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This is a slimmed-down version of the list of ponies to facilitate faster loading. Please report any bugs or suggestions here. This page has been discussed here. This will not work if you have JavaScript disabled.

  • Use ?loppage=x to link to a specific page here (e.g. [{{fullurl:List of ponies/fast|loppage=List_of_comic_ponies}} comic ponies] produces comic ponies)
  • See the gadget which changes all pony list links to point here. To disable the gadget for a particular link, wrap it in a span with the nofastpony class.
  • To customize which columns are kept, add the following code to your wikia.js. Add a column's number (1–9, separated by a comma) to keep that column.
window.fastpony = [1, 9];
  • To change the number of characters shown per row, add the following code to your wikia.js and change the number to your liking.
window.fastcolumns = 2;