Method Mares

Method Mares ID S5E16

Raspberry Beret, On Stage, "Stardom", and "Late Show" (from left to right) in Made in Manehattan

Method Mares taking a bow S5E16

Raspberry Beret in Charity Kindheart costume, On Stage in costume, "Stardom" in Mrs. Pearblossom costume, and "Late Show" in costume (from left to right) in Made in Manehattan

Kind Earth
Sex Male (On Stage and "Late Show")
Female (Raspberry Beret and "Stardom")
Occupation Theater troupe
Con artists (formerly)
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Eyes Dark emerald green (On Stage)
Brilliant persian blue (Raspberry Beret)
Light chartreuse green ("Late Show")
Moderate fuchsia ("Stardom")
Mane Grayish arctic blue and cyan (On Stage)
Dark grayish persian blue and grayish indigo (Raspberry Beret)
Two shades of moderate cerise ("Late Show")
Two shades of brilliant raspberry ("Stardom")
Coat Light spring greenish gray (On Stage)
Pale, light grayish amaranth (Raspberry Beret)
Light orange ("Late Show")
Grayish violet ("Stardom")
Cutie mark
On Stage cutie mark crop S5E16 (On Stage)
Raspberry Beret cutie mark crop S5E16 (Raspberry Beret)
Late Show cutie mark crop S5E16 ("Late Show")
Stardom cutie mark crop S5E16 ("Stardom")
Voice On Stage:
Mark Oliver (English, S5E16)
Colin Murdock (English, S8E7)
Krzysztof Plewako-Szczerbiński (Polish)
Nikita Prozorovsky (Russian, S5E16)
Anton Savenkov (Russian, S8E7)
Pavlo Skorokhod'ko (Ukrainian)
Raspberry Beret:
Andrea Libman (English)
Bożena Furczyk (Polish)
Lina Ivanova (Russian, S5E16)
Darya Frolova (Russian, S8E7)
Tetyana Antonova (Ukrainian)
"Late Show":
Colin Murdock (English)
Klaudiusz Kaufmann (Polish)
Oleg Virozub (Russian)
Oleksandr Zaval'sky (Ukrainian)
Tabitha St. Germain (English)
Anna Sztejner (Polish)
Olga Golovanova (Russian)
Olena Uzlyuk (Ukrainian)

The Method Mares are a Manehattan theater troupe who appear in Made in Manehattan, consisting of Earth ponies On Stage, Raspberry Beret, Late Show, and Stardom. On Stage and Raspberry Beret are named in Horse Play, but "Late Show" and "Stardom" are unnamed, having placeholder names. They are credited in Made in Manehattan as "Method Mare 1", "Method Mare 2", "Method Mare 3", and "Method Mare 4" respectively.


Raspberry Beret resembles S08E22 Unnamed Unicorn Mare #1.

On Stage shares his cutie mark with "Stage Tales". His color scheme is similar to those of Rooks Rampart and "Silver Medal".

Stardom resembles S08E22 Unnamed Earth Mare #1 and to a lesser extent Hoofer Steps. Her coat and mane colors and cutie mark are similar to those of Starsong.

Late Show's design and eye color are similar to those of S05E16 Unnamed Earth Stallion #13.

Depiction in the series

The Method Mares are a troupe of performance actors who first appear in the season five episode Made in Manehattan. Coco Pommel books the troupe to give a guest performance at the Midsummer Theater Revival, but due to her overwhelming workload and lack of volunteers, she struggles with organizing everything. Applejack and Rarity lend their services to Coco, but they become equally overwhelmed.

When the Method Mares arrive for their costume fitting and rehearsal, Raspberry Beret is nearly injured when the dilapidated stage collapses.

Unable to put on the big show they had originally planned, Applejack, Rarity, and Coco organize a smaller performance on a smaller stage, and the Method Mares put on a play about Revival founder Charity Kindheart. In the play, Raspberry Beret plays the part of Charity Kindheart, Stardom plays her friend Mrs. Pearblossom, and On Stage and Late Show play bit roles.

The Method Mares' performance attracts the attention of numerous Bronclyn neighborhood ponies and turns out to be a huge success.

In the season eight episode Horse Play, On Stage and Raspberry Beret have speaking roles as Princess Celestia's acting coaches. All four Method Mares appear in the audience during Twilight Sparkle's play.

Other depictions

Promotional material

The Method Mares are featured in the "One Million Friends" poster on the My Little Pony Facebook page.[1]


Method Mares, Convincing Act card MLP CCG
The Method Mares appear on the Season 5 poster. In the Marks in Time expansion set of Enterplay's collectible card game, card #43 R is of the Method Mares. It gives them the description "Unknown to most, the Method Mares were once Manehattan's slickest con artists. They learned the error of their ways and decided to give back to the community by acting for free in public theater events, which makes them much happier than they ever were as criminals."


Made in Manehattan

On Stage: Um, excuse me? Is this where the Midsummer Theater Revival is supposed to be, perchance?
Raspberry Beret: We're here for the dress rehearsal?
Coco Pommel: Oh, yes! We've just put the finishing touches on the costumes.
"Late Show": [to Stardom] At least those look professional.
Raspberry Beret: We'll do a dry run of the play first, and then the fitting.
On Stage: Should we go ahead and start?
On Stage: Thank you, fillies and gentlecolts. Please give a warm welcome to the one who made this entire event possible – our neighbor Coco Pommel!

Horse Play

On Stage: Avec pleasure, your Majesty!
Raspberry Beret: Let's be weeping willows in the wind! We are strong in adversity yet supple as we bow to fate.
On Stage: My goodness! I had no idea this production would have such elaborate special effects!


Method Mares taking a bow S5E16

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