimmer cutie mark crop S5E2
Starlight GlimmerStarlight Glimmer equal sign cutie mark crop S5
Starlight GlimmerFriends Forever issue 35 Starlight Glimmer cutie mark crop
Starry Eyestelescope1blue/gray/whitePonyMaker Telescope
Starstreakstar, lightning bolt, and two triangles1magenta, pink, blue, and light blueStarstreak cutie mark crop S7E9
Steam Rollerwrench and two screws1grayin The Mysterious Mare Do Well and Pinkie Pride
Steam Rollerhourglass1brownin Viva Las PegasusAiP CM Hourglass
"Steamer"steam whistle and musical note1gray/redSteamer cutie mark crop S2E24
"Steamer"guitar1brownin Flight to the FinishAiP CM Guitar
"Steel Bolts"bolt3gray
Stella Lashesobscured in the show; shown only in merchandise
Stellar Eclipseeight-pointed sun symbol1pink/purpleStellar Eclipse cutie mark crop S4E22
Stellar Eclipsehourglass1yellowin one shotStellar Eclipse hourglass cutie mark crop S4E22
Stellar Flaresun with spiral inside1yellow/redStellar Flare cutie mark crop S8E8
Stinkin' Richcent symbol1?
Stinky Bottomtop hat1maroon
Stormbreakerobscured in the show; shown only in merchandise
Stormfeathershooting star1whiteStormfeather cutie mark crop S5E9
Stormy Flarerocket1orange
"Strawberry Cream"horseshoe3bluePonyMaker Horseshoe
Strawberry Icebow2yellowStrawberry Ice cutie mark crop S4E12
Strawberry Sunrisegrapes (bunch)/strawberry1purple/redStrawberry Sunrise cutie mark crop S2E22
Strawberry SunriseStrawberry Sunrise cutie mark crop S7E9
"Street Rat"bit6gold
Strikebowling ball and pin1gray/white/red/light blueStrike cutie mark crop S2E6
"Sugar Apple"rainbow1blue/red/yellow
Sugar Bellecherry-topped cupcake and four jellybeans1purple/red/blue/pink/orange/yellowSugar Belle cutie mark crop S5E2
Sugar BelleSugar Belle equal sign cutie mark S5E1
Sugar Grapegrapes (bunch)1purpleSugar Grape cutie mark crop
Sugar Twisttornado3grayPonyMaker Tornado
"Sugarberry"gemstone3light bluePonyMaker Gemstones
Sugarcoatstick of dynamite1purple/yellowSugarcoat cutie mark crop
"Sun Streak"apple fritter3brown
Sunburstsun with bursting rays and six stars1orange/yellow/blueSunburst cutie mark crop S5E26
"Sundowner"iced cupcake with apple slice3brown/green
"Sunfire"caramel apple3in My Little Pony The Movie
SunflowerComic issue 32 Sunflower cutie mark crop
Sunny Dazenine-pointed sun1yellow/orangeSunny Daze cutie mark crop S1E18
Sunny Flaresun and cloud with rain1purple/pink/light blueSunny Flare cutie mark crop
Sunny Raysnine-pointed sun3yellow/orangePonyMaker Suns
Sunny Smileshorseshoe2silver/brown
"Sunny Song"microphone and musical notes1black/red
"Sunny Song"only in Une leçon d'amitié
Sunset Shimmershimmering sun1yellow/red/orangeSunset Shimmer cutie mark ID
Sunshine Petalsdaisy pair1whiteSunshine Petals cutie mark crop S4E8
Sunshine Petalsflower3purplein Made in ManehattanSunshine Petals cutie mark crop S5E16
"Sunshine Smiles"exploding star1orange/blue/green/yellowSunshine Smiles cutie mark crop S5E14
Sunshowerraindrop3blue/light blue/pale blueSunshower cutie mark crop S5E5
Sunshower Raindropsraindrop3bluePonyMaker Drops
"Sunspot"bunch of clouds1blueSunspot cutie mark crop S6E1
"Sunstone"gemstone4greenPonyMaker Emerlands
Suri Polomarethree buttons1yellow/blue/purpleSuri Polomare cutie mark crop S4E08
Swanky Hankwire hanger3gray
"Sweet Biscuit"cookie (one with a bite in it)3brown
Sweetcream Scoopsice cream1purple/orangeSweetcream Scoops cutie mark crop
Sweetie Bellebroom and water bucket1purple/yellow/bluedreamt in Bloom & GloomSweetie Belle janitor cutie mark ID S5E4
Sweetie Belletri-colored shield, containing an eighth note within a five-pointed star1red, pink, purple, blue-purple, light purpleobtained in Crusaders of the Lost MarkSweetie Belle cutie mark crop S5E18
Sweetie Belleheart and four stars1pink/purpleonly in merchandiseSweetie Belle heart cutie mark crop
Sweetie Bluecupcake1
Sweetie Dropswrapped candy/bow3blue/yellowSweetie Drops's cutie mark crop S2E08
Sweetie Dropsbubble7grayin Pinkie Pride (animation error)Derpy Hooves Card Creator cutie mark
Sweetie Dropslyre1gold/greenonly in merchandisePonyMaker Lyre
Symphony Songeighth note1purple
"Take Off"paper airplane1light blue
Tall Orderscroll1gray/yellowAiP CM Scroll
Tall Orderscroll1in A Friend in Deed and merchandise
"Tatterdemalion Hooffield"cloud1white
Tealoveteacup surrounded by hearts1pinkTealove cutie mark crop C11
"Teddie Safari"teddy bear3brownDaring Do Collector cutie mark crop S4E22
"Temple Chant"tribal symbol1white
Tender Tapstop hat and spotlight1black/gray/yellowTender Taps cutie mark crop S6E4
"The Tenth Doctor / Doctor Whooves #3"hourglass1brownAiP CM Hourglass
"Theodore Donald "Donny" Kerabatsos"bowling ball and two pins1black/whiteDonny Kerabatsos cutie mark crop S5E9
"Thorn"airstream cutting through two clouds2yellow/whiteThorn cutie mark crop S2E22
Thunderlanecloud with lightning bolt1gray/yellowThunderlane Cutie Mark
Toe-Tapperfive eighth notes arranged in a star1whiteToe-Tapper cutie mark crop S4E14
"Toffee"horseshoe3bluePonyMaker Horseshoe
Toola RoolaToola Roola cutie mark crop S7E14
Top Markslaurel wreath1gold
"Top Notch"star3white
Torch Songhat with card in it1pink/greenTorch Song cutie mark crop S4E14
"Tornado Bolt"tornado1grayin Call of the CutieTornado Bolt Cutie Mark 2
"Tornado Bolt"horseshoe1purplein Call of the CutieLittle Hoof cutie mark crop S1E12
"Tornado Bolt"light bulb1blue/yellowin Twilight Time
"Tough Nut"mule and laurel wreath1brown/yellow/green
"Tracy Flash"camera1black/blueSnappy Scoop cutie mark crop S2E8
"Train Tracks"tractor1red/black/white
"Tree H. Hooffield"barrel1brown
Tree Huggertree with heart-shaped canopy1red/brownTree Hugger cutie mark crop S5E7
"Tree Sap"wrapped candy/bow3?
Trenderhoofargyle pattern with intercrossed lines1orange/yellowTrenderhoof's cutie mark cropped S4E13
Trixiemagic wand and moon1blueTrixie cutie mark crop S01E06
"Tropical Dream"two palm trees and three stars1green/pink
"Tropical Spring"flower2blue/pink
Tropical Stormraindrop3bluePonyMaker Drops
Trouble Shoeshorseshoe1greenTrouble Shoes cutie mark crop S5E6
"Trowel Hooffield"digging trowel1gray
Truffleknife and fork1silverTruffle Shuffle cutie mark crop S2E23
"Turf"palm tree1pink/purple
"Tulip Swirl"tri-colored shield, containing a lightning bolt within a Pegasus wing1red, pink, purple, blue-purple, light purple
"Turner McColt"tuning fork1green
"Turquoise Thunder"cloud with lightning bolt1blue/yellow
Twilight Skystar3whiteTwilight Sky cutie mark crop S2E11
Twilight Sparklestar surrounded by five smaller stars1magenta/whiteAiP CM Twilight Sparkle
Twilight Sparklestar surrounded by five smaller stars1magenta/whiteas censored on SpacetoonTwilight Sparkle censored cutie mark S7E14
Twilight Sparkledouble quaver2bluein Winter Wrap Up (animation error)PonyMaker Notes
Twilight SparkleTwilight Sparkle equal sign cutie mark S5E2
Twilight SparkleComic issue 33 Vampire Twilight cutie mark crop
Twilight SparkleComic issue 33 Twilight Sparkling cutie mark crop
Twilight Sparkle (fake)[note 4]star surrounded by five smaller stars1magenta/whitein The Mean 6Fake Twilight Sparkle cutie mark crop S8E13
Twilight Sparkle (fake)[note 5]in Nieszczęścia chodzą parami
Twilight Velvetstar3purpleTwilight Velvet cutie mark crop S2E26
Twinkleshinestar3bluePonyMaker Stars
Twinkleshinein One Bad Apple (one shot) and Non-Compete Clause
Twinkleshinehourglass1yellowin Fame and Misfortune (sometimes)
Twistcandy cane2pink/whiteobtained off-screen in Call of the CutieTwist cutie mark crop S1E12
"Two Ton"chain and cinder block1gray
"Umbriel"Micro-Series issue 8 Umbriel cutie mark crop
Uncle Orangeorange1orangeUncle Orange cutie mark crop S1E23
"The Unconditioner"shampoo bottle1purple/pinkThe Unconditioner cutie mark crop S4E6
Upper CrustUSD symbol1blueUpper Crust cutie mark crop S2E9
Upper East Stridehorseshoe3bluePonyMaker Horseshoe
"Vanilla Sweets"wrapped candy/bow3blue/yellow
Vapor Trailshooting star1yellow/orangeVapor Trail cutie mark crop S6E24
"Vegemite"jar and butter knife1brown/yellow/red/gray
"Velvet Light"nine-pointed sun3yellow/orangePonyMaker Suns
Vidala Swooncomb with four dots and three sparkles1blue/magenta/whiteobscured in the show; shown only in merchandise
Vidala Swooncomb1blackobscured in the show; shown only in comics
Vinnyin My Little Pony The Movie and mobile game
Vinnyin My Little Pony: The Movie Search & Find book
Violet Blurrrose with thorns1pink/purpleViolet Blurr cutie mark crop
Walterbriefcase1blackWalter cutie mark crop S5E9
Walterbowling ball and two pins1black/whitein mobile gameWalter alt cutie mark crop
Warm Fronthorseshoe3bluein Sonic Rainboom and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Issue #12PonyMaker Horseshoe
Warm Frontraindrop3bluein The Mysterious Mare Do Well, Hurricane Fluttershy, A Canterlot Wedding - Part 2, Sleepless in Ponyville, Wonderbolts Academy, Rainbow Falls, Tanks for the Memories, No Second Prances, and A Hearth's Warming TailPonyMaker Drops
"Welch / Cloudy Haze"grapes (bunch)2purple
"Welly"rubber boot1blue
Wensleytwo apples and block of cheese1red/green/yellowWensley cutie mark crop S3E8
Wheat Grasspeace symbol, piece of wheat grass, and symbol1green/blackWheat Grass cutie mark crop M3
Whinnyfieldin My Little Pony The Movie and mobile game
Whinnyfieldin My Little Pony: The Movie Search & Find book
Whiplash?1whiteWhiplash cutie mark crop S3E7
Whitewashumbrella1purpleWhitewash cutie mark crop S1E16
White Lightningcloud with lightning bolt1gray/yellowPonyMaker Thunderstorm
White Lightningcloud with rain1white/bluein Magical Mystery Cure (animation error)PonyMaker Rain
"Whoa Nelly"self-portrait inside star surrounded by five stars1green/white/orangeWhoa Nelly cutie mark crop S5E14
Wild Fireflaming tire1black/orangeWild Fire Cutie Mark
"Wildwood Flower"guitar1brown
"Wilma"unspecified object1blue
Wind Riderflight cap and goggles1brown/blue/whiteWind Rider cutie mark crop S5E15
Windy WhistlesWindy Whistles cutie mark crop S7E7
"Wing Wishes"tornado3grayPonyMaker Tornado
"Winnow Wind"grain of wheat1gold
"Winter Withers"cloud with lightning bolt1gray/yellowPonyMaker Thunderstorm
"Wisp"in Rarity Takes Manehattan
"Wisp"grapes (bunch)2greenin Rarity Takes Manehattan, Made in Manehattan, and Molt DownPonyMaker Grapes
"Wisp"in Fame and Misfortune
Withersburst effect1yellow/purpleWithers cutie mark crop S4E4